Today we’re beamin in with the latest episode of OkayplayerTV. We get up with Lupe Fiasco live from the Houston stop of his Steppin Laser Tour. In part 1 of our sit down, Lupe discusses the meaning behind his upcoming LP, Lasers, his feelings on his songs leaking, his sneaker game, and more. Video shot and edited by Datubo MacHarry and Winfrey Oribhabor. Look for Part 2 to drop on Wednesday.


Video: Lupe Fiasco “I’m Beamin'”


  • kinda cool

    “that’s 900,000 sales that are gone”

    Lol, yeah right…



  • don deVee

    lupe is a poser

  • rizzardG0d

    sales wouldn’t have been any different if the album never got leaked. just would’ve been 900,000 less people to hear it. he probably wouldn’t even be where he is right now if it weren’t for that leak. money will always find its way into your pockets lupe, but sounding arrogant on an interview, costs you fans.

  • good interview

    ^^^ the man makes his bread and butter off his music… its his livelihood and his job. its not a sin to want to be compensated for his art. that being said, lupe makes good music so i rock with him. man hiphop’s the only genre where the musician’s personality is such a big factor to the fans. like if Bach was the worst most unpersonable asshole on earth, people would still listen to his symphonies CUZ ITS GOOD MUSIC… y’all need to separate the music from the person cuz y’all dont know the person. all i know is Lu makes dope shiiiiet.

  • SoulChorea.com

    As future-minded as he seems to be (and this is my favorite rapper so I’m not hatin’), I think he’s stuck in the past as far as album sales are concerned.

    As Rizzard said in the post below, that’s almost a million people that found out who dude was before he even officially dropped anything. That leak did more for his eventual “Food and Liquor” release than any Fader cover, Kanye guest spot, or JayZ mention ever did. I get the fact that he could’ve made a few bucks off those heads, but he more than made up for it on the other end by having such huge exposure that led to more album sales. Artists have to accept now that people want to hear your stuff before they buy your stuff.

    The problem with his still being heated about it is that most people who copped the leak are now his biggest fans, and they go out and buy everything he puts out now. AND pay for his shows. Show some appreciation, not for the leak itself, but for all the love and accolades he got as a direct result.

  • rizzardG0d

    To be honest, I did D/L food & liquor. And in return, I liked it so much, I went out and bought “The Cool” when it dropped. It’s just Lupe could’ve answered that question a lot better that’s all. He’s making it sound like we’re all punks for D/Ling food & liquor. I mean, I don’t support that type of ish either but, if it wasn’t for that leak, I would’ve paid him no mind regardless.

  • Ronin Wood

    I wish lupe understood the internet

  • shooooooooooot.

    Lupe’s not starvin’, so i believe he’s being compencated for his art.

  • nope

    sorry lupe, 900k people who pirate doesn’t equal 900k people who would have bought your record.

    maybe, and this is generous, maybe half, 450k would have bought that album if they didn’t pirate.

    number of copies pirated DOES NOT EQUAL number of lost sales


    Lupe should understand that the downloads became a cost of doing business because the industry mishandled as a whole. The industry devalued their product by releasing too many watered down clone pop albums with maybe one decent song at that and charging 20 dollars for a cd with that one good song on it. Had they embraced technology properly and provided a little quality control for their product there may be fewer illegal downloads today. But just like pandoras box you can’t put the evil back in the box once it is out. So now you have to deal with the landscape you have and in this world most lyrical rappers such as himself are in danger their universe of fans are limited. So they need to find new ways to connect with their fans and stack paper from preformances to more textile things to be sold with the music there are still ways to cake out. Bitching at the fans is pointless it just makes him seems like a even bigger jackass than we all know he is. Why are all the lyrical dudes assholes these days is it them beleiving their own braddocio?

  • Pdotc

    make a hot album and tour off it, simple. downloads will never die, only multiply, its been that way for the last 5 years. get over it.

  • Starkyluv

    I feel what y’all are saying, but there’s nothing wrong with that man wanting his records to sell more, you all (and I) would want the same thing if you were in his position. I loves his craft but there IS a business side to it. What, the label is suppose to let him ride if his sales slip?…no! Give him slack, he’s a legit artist not one of the clown ass rappers….he & every other musician you all like have the right to want their records to sell. Stop trippin.

  • Yatti

    stop fuckin crying lupe, you is not that nice. i mean it your kick push shit is trash!

  • Yatti

    Oh I bet before he became famous, he was mailing his shit to the blogs. Cry baby!

  • WTBH!!!

    This is all the RIAA’s fault. Had the RIAA been more inclined to take advantage of new technology surfacing during the mid to late 1990’s (aka Napster, Aimster, Gnuetella, etc), the music industry sales in general would be a lot better. The landscape for making money would be different. But once again, thanks largely in part to fat cat CEOs who have no understanding of life outside thier own little rich bubbles, things got screwed up.

    So because of this, artist do not make much money at all off their releases. Their monies are now gained through touring and mechandise sells. Because of this, owning the licenses for works has become the most profitable avenue for a record/entertainment company.

  • Kilt

    People are such d*ck riders…… Claim they won’t “Hiphop” back…… Not saying Lupe’s the savior… but he’s lyrically better than majority of stuff on the radio….. U n*ggas r controlled by the media… Let Lu get (Lil Wayne, Kanye) publicity….. and your jumping on the bandwagon quicker than these so called “Lakers fans”……… Also the Internet has its Pros and Cons (Just like anything else)…… Pros like easier marketing and exposure…. Cons like Music Sharing and giving courage to a coward who hides behind screen names……. You get 1 life, my advice…. DO YOU…. stop criticizing what YOU CAN’T DO.

  • Kilt

    Also…… Lupe Fiasco – Beamin…… Produced by Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes….. Do you think Pharrell was like… “Hey Lupe, this beat is Free!!! NO…. For artists, songs are investments…. Put money in, and hope to get more out… Imagine If you invested in something, had a crazy promotional set-up for the release…. and someone FULLY EXPOSED it and its available at a click of a button…. You’d b pissed

  • sofafurniture
  • FRiday

    man I’m hearin a lot of haters on here. he arrogant, he a poser,he cryin…STFU…all yall the same MFs who listen to all the garbage put out on the radio or BET. Stupid-asses need to go out and try to attempt to do what he doing. See how well yall do. Yall don’t know this man for nothing. Along with a few others, HIS shit is the only thing keepin myself and over a million others from walking away from Hiphop and rap altogether…Real recognizes the Haters= the fuckin clowns…

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