After hearing the incredible reinterpretations of some of Dilla's classics done by ?uestlove and The Roots, we all knew it was inevitable that someone would hop on of those pretty quickly. That someone happens to be Philly's own Dice Raw, who steps to the challenge and more than holds his own. Dice wrote and recorded, the Dice, Dilla, Pregunta mixtape in less than a week. Features include Charles P Bailey, Rick Friedrich, and Yameen Allworld. Follow me after the jump and listen as Dice and Pregunta pay respect to the late great Jay Dee.

>>>Download: Dice, Dilla Pregunta

1.) Long Time Coming

2.) Pregunta

3.) Hello World

4.) Full

5.) Doot Doo Dah Da

6.) Players Play

7.) Welcome Home

8.) The Greatest Rapper Never

9.) Offbeat Onbeat

10.) Get Ready

11.) Turn It Up (Led it Bang)

12.) Pour Me a Drink

13.) Allworlderlude

14.) The End of the Road

R&S Music & The Philadelphia Record Company Present the Dice Dilla Pregunta Mixtape.
Features: The Roots, J Dilla, Dice Raw, Charles P Bailey, Rick Friedrich, and Yameen Allworld.
Engineer: Fabian Thompson
Executive Producer: Rick Friedrich


  • JUNE22

    no link? i could be too irie?

  • …smoovie

    The Roots – Dilla Jawns [Mixtape]…is there any chance for a repost/relink to the tribute from The Roots..missed the jump…???and download didn’t work?????

  • logik360

    yes please can we get that mixtape again man…didn’t work on my side too.

  • logik360

    Fuck Dice is Niiiice…Hallo World!!!…this is too ill man. Keep it up

    From the Kidz in South Africa!

  • dewey saunders

    i am responsible for the cover art.

  • stshu

    sick sick sick peace to J Dilla
    South Africa make noise up in here

  • 1Sandman Jozi

    We’re told South Africa has to stand for this one! So, i’mma stand! Johannesburg up in this!

  • P-souL

    ill ass cover! and yes! thank you amir!!! RIPower dilla!!

  • Thatone

    Can someone re-up the link?


    Best hip hop ive heard all year 🙂

  • 13Piscesmoon.com

    DICE IS THE TRUTH!!!!…..

  • Joooknow

    Ok lets keep it funky ya’ll, the tracks are dope but Dice is a bit “Dicey” on the lyrical…


    this is incredible it plays out more like an album than a mixtape so dope thankyou for this one okayplayer.


  • !)))x(((!
  • Kayb

    Dice Dilla is too nice.
    Thanks alot for this one !!!
    Much love from South Africa.

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