First of all I have to apologize, we were supposed to premiere this project yesterday (it was ready), but I messed up. Anyway, waiting an extra day for some quality music isn't too bad, right? Today, OKP brings you Maxwell's Instrumental Remix EP, produced by MeLo-X. We gave you a sample track from the project last week, and now you can hear the full six track instrumental EP of Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night as remixed by MeLo-X. MeLo is definitely making a bold move by touching up an album so new and so widely heralded. I think he pulls it off well, so follow me after the jump to judge for yourself. NYC: Check out MeLo-X rocking live along with Colin Munroe, Diz Gibran, The Kickdrums, and more at SOB's tonight (flyer after the jump).

>>>Download: Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP – Produced by MeLo-X


  • thelatestmaxwellnews.com

    Lovin’ the cover, can’t wait to download and listen!!

  • Dinco T

    dope sounds

  • Evelyn N. Alfred

    Awww, my computer doesn’t want to play it. Suckyducks!!!

  • Evelyn N. Alfred

    Ah, I figured out how to get it to work…and let me tell you, The Coldest Riddim f*ckin’ KNOCKS!!! That ish has me dizzy. All typesa sexy on it.

  • Jesse Boykins III


  • Suga!

    @Evelyn N. Alfred, I’ve been tryin to download this since yesterday and can’t get it to work. I’ma bit frusrated what’s the deal?

  • Kani Saburi Ayubu

    Am I the only one that has no clue as to who Melo-X is? I’m almost embarassed to say it…-Kani Ayubu, The Black Art Depot

  • MictheMessenger

    AHHH!!!!! Is the link broken?

  • 800m man

    Need a new link!!! Dont make me beg!

  • Deee

    I’m just going to second (or third) the new link motion! lol. It wasn’t even up for that long man!

  • SoulAquarian
  • Sidik Fofana 1

    this joint is fiyah…love it

    Sidik Fofana
    Okayplayer Writer


  • MeLoXtra
  • omg3

    I can not believe how hard it is to get these tracks this is insane!! Im gonna have to wait for it to hit Limewire or Imeem,cuz i’m too frustrated!!! WTF

  • Anonymiss


    my favorites are: the highest, stop el mundo, and the bonus track timeofyourlife.

  • Sn3akaHolik
  • rasheen Crawley

    come on!! Really!! If we can’t download this great joint, then please take it off of your site.

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  • goodpromdresses
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