A while back we posted a song, "Cooler Than Me," from a then (and maybe still now) unknown group, Mike Posner and The Brain Trust. The joint featured Big Sean, and was kind of on the pop side, but hot nonetheless. Today, Mike Pos and co. are back with a full 12 track mixtape entirely self produced, titled A Matter of Time. The tape is presented by DJ Benzi and Don Cannon and features Big Sean, Eric Holljes, Donnis, and Jackie Chain. I took a listen during my flight back to NY, and it's definitely Hip-Hop influenced, but certainly on the pop side of things… either way the tape is a good look. Look out for Mike Posner and The Brain Trusts' album, The New Deal, coming soon. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

>>>Download: Mike Posner & The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time

1. Tick (Feat. Don Cannon)

2. Drug Dealer Girl

3. Cooler Than Me (Feat. Big Sean)

4. Hey Cupid

5. Still Not Over You (Feat. Eric Holljes)

6. Evil Woman

7. Who Knows? (Feat. Big Sean)

8. Halo

9. Smoke & Drive (Big Sean, Donnis & Jackie Chain)

10. Losing My Mind

11. A Matter Of Time

12. Tock (Feat. Don Cannon)


  • Do You Want More?!@)#@#$)*

    Yes, pop but fire! Listen with an open mind.

  • WrighTrax

    This shit is cold!!

  • R3K

    ill mixtape front to back