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Happy Birthday to You, Erykah Badu

by dantana
8 years ago

As we do every year on this day the 26th of February we would like to take a moment and wish Miss Erykah Badu a Happy Birthday, and many more. Erykah is currently in the studio putting the final touches on her upcoming release New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh that will arrive in stores on the wings of phoenix on 03.30.2010.  Watch out for that, pay attention.  She's been dropping gems on us via twitter at 3:33 (am and pm, time zones may very) and her official web site erykahbadu.com.

In other album news, Badu took to the twitternets yesterday in efforts to reach Paul McCartney directly as her and the label were having problems clearing a sample through regular channels and a 24hr deadline was imposed.  Here efforts paid off as a cast of characters helped facilitate Erykah’s ultimate connection with Paul and approval for the clearance was made in time.   Make sure you are following her.

  Tour dates are in the works, including a run of Japan, but the only show we have to announce at the moment is in Miami on April 8th, which happens to be my birthday =)  Check for the flyer for that show after the jump(upintheair).

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