Max Tannone, the same man who brought you Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead mashup) and more recently Mos Dub (Mos Def & dub reggae), is back with another blend. Here is Dub Kweli, which you can probably already guess is a remix project of Talib Kweli's verses over classic dub reggae tracks. I'm ususally not the biggest fan of blend projects, but this is real clean, take a listen.

Dub Kweli by Max Tannone


  • rcd2

    yes step it high

  • that dj

    mix goes hard. the blackstar dub mixtape delievers as well

  • dasm

    yo mad max is a scientist!

  • askaris

    This is nice and thanks for sharing!

  • OA

    Awesome! I still can’t stop listening to Mos Dub!

  • wowreally

    its pretty sick, but to be honest, if i had access to the harder they come soundtrack as a source for beats i could make something much sicker—

    must be nice to be above copyright pro’lems and shit

  • have to agree

    how is it that someone can say that they produced this????

    i recognize almost all the tracks

    this is why other musicians hate hiphop
    cause mans dont feel wrong to take a next mans beat and add a couple echoes and say they produced it

    Caribbean people stand up!

    good looking though

  • itaiducktape

    @have to agree
    nobody said it was produced by someone haha
    this is a mix.. not remixes

    dope ishhh!!