The John Legend x The Roots collabo album, Wake Up!, will be seeing a proper release on September 21st via Sony Music. The album "will feature soulful music from the 60’s and 70’s all with an underlying theme of awareness, engagement and consciousness— effectively telling listeners to Wake Up!" Today, we get a better idea of what to expect with the release of the tracklisting. You should recognize most of these song titles, but it should be interesting to hear what kind of spin The Roots crew and Legend put on them. Follow me after the jump to find out what 11 tracks made the cut. UPDATE: We now have the official artwork as well.

1. “Compared to What”
2. “Hard Times”
3. “Little Ghetto Boy”
4. “Wake Up Everybody” feat. Common and Melanie Fiona
5. “Our Generation”
6. “Love the Way It Should Be”
7. “Hang On in There”
8. “I Can’t Write Left Handed”
9. “Wholy Holy”
10. “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”
11. “Shine”

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  • You Big Faker!!!

    Damn, I wish it was anybody but John Legend on this. Bilal, Anthiny Hamilton, D’Angelo, Cody Chesnutt. Anyone. I can’t stand his corny voice.

  • troof speaka

    d’angelo? dude said d’angelo as if he’d ever get any of this recorded. lol. man, you bury your head in the sand. we’ll enjoy this dope album by john and the roots.

  • ridikyouluss

    I’m not a john legend fan at all, but this shit is gonna be sick

  • Hirokosaki

    John Legend is the man, stop the persecution! He fits it perfect. The fire was one of the best tracks on the album How I Got Over!

  • H.Reyes


  • John Robinson

    I look very forward to this album… Great Combo as displayed on the HIGO album…

  • JasmineSoul

    This is going to be awesome! Does it get any better than The Roots and John Legend!? I just found out via (http://bit.ly/96GGWe) and am anticipating this one big time. The Roots Picnic this year was amazing and I can only imagine this will be the same for their collaboration.

  • Marcus Kwame

    awwwww shit… this should be dope!

  • PZA

    I’m still made the arcade fire cover isn’t gonna be on this.

  • RonFromMontreal

    the cover sort of reminds me of “On The Corner”

  • soulfulsoul

    Awesome album cover. I can’t wait for it!

  • OkayLoverSince1999

    Damn Man, people need to stop coming to Home of Okayplayer s talking that usher Raymond Raymond junkt. It really upsets me coz this is no home of empty popular bubblegum music, one dimensional today here, tomorrow gone type of s#&t. Okayplayer is the home of soul music. If you ain’t got soul, please don’t leave no comment about usher’s Raymond Raymond s*#t, it is very disrespectful to the site and other okayplayer lovers.
    We are here celebrating the fact that we have been recently blessed with THE ROOTS’ HIGO and looking forward to JL & THE ROOTS’ WAKE UP…These are very sensitive times for real soul music lovers. And the last thing we wanna hear is some1 talk about that pop music Raymond Raymond s@#t. Please stay away or matter of fact, visit other one dimensional pop site, don’t come here polluting our soulful home. We all come here for peace. Gone on visit your facetube or basetube/facebuks ,your tweets and tubepeace/yourspace and leave us be…

    Now that I got that off my chest I am very excited about the WAKE UP! project yah all by JL & The Roots and I like the artwork and the track selection is tight People really need to wake up and pay attention to this music right here. Been bumping “My generation” since been blessed with it fron the Levi site. If you ain’t got it yet visit;
    God bless “OUR GENERATION” that loves real soul music. Really appreciated the sacrifices that THE ROOTS, JL, and all OkayArtists have made for the past decade to bring us important positive good soul music, than chase the riches.

    Thanks guys we love you. I know I am not the only one.
    WAKE UP! everybody!!!!!

  • souliverafiki {Accra-Ghana} souliverafiki@yahoo.com

    yo before i proceed or say anythin i will love to say i totally agree with ”OkayLoverSince1999” 100%. this in’t no Usher what ever girlie music. Is all about soul baby so wake the f**k up and smell the soul coffee in ya face. Well has anyone heard anything from Malik B? he best knows how to compliment Thoughts flow. Miss ya,M-Illitant. Too bad i didn’t hear you on the How i got over album.

  • miserylovemisery

    be real, this will be epic.

  • pfeif diggy

    September can’t get here soon enough!

  • come on

    dear okaylover,
    thank you so much for being passionate enough to write us 3 paragraphs. thank you even more for your terrible spelling, grammar, and syntax.

  • op

    more roots on the way=music to my ears

  • KLAP215

    I didn’t know that John Legend and The Roots were puttin out a album! This is insane!!!!! HIGO is classic…. and in sept we get this!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! This should be crazy!!!! Whats next Money Makin Jam Boys album?!!!!? I hope!!!! Welcome home Malik B.!!!!!

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