As we told you, last night was the official Rock The Bells Launch Party, where this year's RTB lineup was announced. While there have been some unconfirmed rumors about some of this years participants, here is the official lineup as of now according to Guerilla Union. RTB will hit four major North American cities this summer, The NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA (8/21), Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco (8/22), Governor's Island in New York (8/28), wrapping up at the Merriweather Pavilion in Washington D.C. (8/29). You can visit rockthebells.net for ticketing info as well as the exact lineup per city. Now, for the lineup: Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Krs-One, Slick Rick, and more will be performing their groundbreaking albums in their entirety (I'm sure you can guess which ones). Other performers on the bill will include Street Sweeper Social Club, Murs & 9th Wonder, Wiz Khalifa, Clipse, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Brother Ali, DJ Muggs & Ill Bill, Big Sean, and Yelawolf. The show will be hosted by Supernatural and DJ Rocky Rock. RTB will be supporting the Haiti relief effort by contributing portions of ticket proceeds to Hip Hop And Hope For Haiti. Since it's not so much fun just reading off the lineup, you can watch Supernat, in what now has become tradition, with his freestyle of the entire lineup at last night's launch party.

UPDATE: A lot of y'all seemed to have a problem with the lineup, so hopefully this will change your mind. Guerilla Union announced today that the tour will now include Snoop Dogg performing his debut album Doggystyle, A Tribe Called Quest performing Midnight Marauders, DJ Premier with a tribute to Gang Starr, and very special guest Lauryn Hill. Tickets go on sale June 12th via ticketfly. Check the updated flyer after the jump.


  • ruin

    so much for going to see RTB this year…..no Chicago?????

  • SuperDopetastic

    They did a horrible job organizing this event this year.They screwed a lot of cities over.And the line up isn’t something that hasn’t been done yet.This is by far the worst line-up and worst city selection.I never heard of a major tour consisting of only 4 cities.

  • DeeHump

    Rock the Bells 2010 is stale.
    Are we going to blame it on the recession?

  • rexicology

    WTF! Wiz Khalifa!?…cant be serious. Hmmm, doesn’t seem like much of a festival this go round.

  • rexicology

    maybe they should have saved some of the money from the announcement party and got some more acts! rediculous who throws an announcement party for a festival?!

  • orozctron 3030

    no chicago??? this doesnt please me….

  • this is crap

    WTF! This is so disappointing! This is crap compared to Rock The Bells 2009, I’m not making any sort of trip down to NY from MA to see this.

  • DetroitB313

    are you serious? not one show in the mid west? boycott guerrilla union.

  • UHMinSocal

    The last RTB I went to was 2007 in SF. FUCKIN’ AWESOME! Check the line-up! I have to say the Rage Against the Machine fans were more buck than any of the rap artists. Word!

  • imansoul

    2009, I don’t know about that but 2008 was THE BEST line up. ATCQ and Pharcyde? That’s all I gotta say.

  • Jahi

    Hopefully they at least have interns checking these responses. If they wanted to really flip it out with a surprise, they should add X Clan and let Paradise and Brother J do the To The East Blackwards Album…It’s only right

  • musik Lova

    wow. Some of you guys are serious brats. RTB used to be L.A. and San Fran ONLY for YEARS. The rest of the country is just lucky.

  • Hustlin

    no ATL?!?!?

  • theking has spoken

    all I have to say is Wu-TAng,KRS-ONE,RAKIM and SLICK RICK and people are complaining?
    Proves that hip hop’s audience is now made up of a bunch of weirdos, those four could be headliners (by themselves) at any festival.

  • ppuff711

    this is truly SAD. how can the biggest hip hop tour in the world cut over half of its dates and unveil one of the weakest lineups of all time?!?!?! i waited a whole year only to be let down. I think Guerilla Union owes every dissapointed fan some kind of explanation. This is fucking horrible. Besides WU TANG and the other icons, i see nobody that i would ever want to see on the rock the bells line up poster. Come onnnnnn mannnnnnnnnn. Guerilla Union, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!

  • eyehearthoodies

    game to see legendary krs, rakim, and slick rick. but for my ears, 2008 = best ever. hands down.

  • troof speaka

    why do they have fucking rap shows in san bernardino? fucking aryan headquarters. otherwise i’d love to go. i wonder what that san fan venue is like.

  • troof speaka

    Rock the Bells @ The NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA

    NOS = Nation of Skinheads

  • mas00

    yea this line up is whack!! I went in 07band it was tha realist and my homie went in 06 even better…. I waited a whole year to be let down.. This is the only concert I was lookin forward to this summer, not anymore! weaksauce

  • ThatGuy

    Can RTB please please get someone that actually has a good live show? Where is Blitz the Ambassador on the line up?

  • nolanhiphop

    with the recent additions, this is a SICK lineup. wish I could go. Add a Chicago date please. Also, Brother Ali, Wiz, and Murs are all fantastic live


    RTB 2008 Was the best… 2010’s Lineup looks pretty good… If you’ve never been to RTB you GOTTA GO! Great experience to add to the bucket list.

  • d-boog

    I have no complaints with this years lineup or any of the past years lineups. I’ve been going 2 RTB since 06 and have never really been disappointed. Well except dat year dey brought out The Black Eyed Peas as the special guest, but other then dat I’ve enjoyed all the diversity of the acts. My only concern this year is dat Lauryn is only gonna be performing in select cities. I hope she comes 2 San Bernardino. Is there any way of finding out which cities she will be performing at?

  • .:Stillmatic:.

    No Bean Town??? WTF???…only 4 cities??? wtf is going on???

  • musik Lova

    Again. To ya’ll complaining about dates-
    First of all, Rock the Bells has been around since 2004 and has only started touring in 2007. It used to be west coast ONLY. The fact that the rest of the country gets a taste is fucking SPECIAL but you guys can’t help crying OR be patient for them to announce more dates. Still not coming to your city? Save up. You’ve got until AUGUST.
    Furthermore, how many of you whiners actually went to last years show? The year before that? Huh? The year before that? You want to know why they can’t take it all country it’s because they didn’t make enough money in previous years because YOUUUUUUU couldn’t be bothered!
    To sum it up, if you want to go, stop complaining and do something about it. Work hard for that shit. You don’t always get what you want, but your chances increase if you put in work.

  • Lauryn Hill

    Lauryn Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soulful Dee

    I am soooo grateful that RTB is coming back to the DMV!! We have a huge love of hip hop and 2008 was the first year they came to MD(that’s where the show really is) I was there and people showed up! To everybody that doesn’t have a stop on the tour come to the MD show, southwest flies here 🙂 If my area wasn’t on the list After the official announcement with Snoop, Lauryn Hill and ATCQ again I sure would hop on a flight. Chicago to D.C. ain’t nothing on a plane. I don’t know what the reason is for the lack of dates but the others are right for a few years it was only west coast and I was sitting on OKP like C’mon! Just glad they are still able to do this. Support hip hop I remember when there wasn’t a “hip hop festival”

  • pemp

    WTF the line up for SF on the website DOESNT include Lauryn Hill as a special guest but includes her everywhere else…FUCK them for that!!!!!!!!!!

    plus this is stupid because RTB isnt actually coming to San Francisco…even tho they did in 07 which was on HIT…


    Most of you youngbuck hipsters don’t even know talent when you see it. Can’t believe so much hate on the fuckin lineup.. NOS center is super chill.. walk in with a half pound of weed to almost any show they have there..