I was trying to wait until this got chopped up into individual mp3s before I posted, but I'll just update this post when that happens. In typical Blu fashion, he dropped a free LP with no warning via his twitter on New Year's day. theGODleeBarnes LP consists of both Blu's production and his lyrical prowess, as he rhymes on the beats. As I mentioned, it's one long mp3, and we have no tracklisting as of now, but are we really going to complain about some new Blu music? Follow me after the jump for the download link.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Soul Culture, we have the tracklisting as well as a download link with the tracks separated after the jump. According to Blu there is no high quality version of this project, via his twitter: "Mix: HiQVersionIsAMyth, ILostTheFilesToAllTheseSongsTwoYearsAgo, HDCrashed.. ThatsWhyINeverReleasedIt, TheseAreAllCompiledRuffMixesBroski”

>>>Download: theGODleeBarnes(lp)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed By GODleeBarnes
Cuts by DJ Exile (PlusPro. on “NeverDream”)
Dedicated To G.O.Barnes

Full Track List:

# 01_theInnocent.
# 02_AzulitoTheGreat.
# 03_GloryUsDelux(Feat.L’sOfABandCalledGlory).
# 04_NeverDream(ProByExile).
# 05_theGOD’s&Me.
# 06_Grandma’sKitchen (CypherByFamRep’sDa1&SirJoseph).
# 07_Difficulties(Feat.CashUsKingAndFamRep’sSirJoseph&R.O.B.) (SpokenWordbyNiles).
# 08_SpanishWinter.
# 09_BeGO(o)D!(Feat.Sene).
# 10_theRunOut(erlude).
# 11_ItsOkay(Feat.Definite&MythOfStrangeFruit).
# 12_OnMarsWithTheStars(Feat.Sene).
# 13_Smoking@6InTheMo’(ByCashUsKing).
# 14_CityOfLos(t)Angel(e)s(Feat.CashUsKing).
# 15_AllTheKing’sMen(Feat.TiRon).
# 16_aWorldGoneBlind(Feat.CashUsKing).
# 17_MelloSunshine.
# 18_’TilWeDie.
# 19_Crowns.
# 20_Outro(OpenMindDead)ByMiguelJontel.
# 21_(theBonusSong)MyBoyBlu.
# 22_BenevolentOffering&Benediction.



  • Hi Stakes

    Looks like the original yousendit link is already down. Alt links anybody?

  • dosher
  • Shamz

    Added an alternate link

    RE: Dosher

    That’s an entirely different project from months ago

  • Dj of Skeet

    I wish the audio quality was a bit better. It’s amazing.

  • Assets

    I love blue… but the sound quality on this needs work. Is there a better version??

  • fritzythepatzy

    It seems that this is a pre version of the upcoming album… Explaining the bad sound quality as well as the one track choice instead of seperated tracks. Should be dope though… What about the 2nd Blu & Exile album? Waiting so much for this to happen…

  • ahm basement

    how u gonna say u love this dude and not even spell his name right? i mean this is one of those things blu beefs on more a few times on any given record. not the end of the world, but still.

  • jfied23

    Hopefully this comes out as a normal album. Sound Quality in its current form is worse than when I used to tape songs off the radio on my Sony boom box in the early 90’s.

    Yo Assets…..”It’s B-L-U and if you see the ‘E’ then drop em!”

  • Cato

    Illest & Hardest workin’ man in Hip Hop. Isn’t he gonna’ be on Roots next album?


    Blu is DOPE… Quality was soooo bad I couldn’t listen to the whole thing… If you worried about “Pirating” then just shoot one track to us so we can spin it to the party people… Blessings!!!

  • R3K

    blu is the best rapper of all time

  • Grrr

    Thanks for posting this. Blu is solid. Love seeing West Coasters reppin’.

  • Its early, but…

    this is easily the best album of this decade! lol. Bad quality and all.

  • GameTheory420


  • Baroque

    Blu is the truth finally though he puts grandmas kitchen on a mixtape been waiting for awhile

  • sddfasf

    the roots

  • sddfasf

    Roots baba

  • Golden29Rosemarie

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