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Mike Schreiber Photographs "True Hip-Hop"

by dantana
7 years ago

What's a web site without pictures?  Well, a pretty lame web site.  At Okayplayer, we have always championed quality photography and have a long standing history with many ill photographers.   Whether it be Okayplayer Photographer Month, Roots Picnic Portraits, or a photo gallery from any given event from OKP resident Mel D. Cole.   There is one photographer though, who we have to thank in particular for setting the bar WAY early on when we were first getting started over 10 years ago, and that is Mike Shcreiber, some of who's photos have reached the status of iconic (such as that of Mos Def above).

Fast forward.  About a month ago Mike released a collection of his works in a 100 page book aptly called "True Hip-Hop" … to which we would like to say "okay, player!"  True Hip-Hop features photos (some previously unpublished) that Schreiber has taken over the past twelve years, as well as personal stories and anecdotes.  Some of the artists seen within are: Common, Eminem, Lil Wayne, RZA, M.I.A. Black Star, and more.

Just in time for the hollerdays, pick this gem up at http://www.amazon.com, or true collectors get your signed copy from Mike himself, on his site http://www.mikeschreiber.com click 'add-to-cart at the bottom of the page).

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