Yeah, I guess a late pass is in order for this, but I just got hipped to Boston band, Sonnymoon. The band consists of vocalist Anna Wise and producer Dane Orr. On Christmas day they dropped their free album entitled, Golden Age. Since nobody likes downloading full albums without a sample first, check out their song "Run Away" above. I hear they recently signed to Plug Research, so I'm sure we'll be receiving more music from the New England duo in the near future. Follow me after the jump for the Golden Age download link.

>>>Download: Golden Age [Alternate Link]



  • Each1Teach1

    Im diggin it…production is on that WAY out tip….

  • Hey U

    These peeps are dope!

  • The.Way

    This beat is dope! Nice voice and on point production……look forward to hearing more from them!

  • eazy

    definitely digging this. great vocals and tripped out production.

  • Maestro


  • Grrr

    I love stop motion animation. Impressive sound. thanks for posting!!!

  • www.myspace.com/thashepard

    Thank you for the inspiration! These are the feshest sounds I’ve heard in awhile.

  • Sakhile (RSA)

    This is very different, completely different, i like……………

  • clarence 13X

    dope ness reeallyyyy

  • Uhurube

    dOPE???Are yall serious??? This is ODD!!!She can sing but you gotta be on that ooweee to feel this one

  • A Foreign Collective

    this album is amazing. mad approved!

    on our playlist at aforeigncollective.blogspot.com

  • NO

    y’all aint even ready… SMH.