Man, I was just gushing over having two new Cee-Lo tracks in the same week. This past Friday, he dropped a full tape on the low. Stray Bullets is the name of the tape and it's made up of 14 tracks you've more than likely never heard before (yeah, there's a Goodie Mob track on there too!). Props to OS. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

[Alt Link]

01. Goldschläger (Produced by The Grey Area)
02. You Don’t Shock Me Anymore (Produced by The Grey Area)
03. Cho Cha the Cat (with the B-52’s) (Produced by The Teddy Bears)
04. I Like It (Produced by The Grey Area)
05. Little Black Book (Produced by The Grey Area)
06. Talking To Strangers (Produced by The Grey Area)
07. ChamPain (Produced by Doc & The Grey Area)
08. Night Train (with the Goodie Mob) (Produced by The Grey Area & Anthony Kronfle)
09. The Secret (Produced by The Grey Area)
10. Sophistic@ted B!$ch (Produced by The Grey Area)
11. I’ll Kill Her (feat. ME & LOnan the Destroyer) (Produced by ?????)
12. Is It? (Produced by The Grey Area)
13. Super Woman Theme Song (Produced by The Grey Area)
14. Night Cap Outro (One Last Shot of Goldschläger) (Produced by The Grey Area)


  • dapluva!

    Dungeon family!!!!

  • rexicology

    Ok, now i’ll shut up about wanting him to spit on his new project 🙂

  • Feel me on this one

    From Okayplayer.com all the way to this ce-loo cd design: PLEASE STEP UP YOUR DESIGN GAME…Overly wack and boring.

  • Breakdown

    Just listened to this twice, then listened to Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elswhere. Gotta say, there are some tracks on Stray Bullets I prefer to SE (e.g. “I’ll Kill Her” and “ChamPain”).

    Not everything is great–“Talking to Strangers” is a beat you hear at Macy’s during the Christmas Season and makes my ears bleed by the second verse–but still impressive overall.

    Also thought after SE getting played to death that I’d never want to hear Cee-Lo again. But this is kind of chill. The underwhelming beats (no level of DM-sophistication) makes this more suitable for repeated play, particularly if you’re working while listening.


    @Feel me on this one : … Bro it’s a mixtape, do you really care about the artwork.

    I’m digging this. Any Cee Lo has to be played in moderation, but I’ve been able to listen to this repeatedly the past three days (without becoming annoyed).

  • Augusts1

    I agree, who cares about the cover design as long as the music is good. I’d much rather have the effort put into the tunes any day over the cover. Besides, the real design effort will go towards the cd/official release.

    The link isn’t working unfortunately!

  • Augusts1

    p.s. never mind, I just saw there was an alternative link. Thx!

  • Augusts1

    p.s.s. The first song on this uses a sample from Heart’s ‘Magic Man’. Awesome song, loving it.

    Btw, who is The Grey Area? Is that Danger Mouse? I’ll stop commenting now, haha.

  • consort

    eh…. just eh.

  • Feel me on this one

    RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!: … This Art work is bew bew do doo.

  • paper baxx

    I.m from A.T.L. Big up Cee Lo,Big up Greg St.! (and I Han,t even heard it yet!)

  • Maestro

    This thing is HOT!!!!!!!!!! Props to Cee-lo!

  • jds

    damn, i’m feelin it! keep bringin the eclectics!

  • Neon Don

    Damn! what a great mixtape! actually the word mixtape doesn’t do the music justice. Big Up Cee-lo, nice one!

  • Big DAVE 792000

    This is up for the best album of the year. Fuck mixtape. Too small a word for this. I felt guilty casue uts free. I felt I should shell out some cash for this one! Right on LO!

  • Fourplaii

    Love IT….. LOVED IT…. More Please….

  • chronwell

    This is powerful music!

  • Flavtothecity

    pLease okp do something 4 this fkng spammers!!!!!!!!I just can’t take no more………