Rest in peace to Eyedea.  I never really sat down with dude's music but certainly will remember him and his group Eyedea & Abilities as staple members and flag bearers of the Midwest scene along side Slug and the Rhymesayers crew.  It's crazy to think how that now when we look back at the early 2000 era of Hip-Hop, the time is clearly marked by its expansion out of exclusively being an inner-city thing, especially after Eyedea won HBO's Blaze Battle.  Eyedea was 28 years old.  Respect and love to his family and the entire Rhymesayers crew. http://rhymesayers.com



  • oskar


  • Creed Chameleon

    Man eyedea can’t step to me
    cus I’m from Hawai’i
    don’t you know I roll
    with flip the bird
    eyedea’s is now just a turd
    he is gone and will probably be missed
    step to creed in honolulu and
    you’ll get dissed

  • ?!?!?!

    Is this Creed kid for real?!?!? RIP Eyedea – One of the illest to ever bless the mic. This guy off the top of the head is as good as it gets. He transcended molds of the genre, had some amazingly sophisticated rhyme patterns, and led the listener to leave planet earth through his rhymes.

  • Creed Chameleon

    ?!?!?! – I’m better than you ever will be
    I Creed bitch with a capital Cee
    don’t know me go on my webbie
    http://www.creedchameleon.com and buy my album
    eyedea is done son so focus on the ultimatum

  • ?!?!?!?!?

    Creed –

    Respect a legend after his death
    Attempting to capitalize on the dead… save your breath
    Learn to RESPECT like Aretha sang
    What you preach is IGNORANCE like a gang
    Your rhymes are more shallow than the depth of your soul
    You won – if displaying disgusting selfish human nature was your goal
    What goes around comes around it will resurface kid
    Sit back and reflect on what you said and did
    Your lyrics are weak your soul is damaged
    Eyedea has passed respect the man, the legend, the art god damn it

  • A.P.

    RIP Eyedea. You will be missed. YOu know he’ll be spittin in heaven.

  • JimmyJazz

    Creed’s a wack ass ignant hawaiian nigga.

    RIP Eyedea.

  • DJJJ

    I wish this was just a dream, rest in peace to EYEDEA. I will never forget talking to him at Soundset in 2008. YOU LIVE ON MY FRIEND…RHYMESAYERS FOR EVER!

  • Cinque the connoisseur

    Dude was mad nice! R.I.P. to Michael Larsen aka Eyedea!

  • Kipngeno

    RIP u were a dope MC.