Here's a dope mashup to start your day. Max Tannone, the same guy who brought you Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead remix album), now brings us his latest project, Mos Dub. The album consists of Mos Def verses over classic dub reggae tracks. I'm typically not into blends, but this came out real clean. You can stream/download the project below.


  • dapluva!

    i like the original beats better sorry no hate.

  • Grrr

    Not all mashups are created equal. Being a true radiohead fan, jaydiohead failed miserably. This works a little better but some things are better left alone. A for effort, B.

  • Stephane

    I like it because its different….Anything new keeps music fresh

  • Izak

    doesn’t only sound clean, it sounds like its an original.

    ill have to finish the rest

  • Izak

    In my Math…wow

  • SuperDopetastic

    If your a reggae fan youll love this.I happen to be a huge reggae fan and i am currently enjoying this mix Thanks OKP,Mos Def,& Max Tannone

  • kidtruth

    This is badass. I like all things Mos Def and this is a fresh take.

  • kidtruth

    and man. In My Math is even better than the original, in my opinion.

  • KingOnMars

    It’s different. I like it.

  • C.o.S

    it’s wild how different production completely changes the songs. and max kills it.

  • RUK (Realize Unity w/ Knowledge)

    Yo, this shit is nice! I am feeling this. I am a reggae fan and a fan of The Mighty Mos Def aka Black Dante.

    Peace and Blessings!!!

  • soulful Dee

    Summertime Running works really nice! Overall it’s decent, would work well in a dance setting as transition/intro songs. Not so much for straight up listening in my opinion.

  • Luko

    Oohh this dub remixes are amazing!

  • rotovegas

    macrodubplates are better. chrimacro.com