Keeping up his seasonal trend of free beats, Oddisee follows up his Odd Summer EP, with the Odd Autumn EP. A majority of the project is comprised of instrumentals, with Tranquill and Nikki Jean making appearances on tracks as well. This dude has really blessed us with a lot of grade A material this year. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

Odd Autumn EP

01. The Supplier (Feat. Tranquill)
02. Almost A Year Since
03. Everything Changed Nothing (Instrumental)
04. Every Day People (Instrumental)
05. Pulp Fiction
06. Saw Myself Today
07. The Second Date
08. Grey’s Anatomy
09. Tell The Truth (Instrumental)
10. Theater
11. Autumn Run
12. Tell The Truth (Feat. Nikki Jean)

Spotted at OnSmash



  • monroe solomon

    oddisee crushes my hope as an artist. he make me question why i even try…

  • eazy

    one track in and im sold.. this guy never misses

  • HipHop’sSavior

    Damn… that’s dope cover art. Can’t wait to download this!

  • Mishoo

    Man… You should see him perform live. Oddisee definately knows what he does! peace out!

  • B Disciple

    oddisee always coming with the soulful heat dmv!

  • Faruk

    monroe solomon: …
    oddisee crushes my hope as an artist. he make me question why i even try…

    Dont be too harsh on yourself bro, we all have a style we just need to find it and work on it, simple as that , hes done his shit. u do yours, peace

  • Quealy Jackson

    Yeah, Monroe. Dudes like Oddisee shouldn’t discourage you. His genius should encourage you. We need dudes like this to keep the game interesting. I love Oddisee. I feel he’s competition and that keeps me sharp. The ill exchange. Peace.

  • Cool Steph

    I’m really feeling that new Mr. Finley track “Sin City.” I’m not even from Vegas, but if I was this would be blasting through my radio 24/7.

    Here’s the YouTube video to it:

    I also found him on MySpace.com:

  • Sakhile (RSA)

    Oddisee is the the man, something i can listen to, with my pops
    i love his music, outstanding

  • Hey U

    Odd-stay doin his thing!