This morning, as I was checking my inbox I was shocked to find an email from ?uesto detailing the horrifying tourbus crash that The Roots experienced last night in Paris.  Thankfully, everyone is okay.   To give you an idea about the severity of the situation, we are talking a Euro tourbus, which means a tall double-decker bus with a full lounge and bathroom on the 1st level, and all the sleeping bunks up top.  I spent a few tours through Europe with The Roots sleeping up top as the bus careened through the French countryside, worrying that an accident just like this one could occur.  How would we get out of the bus if it crashed?  You OKP vets may remember when one of The Roots' buses crashed during the Okayplayer Tour in 2000, where again, luckily, everyone was alright.  Read ?uestlove's email after the jump for the full play-by-play of last night's experience, including all the frightening details. 


"I used to live life, like there was no manana
Now I'm treatin every breath, like it was "your honor"
malik b, 1999 "the spark" from things fall apart

well…since we are sitting on the side of the road. what better way to pass the time while the ambulance comes then to….blog.

–actually i spoke too soon….the above was written an hour ago. now im in a roadside motel trying to make sense of this all. the last things i remember are eating 2 pieces of cold pizza and a bowl of rice krispies and watching will ferrel's nuts dance on top of john c. riley's drumset in step brothers. because it was the ghetto bootleg barbershop version i was more or less wondering when the guy in the theater was going to say "watch….this is the good part" to me as the movie went on.

as usual i fell asleep. now normally i woulda been working overtime in preparing my dj set for my paris afterparty on friday but something actually said "meh leave it alone"–

i don't wanna get all deep like it was an omen but those that know me (look at my twit/facebook/myspace/okayplayer/blip history) know that when not onstage i am glued to my computer, doing some sort of activity like converting music or tv shows. but this was a rare occurrence in which i actually went to sleep.

next thing i knew was the most surreal feeling ever….

was i upside down?

why am i covered in cereal?

oh shit….that coffee pot is coming for my face!!!

in reality the crash was all of about 7 seconds….but to do a 360 on the highway and end up ramped up (the van that crashed into ours was UNDER our double decker bus) in the air….is….well…

a frigging miracle.

my first thought was not move a fucking inch. i always had fear that we would fall off a cliff while in high mountain traveling like denver or switzerland. i couldn't tell where gravity began and ended. i felt like i did 3000 crunches so obviously my side of the bus was now on the ground (the only way i can describe the position was imagine yourself on a bus sitting down…..now postion yourself sitting on the left side of the bus….now overturn the bus so that it tips over and falls to the right side. now on top of all that position the front of the bus to stand smack dab in the middle of the air as if a ramp was holding it up 90 degrees.

now add in my drill sgt of a tour manager keith mcphee being keith (which is basically to say no one does intensity or UBER intensity like he does. i ….was……try….ing……to…..rea….ch….my ….ipod so i can channel him out. its like every word he yelled was making this situation much worse than it was….

"……effrom you alive?!?!?!? (yes)………."frank are you alive!?!?!?"…….frank?!!?!?!!?!? FRANK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!…….—"

it was then i realized the severe nature of the accident and i was NOT in the mood to prep myself on whether or not the remaining 12 people upstairs (i know its a dumb reference but look up the Spiceworld movie on youtube and you can see the type of double decker bus that we were traveling on. i hold court downstairs cause noone can stomach the stench of the urine induced potty in the downstairs lounge. —after 15 mins you dont notice it all that much)—so i was holding court downstairs and the 12 of them were asleep in the bunks.

i dont do bunks and this day proves why.

i just wanted someone to calmly tell me the weight of my body was NOT going to push us down a mountainside. then i wanted assurance that the bus was NOT going to explode.

my drum tech d was the first to make sure i was okay and since the Mcpheepanic mode was setting in…the way he was asking me was rather…..panicky (thanks palin) and based on the fact that he was walking on the ceiling indeed let me know that this wasn't no fender bender i was in…..this shit might be the real deal based on how he managed to spiderman walk on the ceiling.

or….am i now on the ceiling?

and why do i have to use every stomach muscle just to sit upright?….wait…..

am i upside down?

damnit…..im upside down……lemme just shift my body to…..oh shit….just…..wait if i can just….lift this….leg to….

damn. i need something to hold on to to hoist myself up in the air. i grabbed on to the table and somehow forgetting that i am NOT smedium (riiiiiiiiiiiip!) the entire table ripped from its foundation and was now on the ceiling….which is now the floor.

this is also when i noticed that i am covered in coffee and tea and bread and about 3 bags of cereal multiple water bottles and dvds and broken glass. and….oh god….did the bathroom fluid overturn too? (yes….and YUCK)

hearing cars outside i now know that i am not going to fall down the mountain side…..were are on the highway. but i can see out the right side of window and i see trees and hills….but i hear car horns and yelling.

and where the hell is the ambulance?!?!?

keith is yelling and im begging him "please don't yell"—but keith dont know calm…..but now he got me thinking something is gonna happen is i DONT get off this bus. problem is the door that i would get out of is now the ground. and i am disillusioned and have no sense of direction. he is telling me i must make my way upstairs and crash my way through the window and escape. im yelling "where is everyone else?!?!" and i am informed that me and the driver are the only two trapped downstairs. now the problem is….im not the smallest person in the world and now i have to use uber arm strength to climb my way out of this bus and figure how to hoist myself without the aid of anything to hold on to.

hard shit indeed.

i made leeway to the stairs when it hit me that all my ID and wallet and lifeline are in my personal bag….allllllllllllllll the way on the other side of the bus. i do the contemplate should i shouldn't i ("i should" won) now it was "how?!"—

the only way i can describe it is that scene in back to the future when doc is in the clock tower and had mere seconds to connect a broken plug that will power marty mcfly's car with 1.8 jiggawatts of lightening power. and winds up using every body part to ensure this goes down the correct way. so my left arm is hoisting my body up and my right arm and left leg are…..trying ……to …..grab……within……inches….my……bag…..(accidents wind up giving you strength you never knew you had….i carried my bag with my legs while i crawled my way upstairs like i was joe the paraplegic on family guy—all the while keith is being keith


im like….wait…am i even alive? like what if i "think" im alive when in actually im not like the movies?—-the next 2 minutes proved how alive i was for i managed to crawl through spaces and holes and broken shattered glass like a contortionist blindfolded….

when i got outside…..and looked at what i crawled out of?


i just couldn't believe it.

i mean….how in the hell did we experience this?

how did we manage to….man…..

dog we are soooo alive right now.

and yes we went through all that shit people go through when they go through accidents.

dazed. amazed. grateful. laughing?

of course as i type this its a whole nother story: i think the ambulance workers have caught wind of who we are (ze seed?) and there are about 20 ambulance workers and 10 cops. asking alot of questions in french (we so need tina faris right now)

as i type this we are waiting in line to get examined. (some of us have cuts and neck braces on)—keith is still at the bus trying to salvage what he can (amazingly the uhaul extension is still intact) im a ok. i called my mom and some loved ones. and i managed to twit in the ambulance with artless iphone (wanted to be the first celeb to twit from an ambulance)—i guess im just passing the time and taking advantage of the free "internets" and the worlds best bread (yes….the french bread is all that)

as for the future? if we make it to our slot on the glow in the dark tour in paris that too will be a miracle. til then just wanna let everyone know that we are happy to be alive. and not in that tv cliche way….but man……that was divine intervention. we are so grateful for this outcome.

– ?uesto

– Even if you don't speak Francais, this French language news show features some live footage from the aftermath of the crash, which really gives you a good sense of how bad it could have been.  Check out K-Mack (roots Production Manager extraordinaire) on the scene.

 – Our boy O-skie, Owen Biddle, Roots bassist, is interviewed here about the crash. We're all so thankful everyone is just fine!!

– The Roots even made Perez Hilton.


  • Costantino

    OOoooooohh shit. So glad you are all ok. I’ll see you in Copenhagen!

  • hajo

    good to hear you’re safe, that’s some hairy ish.

  • :(

    WOWOW. Glad errthangs aight

  • Glad to hear everyone is okay

    (Or at least I hope everyone is okay)

  • Dr. Brown’s Red Fire Water

    good to hear..

  • suomynona

    🙁 Scary to hear about this. I’m glad you’re all okay.

  • moisty

    Oh Ahmir — I try to walk around thinking I’m not afraid of death, mine or other people’s, but I’m so glad you guys are alive & well. My bones turned to jello when Ginny sent me that link. Divine on.

  • registered nation

    damn… that was a damn good description

    >> i think the ambulance workers have caught wind of who we are (ze seed?)

    ^ i lol’d

  • PhillyROOTed

    Glad to hear you guys are ok, GOD BLESS.

  • XiniX616

    Good to hear you’re all ok. Take it easy now! Don’t rush the stage! Take care of yourselves!

  • Chris Wage

    crazy.. glad to hear everyone is ok..

  • C-O

    Im glad to hear no one is hurt…
    Accidents like this will show you the importance of your day to day life, glad you see that.

    (The Family Guy comment was crackin me up!)

    God bless.

  • Nelle

    Brought tears to my eyes……..Glad everyone is okay and that you are here to give bless us with your brilliant writing!

  • mehemt okur

    maybe its a sign that the roots shouldnt retire…

  • CreoleInDC

    Sheesh! Glad everyone is okay!

  • polaris

    “maybe its a sign that the roots shouldnt retire…”

    -thats my interpretation too. god needs the roots

  • b disciple

    glad ya’ll r ok fa real

  • dave stovall

    peace to y’all…i’m glad everyone is good. crashes can be ill…

  • CoolK

    Thank god yall are alright. The fact that everyone survived means yall are here for a reason.

  • Solomon Martin

    I’m speechless, I’m just happy that everyone is good and well

  • dj crossfader

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad there all ok thank god

  • Rawrrr

    When I heard about this I totally freaked out. Thank God everyone is okay.

    Can’t wait until you guys play Sydney, Australia again. 😛
    Please come back soon!

  • Buckets

    Just read the news. You’ve all been blessed.

  • Crazy Becky

    Amhir you are the only person I know who could mention death and spice world in the same post as well as twitter on a ambulance. I am glad you are okay. Call me if you need some extra clothes.

  • Erka

    First: soooooo glad minor injuries were all that were incurred in that horrific accident.
    Second: your writing is dope… I was transported inside that bus, felt the gross liquid waste, felt discombublated, felt scared and then felt relieved and happy and thankful. Kudos.

  • Nefarious!

    somebody’s lookin out for yall.

  • JamRockIrie

    Glad everyone is well… nuf prayers to all
    Irie I

  • Aurelio

    I’m so glad you guys are ok.
    I freaked out for a little bit…

  • Ceanju

    Yeah, I rememeber that 2000 incident right before Austin. The T-shirt man was buggin’ at Stubbs while telling his story.

  • David Marion

    Yup, that is definitely a miracle… Glad to hear that you are safe guys !!!

  • B$BofIAIC

    i was on twitter (twitter.com/InfiniteCycle) and i saw a tweet from quest saying that he may be the first celebrity to twitter from an ambulance a few days ago and i was like, “WTF????”

  • logik360

    Thank God.

  • french bro

    i was at the concert in paris last night they were effin good thanks jesus & allah to protect ’em

  • kyleidoscope_

    good to hear everyones alright!

  • Vorago

    Wheeew, glad you guys are ok.

    You crashed in Belgium btw, but they speak French in that part of the country as well.

  • slm23

    OMG – I read it in the newspaper this morning… i’ve seen you on monday in zurich and it was an amazing show!!
    and a couple of days later you have this horrible accident… thank God nobody was hurt badly!! take care!

  • RRR

    omg..I’m glad that they are okay..

  • You Deserved It

    Kharma meet ?uestlove. ?uesto meet Kharma.

  • electric.gangstarr

    Ohh shit. Glad all alright.

    To the cat below, wow. Pull your head in.

  • Endis Near

    scary, especially the tour bus bathroom leakage… def not as gangster as surviving a plane wreck… i’m assuming no one died, because then talking about being the first “celeb” to twit in an ambulance would be even more abhorrent than it already sounds.

  • EbonyBosch

    Can’t be without my Roots – thanks to the guardian angels.

    Thanks for updating us ?uest.

    Much love to the crew.

  • T1cap1

    Wow…. Speechless…So glad everyone is straight..but um.. How is the driver of the other vehicle?

  • Inga

    Thank God you guys are okay! *hugs* I don’t know what I would have done without My Roots!!

  • Kirk(Sunshine Cafe)

    Bredda Mon. Jah Jah’s on you side. You and de crew have nuff more love to give. Dis moment is exactly dat, a moment, give tanks and praise, most importantly you must move forward Bredda Mon. Jah Bless. Kirk
    Tell bredda Keith,LOVE..and to feel the vibe of the herb in those situations.

  • Whew

    The greatest rap group of all time lives on. Thank fucking GOD!

  • Sasha.Be

    Ahmir!!!!! Wow, that’s some scary ish right there. BUT, I’m glad everyone is in neckbraces and not caskets* Isn’t this like…the…second accident you guys have been in?
    I guess this is what you’ll be talking about when you stand up at the table on Thanksgiving and tell what you’re thankful for…

  • chowe

    Scary stuff. Glad to hear that everyone is as well.

  • TourManagerToo

    SO glad you all are ok, but seriously dude…lay off your tour manager. Sounds to me like he was doing what he needed to do and damn right we need to be drill sergeants!

    Give the guy a break. He didn’t crash your bus and it’s his job to make sure you’re all safe out there. Way more pressure on his shoulders everyday doing what he does than that you do, for sure.

    (My bus almost bit it a couple of times this year. Completely unnerving and the band just doesn’t give a crap, till it actually goes bad…)

  • CottonGinny

    The driver of the van? Can we get a sentence or two about his fate?

  • B.Kyle

    Dude. I thought of you guys while I was on the tour bus in Georgia last night… with no IDEA of what you guys were experiencing. You are brothers to me… GOD BLESS… and grow from this “experience”. ~B.Kyle


    Damn ?uestlove, glad to hear everyone is OK, get better to those who got injured.

  • Julian cologne germany

    Saw you in Cologne with my girlfriend sarah the day before. Thanx for all the energy you left there and thanx god you are all well! Take care, Julian

  • DONPaco

    God bless ya’ll. Glad to hear ya’ll are alive and okay.

  • P. Nicole

    God is awesome! Just saw ya’ll in Chicago last week. Be safe.

  • Pierrefromparis

    hey guys. I just wanna say that first i’m obviously relieved that every one was ok. and I would also thank the entire and lengendary roots crew for still having shown up and still played their overwhelmingly fine music in paris on that very night. it was a brilliant concert as usual so yeah, thank you so much for being there.
    a big french fan.
    PS i believe your music will make history

  • rootsfanatic

    man that’s crazy, but what a great recount of all the events. keep up the good music. lose the tour bus.

  • REPSboogie456

    Glad y’all are ok…God bless! See what happens when y’all sign on with Jimmy Fallon? And it coulda been worse-BKyle coulda been on the bus with y’all! (Sorry, B!…jus kiddin…)

  • damn

    damn u cool?






  • Vicky

    This is so weird to read. Last night I saw at the concert 8you were great, by the way) and now I read THIS?
    Life has such misterious ways!
    Thank God you’re all fine.

    PS: You were standing next to me, when you came out to see Kanye’s Concert, I scream at you, but you didn’t notice :(… anyways

  • R3Q

    haha questo you’re a funny ass dude..
    you need to start writing books


    Im glad 2 know u all are well…the hardest working and most innovative band of this generation is aight..everything is everything

    stay constantly elevating

  • ShineOn

    I glad to see that yall cool!

  • O.WOOD


  • bkny4evr

    Glad to see that your spirit is high under the circumstances ya’ll were in. I must say you were definitely watched over. On a lighter note, the perfect title for the next album: The Roots Stay Alive!

  • bri

    I’m so glad everyone is okay! Very scary.

  • a fan

    damn, yo. i just saw yall last week in chicago. crazy what can happen in a week. glad yall are safe and can keep making that music.

  • Look on the Bright Side, Ahmir…

    Now you have your after-party set list:

    Frankie Smith- Double Dutch Bus
    Grand Puba-360 (What Goes Around…)
    Culture Club-I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
    Diana Ross-Upside Down
    Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round
    Tears for Fears-Head over Heels
    Jimi Hendrix- If 6 was 9

  • Fo’ Mo’

    Son of Bazerk- Band Get Swivey on the Wheels
    James Brown- Gravity
    Kraftwerk- Tour de France
    Wu-Tang Clan- Protect Ya’ Neck

  • bettyfromdaChi

    scary shit!! it’s amazing u all are ok…thanks to ?uest for that vivid depiction

  • Mel 3112

    i saw you guys the night before in cologne and you killed it. you’re the best. as i heard about your crash i was shocked, but i’m soooo glad that everyone of you is alright. i wish you all the best and i hope i can see you soon again. i love you guys, especially you ‘mr. sousaphone’! God Bless.

  • kate99

    wow. i am blown away. i have to go read that again. i don’t even know how to respond.

  • jayare—


    now I see why you cats are cutting out the full time touring thing…DAAAAAMN!!!! say a prayer brothas, cus yall have much to be thank ful for this thanksgiving n/mean!!!!


    Thank god yall are alright. The fact that everyone survived means yall are here for a reason . i second that

    Peace, Wealth and Harmonic FAM

  • arw

    count your blessing

  • MeloMoe

    first God Bless that all of you didnt get severly injured. I hope the driver will recover fast too! Much respect to you guys for still going forward on your tour. I could totally understand you if you should consider taking a break from the tour after such an incident. When i read the news about SNL i thought wow you guys got it made now and hopefully a bigger audience will notice your brilliance from now on. Your music is truely inspiring and uplifting! Therefore i´m even more excited to see you for the third time in Hamburg. The venue will hopefully be packed as usual when you hit the stage.

    much love


    Man god loves the roots!

  • King♕

    thank god your all okay. (COME BACK TO PHILLY!!!!)

  • ChiFan

    I’m so glad you are all okay! Just saw you guys rip it here in Chi City last week and it was even better than I could’ve imagined so I’m super grateful for your blessing. ?uest, your writing skills are dope man. Write a book or something because you drew me with the imagery and the details of the accident to the point I could damn near see it. What can’t you do? LOL Stay safe and I’m praying for the swift recovery of all the injured. Easy…..

  • Ramz

    Yo !! I panicked when i first heard about this but im glad you cats are ok. ?uest, word is that you on your way to South Africa mid december. You still comin thru?

  • jomac_

    Good to know everyone is alright.

  • calilova

    Wow… I’m glad that we can talk about this like a bad nightmare…. hearing the news the next day was shocking…. god bless all of you…. can’t wait till you guys come back…. keep it up with good music and stay humble….
    Ps… thanks questlove your description were what puzzled everything together

  • SlaveToDaRhythm

    Thank God everyone’s OK!!


    PEACE to you all and thank God made it out okay. Now, please don’t take this the wrong way, but your account of this accident (as scary as shit as I am sure it was) was hilarious. Maybe it’s my sick sense of humor, I don’t know. But you did say that the latter reaction was to laugh…similar to how I slammed an 82 Honda Civic into a tree speeding in the rain back in 1990…I laughed my ass off once I realized I didn’t kill my self and my bassist at the time; I just about pissed myself initially though. Again, thank God everyone was okay. Now come on back to the DC Convention Center, wont’cha?!!

  • hisd

    mad love!!!! got the song for the great ones (never die) check it out at myspace.com/hisd peace we are proud to have here one love be safe



  • DJ A.M.

    I’m glad your face didn’t get burnt and none of your friends died.

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  • malik b.

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