After a short break, we're back with the latest edition of Okayplayer TV. Who better to bring back OKPTV than one of our most favorite groups, Reflection Eternal. Live from the set of RE's upcoming video, "In This World," OKP chops it up with Kweli and Hi-Tek about The RE:Union, why they took so long to come out with a new album, gettin' props from Jay-Z (and turning it into a hook), and more. Look for the video "In This World" to drop next week. Reflection Eternal's new album, Revolutions Per Minute will be out April 6th. Shout out to Sidik Fofana for the interview, episode filmed and edited by Noisemaker Media.


  • intelligentRebelLion.org

    long time coming…. never too late –
    Make sure to download K’naans incredible mixtape The Messengers @ intelligentrebelLion.org

  • GameTheory4:20

    eternal DOPENESS

  • eazy

    such an awkward interview.

  • Yessir!

    Good to seem em back collectively as Reflection Eternal.

  • watitdone

    hi-tek proves a good point. time just flies.. i still bump the train of thought and to me, it doesn’t seem like it was out that long ago. but when you say 99, man, it makes it seem like another life time. but thats why they are great, their music is timeless

  • OmicronPersei

    cool beans?

  • goldenera

    super awkward interview.

  • Jericho Drumm

    What’s so “awkward” about this interview?

    Now Hi-Tek’s hat is awkward. It looks like it might be too big for his head.

  • omni osi

    i agree with the awkward comments. it’s a nicely produced video, I think we are used to 2 camera set-ups and editing to cut out the long pauses. this video loses momentum quickly.

    i did find myself studying Hi-Tek’s hat too much. Thinking about cold Cincinnati winters and earflaps.

  • bengemin

    does anybody know the beat from 4:05 on…?

  • notoriousbum

    DOPE! cant wait for this to drop…
    bengemin – that track you’re asking about is “back again”

  • Kingdom

    Sidik Fofana… I think you gotta be my new hero!

    You pretty much died on your arse out there but still managed to put together a somewhat watchable interview.

    Don’t get it twisted now, it was not strong by any means coz I still didn’t get any real feel outta HiTek or Kweli but you made me laugh with that expression on your face coz it was so plain to see that you were a fan out there and not an interviewer.

    Definitely gotta applaud that level of excitment but please please PLEASE get your shit together for the next interview.

    Oh, and never say ‘cool beans’ again.


    (Good to see HT & TK back together though, hurt my soul with that G-Unit nonsense. Can’t wait for this one.)

  • OKPHatersNeverDie

    An OKPlayer Haters will never die!!! Nah, they just sold their backpacks and bought a pair of tight ass jeans instead.

  • really

    LOVE OKP, but this interview is awkward.

  • Big phill

    don’t understand why people are saying that this interview is awkward, if anything its a “real” laid back interview. Doesn’t seem scripted at all. Plus Hi-Tek has always made bangers, regardless of the haters, his G-Unit contributions were bangers as well. Can’t wait to cop this album.

  • Kingdom

    anytime someone has an opinion on some music they are labelled ‘haters’. making ‘bangers’ does not constitute adding any decent contributions to his legacy if in years to come people look back on it as HiTek’s ‘G-Unit era’.

    Or maybe you have as much difficulty in differentiating between lyrical value as you do with interpreting the level of tension in an interview…

  • Listen!

    This is interview is good. The ‘interviewer’ may have been a lil awkward but no offense to the haters, I bet you would’ve been starstruck too. Unless you are too cool and impervious to being a lil starstruck. But I doubt half of the people that have commented on here would ever admit to saying the phrase ‘cool beans’ either. So I dunno, just stop being an armchair hater and do something about it.

  • E Beats…

    Maaaannn….get off the gas…..There was nothing wrong w/that interview..everbody always wanna talk shit sbout someone….jesus…..and cool beans? who cares?!?!?…do you…thanks Fofana..enjoyed it

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  • P-souL

    Eternal Dopeness indeed!

  • jjj

    i didn’t think it was awkward. i just didn’t really learn anything from it. glad to hear the new album is coming out.

    my favorite part is hi-tek’s ten gallon hat. now that’s funny.

  • AD 215

    “Now I can die in peace.”

    I feel the same way. The ReUnion mixtape is better than most of the hiphop that came out in 09, and half the songs on it are old. I cant wait for RPM to drop…I might have to freeze myself until April 6th, then thaw myself out for the release.

  • NateDFunkt

    I concur w/ Listen!
    Interview was cool…beans. lol

  • 202 flow

    Check my man Prozilla http://www.myspace.com/thavaccine

  • hdaisy

    nice vid! now we just need that new blackstar!


  • solchild

    Its been some time like my man Hi-tek said but I think the hour for Reflection Eternal is on time. Good music, food should be cooked at its own pace. Time doesn’t matter when you know that the music these guys are gonna produce way surpasses the foul norm of hip hop today. The shit is right on time. I just had the first album (liquid gold) rocking in the car for a couple weeks. Can’t wait for the next one


    These brothers have definitely influenced my life. Going back to Mood and phiakhan. Peace fellas, and thank you. HIP-HOP needs ya’ll.

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