The track we leaked last week off of The Apple Juice Kid 's project, Miles Remixed, got nothing but love so I know y'all have been anticipating hearing what's next. So for some more of that grown folk music with a mix of that new age, here is The Apple Juice Kid's Miles Remixed mixtape presented by Okayplayer and Illroots. This joint is definitely a work of art so let us give credit to the other musicians involved: DJ Merlin, Matt Brandau (bass), Mark Wells (Keys) Daniel Hart (Strings) and guest vocals from Yahzarah and Raheem DeVaughn. You will be hearing much more from The Apple Juice Kid soon as he is producing a majority of Camp Lo's upcoming album.

>>>Download: Miles Remixed


  • swobo

    Dope music. Thank for another cool download. This is going straight to my iPod.

  • CriticalBEATdown

    Hot sh*t. A bit sac-religious to be remixing anything by Miles.

  • Hard Knox Life

    I was hoping that you would put this out. Thank you

  • A fan…

    One of the best producers coming up in the game. Watch out for this dude!!!!!!

    Donny Goines

  • Tha Architect

    my iPod is mad full with hot sh*t

  • Schweet!

    Good look on this joint as well as everything else y’all bring.

  • RRR

    this is a real music!!!!!
    this is the reason why I like okayplayer.com
    thanks for the info and THANKS FOR POSTIN!!!!

  • Philip Arthur

    Five tracks deep and I can tell this is a keeper. Nothing like an album that samples great music and adds like instruments over it to make it come alive.

    As stated before I haven’t heard the whole thing yet but if you like jazz and hip hop you will hold this one close to you for oral stimulation. A tip of the hat to all the folks involved with this album.

  • Random Black Guy

    nice mix cd…they REALLY jacked Blue in Green all over the place…a stellar effort, in the time that hip hop fans need,….well…hip hop music….
    big up yourselves…..

  • Pat L

    Congratulations – unbelievable – amazing – thanks for an incredible mix – applejuicekid is an amazing producer. Keep it coming.

  • lineaist

    Applejuice is the MAN. He’s started enough of other musicians careers to have the reputation of George Washington:

  • SSP Soundz

    That’s a good look for AJ Kid … http://www.myspace.com/sspsoundz

  • Steve Mass

    Remixing “Miles?” WOW, this guy has BALLS!!!!

  • WrighTrax

    COLD! I second that iPod move swobo

  • rocker_hiphop_chick

    AJK is amazing he has taking music to new heights and there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of my favs and anything he touches won’t turn into gold…remember his name and say hello to NC’s answer to Mark Ronson and RJD2 (don’t get it twisted they are my favs as well but give props where they are due)

  • Tim Cruz

    You’ve really outdone what most producers aspire towards. Congratulations man.

  • dizzle57

    damn. can’t get enough of it!!!

  • lil’dave

    Damn Apple Juice Kid made a come up!

  • lookingup

    Great work there…let’s spread the word !!!! 🙂

  • eXTEMPoraneous

    indubitably diggable mann. cant stop listenin

  • Tangerine 8

    Cosmic energy radiates threw the speakers at a timeless velocity captivating from here to Jupiter!!!!!

  • CKB

    AJK, you are an amazing, talented, skilled producer / musician.
    Love the CD – looking forward to more great music.
    Wish you the best of luck !

  • B.Grace Lily

    Smooth-like liquid love.
    mmm,more juice please!!!

  • mdizzycat

    i been waitin on this for a minute since that come to me track was put on one of the past raheem devaughn mixtapes
    keep it comin AJK we rockin wit u
    mdizzy in this b!tch

  • AndyP

    Ooooh La La, Aaahhhh oui oui.

  • Camara

    Dope Shit! Big up from Berlin!

  • WBL

    very cool, can’t wait for more Apple Juice.

  • WBL


  • Fox

    I totally cant wait to listen to this mix. I know that it will be nothing short of amazing. Definitely check for AKP, I’ve been a fan since he was a member of Sankofa. Damn I miss those college days in good ole’ NC. OKP thanks for sharing some more of the good stuff!

  • ChemicThrills

    This album is fantastic. Track 7 especially!

  • milesmiles

    finally something I can get excited about…real music.

  • yomama

    I want some Apple Drink!!!! It’s Greeeeen!

  • D$

    sick mix, another reason to love the man with the horn

  • t-Zilla

    Damn….! He pulled that off and on a smooth tip too.

    Not too much, just right..ghetto Cool-Aid like.

    Good shit man, I was expecting that over the top rambunshious (sp) beat comp winning AJ Kid. Showed a brilliant and actually classy ass side, that I’ve never hear….

    Shit is Dope and I will be rotating this for a min…with my Sankofa tracks…..haaaaaa


  • June Hott

    These traxs are fireeeeeee!!!!! I love the funky fusion.

  • Alex D


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