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Cee-Lo Green - Stray Bullets [Mixtape]

by shamz
8 years ago

Man, I was just gushing over having two new Cee-Lo tracks in the same week. This past Friday, he dropped a full tape on the low. Stray Bullets is the name of the tape and it's made up of 14 tracks you've more than likely never heard before (yeah, there's a Goodie Mob track on there too!). Props to OS. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

[Alt Link]

01. Goldschläger (Produced by The Grey Area)
02. You Don’t Shock Me Anymore (Produced by The Grey Area)
03. Cho Cha the Cat (with the B-52’s) (Produced by The Teddy Bears)
04. I Like It (Produced by The Grey Area)
05. Little Black Book (Produced by The Grey Area)
06. Talking To Strangers (Produced by The Grey Area)
07. ChamPain (Produced by Doc & The Grey Area)
08. Night Train (with the Goodie Mob) (Produced by The Grey Area & Anthony Kronfle)
09. The Secret (Produced by The Grey Area)
10. Sophistic@ted B!$ch (Produced by The Grey Area)
11. I’ll Kill Her (feat. ME & LOnan the Destroyer) (Produced by ?????)
12. Is It? (Produced by The Grey Area)
13. Super Woman Theme Song (Produced by The Grey Area)
14. Night Cap Outro (One Last Shot of Goldschläger) (Produced by The Grey Area)

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