So Nas' and Damian Marley's album, Distant Relatives, has been pushed back to a May 18th release date. Luckily, they opted not to go with that album artwork that had been drifting around the last few months, but unfortunately the official version isn't much of an upgrade. Artwork aside though, I'm really looking forward to hearing this album. Check out the official tracklisting after the jump. OKPTV featuring Nas & Damian is coming soon.

1. As We Enter
2. Tribal War (ft. K’NAAN)
3. Strong Will Continue
4. Leaders
5. Wisdom (Sabali)
6. Count Your Blessings
7. Disappear
8. The Promised Land (ft. Dennis Brown)
9. Nah Mean
10. Angola (Friends)
11. My Generation (ft. Lil Wayne & Joss Stone)
12. Africa Must Wake Up (ft. K’NAAN)
13. Ancient People (ft. Junior Reid) BONUS TRACK

Props to kid nice


  • garnbarn

    lil wayne? really

  • Rob88

    you didn’t know?
    there’s a lil wayne requirement on hip
    hop albums. at least 1 feature or they don’t
    release it

  • marodizzle

    I like the first cover better. They best release this jawn already!

  • cop1

    …can’t support this ish, especially with a lil person appearing on it…come on yall, so many dope MC’s and yall choose this cat? No thanks….

  • really hip hop needs new fans

    There is some bitch mad hip hop fans out here…so a lil wayne feature on one song prevents you from buying the album! No wonder why hip hop got one foot in the grave…hating ass emotional fans ruin it all the time because they are to hypocritical and bias about bullshit! If you want some new and creative sounding music purchase this album…this is bigger than wayne this is about the music! Nas and Damian!

  • Boodah

    Im no lil wayne fan but we all must notice that the boy spit some good shit(sometimes) and the title of the song my generation ,what about this generation. use wayne to get the message across then im wit it!!!!!!!

  • gregory kruxx

    yo cop1 ur a fool…and u dnt know shit abut music. ur not gona by a record cause an artist u dnt like is on a song???!!! give me a fuckin break…eat a dick niggah

  • Friend 1


  • garnbarn

    im gettin it but why not put tpain on a song they have the same talent all autotune reaally talented