Lemme find out Bush is down for the Refugee camp. Carly, you did it (or at least we have to think).   John Forte's 14 year bid for accepting a briefcase with $1.4 million worth of cocaine has come to end with a stroke of still-President Bush's pen.  Forte (official myspace ), a first time (and non-violent) offender, began his sentence in 2001.  Should he not have been granted commuted sentence, he would remain behind bars for another 5-7 years (potential early release due to good behavior and such).  We're glad to say that come December 22nd, the Jersey resident and Refugee camp MC/Producer will hopefully go back to slangin' "flow worlwide like a current" and not anything else.

Notes:  Talib Kweli penned an essay  about what John Forte has meant to him in his life that was posted back in January of 2006 on Okayplayer.  Kwe responded to this week's news on his myspace page saying, "I feel on top of the world right now! Congratulations to my brother, friend and partner in rhyme John Forte."  As Kweli mentions in his piece from 2006, it is known Forte was close with Carly Simon and her son Ben and that Carly has been fighting hard all these years since John's sentencing to see him released.  We have our theories on that, but it's not important.  General Discussion reacts to the news.


  • roots movement

    John Forte, grab the microphone and sway this way

  • Kalo de 78

    bless him

  • Something 2 say

    I think 08 is definitely the year of hip hop. This is definitely news!!! Maybe he can be the glue and bring the fugees back out at least, if anything Lauryn Hill.

  • Sandman – Johannesburg


    Welcome back. Now, please, straight to the studio. 🙂


  • ’08

    mos definitely wasnt the year of Hip Hop, it was the year of Shit Hop. Too many bullshit-ass rappers came to prominence sending the elite MCs underground.

  • Good ishe

    First Slick Rick and now John Forte. Now lets fight for Mike Vick!


    gas is back to a buck and some change and you pardon Forte… Bush if you would have done stuff like this seven eight years ago we might MIGHT have kinda maybe could have…. NAH enjoy retirement and thanks

  • JohnJay!

    much love and respect to you, John Forte.
    can’t wait ta hear what you got ta say, brotha.