Yep, the rumors floating around the internets have been confirmed: The Roots will star as the band on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!  We had to keep it under wraps for a minute (when we filmed this little clip a few weeks back we were DYING to tell), but watch this video blog from Fallon himself who announces the band.  Don't worry, The Legendary aren't completely hanging up their hats for the day jobby job – there's still plenty of weekends and TV-vacation time for touring.  But now, in addition to their stunning live show, you'll get to watch ?uesto and co. kick it EVERY week night- what's better than that??  We've heard talks of special guests, potential skits, and other exciting surprises, but you'll just have to tune in for all that.  And you know OKP will have all sorts of ex-ex-ex-cluuusives, in addition to keeping you up to date on all that's going on Fallon-wise.


  • Jax

    Great…but just one thing? What about all the people who live outside the States and don’t have a dish on the roof receiving 250 channels they don’t watch and who’d just like to see their favourite group perform!!!…how are we gonna watch this??? Is OKP going to show clips and such?
    Big ups and congrads to the Roots though cuz they will do a great job!

  • B_Dun

    WOW, I feel like my heads about to explode right now. Didn’t see this one coming…

  • dj crossfader

    please dont sellout

  • C-O

    Shits gonna be CRAZY!
    Gonna have your Momma listnen to The Roots..

  • uh

    uh this sucks idk but i dont feel this is a good move

  • LivePhat

    I was at the London gig on saturday and got the heads up straight from ?uesto. Best night of my life, apart from the bad news!


  • Cool MF

    Thats wusup !!

  • Lucky33

    I’m torn on this one here, I’m in NYC so if the Roots are around all the time to play weekend gigs that’s awesome but on the other hand, Jimmy Fallon kinda blows and they’re denying the rest of the world their stellar live shows, so long as they keep on keeping it real as always and keep putting albums out, I’m all for it… for now

  • happytrees

    here I come should be the opening theme every night.

    at least jimmy seems to be giving them proper respect. I’ll have to watch and see before I judge.

    march sure is a long way away…



  • PhillyROOTed


  • MsBooty

    I’m so excited. You deserve this. I will watch ya’ll every night

  • dj R-DEE


  • Burbank

    I can’t see the video at work. What happens with BT?

  • MM!

    little SAD

  • SD4Combo

    I don’t understand how they’ll be able to represent NBC as a house band AND continue to be able to release material as volatile as Rising Down… Or anything with that much of a message.

    Will NBC keep their hands off of the truth our beloved Roots bring?

  • djrubadub

    it’s fantastic!

  • CoachG1

    Jimmy Fallon is very very very hard for me to watch. Very very. This may be a good move in terms of life stability, etc., but I can’t help but feel that something very important to me has been lost

  • Breeze_Boogie

    Didn’t Hub leave because the living-out-a-suitcase grind was taking it’s toll. Does this nightly gig mean we can expect to see Hub back as resident bassist?

  • Omagus

    This is just going to a one year thing, right?


  • nd

    I hope this isn’t permanent, I mean obviously its going to be incredible to see the roots rocking it every night. But if this means we get fewer tours and albums totally not worth it. But i mean my god what a band to get, this is something Im going to watch every single episode of.

  • Nikhil

    I’ve been a huge Roots fan since I was introduced to their music a few years back. I’ve got a poster of them framed in my room and I play their music to anyone who will listen just because I think they’re that great. Their music is inspiring as are the individual band members and what they represent. So I thought. If this isn’t selling out, I don’t know what is. Ya, I understand that they are probably getting tired of touring..so tour less! Becoming a house band?! C’mon. I didn’t think they cared about the steady income or about appealing to the masses. I don’t get it. I really really don’t. Of course they deserve it – that’s not the issue. In fact, they are way over qualified. Think about it – can you imagine The Legendary Roots, the pioneers of hip hop, the realest of the real group of talented artists, becoming a house band for a network telivision talk show? It’s as unbelievable as it is disappointing. I just hope it’s temporary.

  • burvito

    i’m happy for these dudes….take a much needed “break”, roots crew…y’all truly deserve it!

  • darkcyclops

    great for them to get their name out there. for those who dont know who they are by now…(hard to believe) they soon will. needless to say, they will make the show tolerable. Fallon is truly un-funny.

  • Manton

    I hope GE is giving The Roots the money they justly deserve. And don’t worry, folks, who knows how long Fallon will last as the third late-nite show on NBC

  • duhc

    Cats have been on it for some fifteen years. They deserve this gig. Nothing about selling out. It is hard on the road, even harder for a full band. Do your thing Roots crew, much love either way.

  • yeahyeahyeah

    they should call this “The Roots Show with Jimmy Fallon”

    so is ?uest gonna be the Paul Shaffer to his Letterman? the idea of that makes me cringe a bit, but im happy to see him get his well-deserved money

    i appreciate any vehicle through which i can see the best band in hip hop perform on a daily basis. watching them playing backup for the acts is gonna be sweeeeeeeeet. i’m upset ima have to keep turning the channel to keep my Fallon intake to a minimum

    i have never seen anything Fallon has done that was remotely funny in any imaginable way. he’s the most overrated comedian since… nick cannon?

    yeah, that sounds about right.

    i enjoyed the episode of family guy when peter kicked his ass. i bought the dvd and rewound that numerous times.

    do your thing bros

  • Poncho Ollin

    hmmmmm…. I guess a congrats would be in order, but still a bit disturbed…….

  • RightMined

    Mad congrats!


    YeahYeahYeah…yeah, I agree with you on that Nick Cannon thing. Jimmy Fallon is jive wack though, so I’ll be flipping back and forth to avoid hearing him laugh at his own jokes before he actually pulls the punchline off. But yo, what’s this talk about sellin’ out? Not that anybody said they did, but rather are scared they would. It’s the Roots man, c’mon now. Congratulations to them brothers, my condolences to them overseas cats (clips on Youtube to serve you maybe?) and as long as they make it to DC at least once a year, do whatcha like.

  • dingyeye1508

    Kinda cool, but kinda wack. I have mixed emotions about this. Guess we’ll have to wit and see,huh?

  • DeezUniverse

    I think this is wonderful, I’m not sure what the definition of “selling out” is, but I don’t see the problem in them being in a position to win over some new fans. Their touring days are far from over. Can anyone say Roots Picnic ’09!?

    BTW please check out http://www.quirkbooks.com

  • namdi

    it’d be cooler if dave chappelle had a late night show.

  • dizzles

    jimmy fallon’s show will be on the air for a season (two max), get canceled and the roots crew will be back on the grind. overall, this is a good way to make loot & gain some extra exposure without having to constantly tour.

  • D. Allie

    i think this will probably provide them the opportunity to record more. and from the live show perspective all i gotta say is i’m saving up my frequent flier miles. if i don’t see the roots at least once a year i’m not a happy camper.

    let’s not forget THIS IS BIG FOR HIP HOP IN GENERAL on some one small step for the roots, a giant step for the culture type thing in my opinion.

  • Monchichimo

    Does anyone remember when Jon Stewart had his own late night show on Fox? Well not only was it an amazing vehicle for underground artists to get notice, but the Roots were one of the first hip hop acts on the show and THAT WAS BIG at the time!! I feel like it’s a sign of the times for the Roots to perform in a mainstream setting such as this one. C’mon people!?! They broke new ground when they came out and this is just another ground-breaking venture into television. Trust me, the hip hop house band concept will eventually get cloned (no pun intended) and used on other shows. Just wait and see….

  • iknowYOU

    This might work!

  • pure wrist

    All that’s done in the dark will eventually come to the light.
    All the years The Roots went virtually unrecognized (in the US anyway) lol… their finally getting there just due.
    PEACE be unto you brothers

  • Yatta

    It was a long time coming….a change has come!
    We got a black President and The Roots will be the in house band for Jimmy Fallon’s show….WOW!!!!

  • SashaBe.

    Great pessimism, dizzles! But really though, I’m excited, and I agree namdi it would be even cooler if Chappelle had a late night show*

  • leprechaunamerica

    jimmy fallon is NOT funny at all. so i doubt the show will last that long anyway…..but getting to see the roots EVERY night will be awesome!!!!

  • DdAaNn

    So where does this leave Black Thought? (is the real question) Is he going to be part of the group on Jimmy Fallon?

  • maxof organic

    this is a bad move on their behalf, lets not get too polite. it’s like an episode of the twilight zone. or a bad dream. jimmy fallon, are they serious!?

  • yan1

    seems like a step back

  • morjo

    great job, fellas and sirs.

    what an interesting phenomenon, with okp rising to the tiers of (inter)national broadcasting. what exposure for the roots. and damn if i’m not excited that ?uesto has the potential to, at least once and a while, share his perspective with the mainstream, on an at least semi-regular basis. he’s an intelligent and socio-politically hip brother and i’m curious to see what angle he takes as he lends his voice to the mainstream consciousness.

    plus the marketing for the albums and such seem like a great opportunity.

    congratulations to the roots!

  • CoknI

    I’m a big fan of Fallon. Dog is talented and its a blessing to get a job right now let a lone a show or a gig. Looking forward to this March 2nd is on my calendar no doubt. People like me who don’t wanna get cable because of the HD push appreciate quality TV.

  • Almost 40 (and tired of the grind), too!

    Great gig! Will watch! Nap thru Jay and Conan to wake up and watch Fallon.

    Quick Tip – Don’t go Branford on Jimmy if he gets out of pocket. If he fronts all Leno-like, go Philly on him and do a Doc Gibbs. Bring the true flavor (too loud to hear the veiled foolishness and such) and let him Bam! for an hour. No dis to Fallon but most of us are really only tuning in to see you guys, anyway. The burden of proof is his and he’s one of the few who’s up to the task if he stays focused on his entire audience. (Hint-hint for primetime, Leno.)

    Congrats! I’m excited and can’t wait. Finally something on daily late night tv for the Change demographic. I might just stop changing the channel from network tv (for a change). Uuummmm-nnnnaaaahhhh.

    Now if GE & NBC were really smart, they’d give the guys their own show (a’la Arsenio in the 90’s or Don K’s Rock Concert in the 70’s) so they could break new bands, respect old ones, introduce the lumpen to their stellar history and the best lyricist of all time. But, they’re a network, one of the old big 3. At this point, that’s like expecting the runt of the litter to win Westminster. Tomorrow. Probably what they’re thinking about Jimmy having to follow old Jay-Jay and Conan the Comedian.

    Luck of the Irish to you, Fallon-The Little Host Who Could with the Big Band That Always Delivers. I’m setting my alarm right now.

  • Bong Bong Bong

    I hope this is some conspiracy by NBC to sign the Roots to do late ngiht so that when Fallon fails they can try to get Dave CHAPPELLE

  • phillyhandstyles

    wow….more unrecognized spotlight

  • Wize Rize

    sweet, but I hope this doesnt slow down albums or hold back concerts

  • Shaun P

    Unexpected move by the group, but it seems this decision was solely a business one, not one of artisic consideration or principle. I applaud the move, but remain skeptical of its outcome. Fallon is a dime a dozen caricature, with little personality and even little wit. He’s no Conan.
    With the band, you always know what you’re gonna get, and thats a good thing.

    Hopefully that South Philly soulful essence the Roots bring will not lose its flavor. Hey, these cats aren’t getting any younger, why not solidify their financial base.

  • PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Compass

    Wasn’t this a pleasant surprise. My wonder of who was going to be after conan aside, considering that he’s one of the few late night hosts that I can actually approach with consistent optimism, this move basically ensured that I’ll be staying tuned to watch late night with fallon. The Roots every night is a positive. It’s a positive. It’s a positive. More exposure, more recognition and more chance to slip a hand into the bubbling tar of the current hip-hop mainstream.

    They won’t let you in the front? Take the back door. Get those hard headed individuals to take a close look at what has become to the state of things, and make em laugh in the process. Though perhaps my hopes are too high.

    They are going to be background music in a sense, with some interaction of course, but there will be fog. So how to step through the haze and leave pricks of insight into the swollen heads of society? Well only time will tell.

    Big ups.

  • ginzu

    good getting up on tv. fallon is a mediocrity

  • Juno

    The Roots will be the best act on late night tv, but even they can’t save the world from Fallon laughing at his own unfunny jokes for 60 minutes a night.

    One word: Taxi

    Two words: Fever Pitch

    Three words: Jimmy Fallon sucks

  • Big Pappa Bear

    I’m with Jax on this one, living in Australia is a blessing and a curse. Perhaps we will try see some clips online??


    Man let’s get Questo hosting this joint! Fallon move aside!

  • DaDrumma

    I’m so pumped about them playing on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Hopefully they keep touring! Check-out my post: http://blog.musicdetour.com/archives/366

  • Lee Da Rhymin’ Master

    Honestly, I just can’t say I share in the overall sense of enthusiasm…No doubt its a great move financially, but come on…How much will these guys have to tone it down for network tv? Not to mention Jimmy Fallon isn’t funny in the least. I’ll watch when I remember to but still won’t be a regular viewer…Its going to take more than a few minutes of The Roots a night to make me a fan of that talentless clown.

  • Petai the Dj

    Congrats!!! keep rockin

  • PrinceSir

    my favorite new late night show

  • ///

    When The Roots Rock with Fallon— aaaaahhhhhhh shit!

  • Seatown mami

    hell yes…i just got goosebumps

  • Krater

    Wow I really don’t know how I feel about this whole thing. One hand i am happy for your success, but on the other it feels like the end of a era.

    Best of luck.


  • Pbx-1000

    Jimmy Fallon < Funny






  • JHEMP50

    Seriously… best band, worst show. When it comes to SNL alums hosting talk shows, I’d rather watch Late Night with Jim Belushi’s corpse than Fallon.

  • August West

    This is so embarrassing. I thought it was a joke when I first heard it-what a waste of talent.

  • 757-All Day

    Congratulations keep it moving and growing!

  • deehypno

    congrats to the illest band alive, about time someone took notice. i know y’all gonna rock it out.

  • Aaron Francis

    I am GAY.

  • Fish Tech

    No! I was gonna come back to you!

  • Just a Thought….

    Anybody who has been out on the road understands why they are doing it. This economy isnt that great and not getting any better anytime soon, and this gives them the opportunity to stay closer to home and be with family and still get paid. Plus they will give the masses the opportunity to see them at work… given fallon doesn’t screw up the show!!!

  • sin-cere

    Someone mentioning Dave Chapelle having a late night show would be cool – I agree. Especially with The Roots as the house band, nothing else could be dope.

    I think its is a great opportunity for The Roots. Also, after YEARS of touring and the recent recession they have probably decided to settle down. Hopefully this isn’t the end of their touring lifestyle and this is just some long-term gig that’ll eventually be switched to another band.

    This is a good promotion for The Roots as well. I wonder if Black Thought is going to be part of the band though? Usually house bands don’t have a consistant vocalist? Possible Solo Album?

  • JohnE Kaye

    I want to be able to hear more of The Thought… It’s pissing me off already… Maybe I’m greedy and want more of a good thing but I expect more integration of the band into the show. They are The Roots for f’s sake. Give them more shine on the show.

  • JohnE Kaye

    By the way, fuck you haters hating on the band’s decision. You are supposed to support your artists. Dickholes.

  • I Love The Roots

    I am more than ecstatic that The Legendary was able to take such an exposing gig, one that will make The Roots a household name i.e. Jay-Z and KanYe West. However, for those fans who know how ridunkulous The Roots are in concert, especially at small venues, I have some bad news for you. No longer will we be able to see The Roots at the House of Blues for $35 dollars (unless The Roots control ticket price) while standing ten feet away. Then again, true fans will elbow chickens in their ribs to get up close. If it does turn out that all venues are PACKED (as if they already weren’t) I’ll bring binoculars…

  • the_fiasco

    jimmy fallon is weak and thus will get cancelled. the roots however are amazing and what will keep the show on longer than expected. what nbc should do is sign dave chappelle, he’s halirious and equals ratings…if no chappelle, have mos host the show, that’s something i’ll like the see.

  • Paul B

    Quick: What’s the funniest Jimmy Fallon moment you remember from SNL?

    Nothing? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • CS

    Jay could use improvement – but at least its a proven formula, Conan is a quirky talent who has gone as far as he can and Falon won’t make it. So they took a relatively successful lineup and ruined it, another reason to just move all of the shows to download and we’ll just buy subscribe to what we want to watch when we want to watch it. Will be cheaper than paying the cable bill and better choice and quality.

  • JONIMorin25

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  • you’ll just have to tune in for all that

  • Guest

    I guess I’m the only person on the planet that thinks the Roots aren’t that talented. None of them can sing. I don’t get what everyone thinks is so great about them.