Yesterday, the homie P.SO (AOK Collective) dropped his latest mixtape entitled, Moontones. The project features Chris Faust, Homeboy Sandman, 8thw1, Fresh Daily, and Colton Avery. All the production was handled by The Soundmen. If you're not familiar with P.SO The Earth Tone King, you can stream the project after the jump, but I'm sure you'll make that download after one listen.

<a href="http://psotheearthtoneking.bandcamp.com/album/moontones">Almost Home (Intro) by P.SO the Earth Tone King</a>



    This mixtape is dope, what a sick team!

  • mzies

    This shit is off the hook!

  • jonjon

    This tape is pretty sickk

  • NONcent$

    This joint is nice!!!!

  • Nola Darling

    Vive P.So!! Vive A-ok!! BANGER!!!!

  • Rob Lee

    Mind over matter is very ill!!!
    my favorite on there
    good stuff!!! more AOK STUFF
    Maybe more AOK for the ROOTS PICNIC!!!!

  • C Dub

    Dope mixtape! Favorites are incredible and Mind over matter