On November 4th history can be made with this country electing it's first Black President. We have heard many artists weigh in on the matter via song. One of the most respected groups out there when it comes to social-political issues, dead prez, is voicing their opinion through their new track "PolitricKKKs" featuring Malcolm X. The street single off their upcoming album Information Age, due out Feb. '09. Shout out to D*Prosper.

dead prez "PolitricKKKs" feat. Malcolm X




  • bobbyb

    great track !!!right in time peace

  • Ms. Goodie

    Greatness! They’re Back!!!!!
    Don’t sleep on this nonsense in this nation!

  • The zul

    One of the best at what they are doing, Revolutionary Music is needed in this time people. Many are sleeping on the truth out there. “Its Politrickkks time again”

    M1 and Stic Man Keep it going.

    “And if Obama win he wouldn’t be the first black take your two dollar bill and turn it over to the back”

  • big boi

    Truth! Listen!!

  • Of The People

    Crab in a bucket a– n..gg.z. I wish Obama well. It’s true, true liberation of black peoples in america won’t come thru Politics, but that’s why you pray for your leaders, hold them accountable, and pray that they do the best they can. But i’m tired of hearing some black people hate on this man. Dammmmmn. That’s why we can’t overcome because it’s always a few that gotta hate on the one that’s coming up. damnnnn man. I love DP, but don’t be crab in a bucket a.. nig..’z

  • tlocksmith

    do the research people. Self determination is the answer…..


    – c’mon man just because they are giving an outlook on politricks. Doesn’t mean you have to condemn them as a group.Obama is going to be the next president , but don’t expect him to be the savior of black people nationwide. He will still be under the same roof of the white house. The government is the government bottom line. Open your mind wider that sensationalism you’ll soon understand. Dead Prez Crab In The Bucket wow… This song is the shit it made me Google who was on the back of the two dollar bill. Our third president of this country was a black man…Dead Prez Thank You Keep Teaching……

  • RBG 2


  • comrade manifest

    For not being afraid to voice their opinion on the issue of a black president and what it means for black people. Alot of folks just going along with the bandwagon not doing any critical commentary.

    Oh just cuz I am not pro-obama don’t mean I am a crab in the bucket. I was about lifting the people up before you even knew who Barack Obama was.


    oh and I love that image for the post!! Yessir, good lookin on the image shamz.

  • Confucious30

    Yeah I agree with some things they are saying but at the same time….I think they are missing the point. As a group African americans don’t vote…so we allow ourselves to be ignored. It is not just about Obama being African American…at this point in our history it is about his ability to bring people together. It is not Obama’s responsibility or any other leader to save us…we need to start saving ourselves. Until we do that we will remain in captivity…like nas said we are the slave and the master the question and the answer. So to me looking at Obama becoming president with a Jaded eye and expecting him to change everything is unfair to him and to ourselves. We need to look at this moment as an opportunity…this election can be a catalyst for jump starting the type of action we need in our communities. They say it is politrikkks and it is to a certain extent. However we are largely tricking ourselves at this point. It is also important not to respond to bigotry with more bigotry because ultimately we are all human beings sharing this planet. The greater problem is that all people allow their divisions to keep humanity from its greater purpose. To me the song is saying things will never change. That is true, unless we start to change them…Barack Obama becoming president is a step in the right direction. Not because he is black but because of what he represents and believes in. He wants to inspire us to make the changes rather than relying on or blaming the government. For example I teach a G.E.D course in Baltimore and most of those I teach don’t watch the news, don’t follow politics, don’t vote, don’t read!! I taught in the public school system…same problems…This comes from our values as a people…we don’t value education. Americans in general don’t value education, and in our scramble to grasp a piece of the pie we imitate that value system. It is like if somebody hits you in the face and the next time you don’t put your guard up. It should be once burned twice shy….we have been burned for over 500 years!!! At what point do we begin to take some responsibility! What Barack Obama has endured for the last 20 months is admirable…and will lead him to being president…saying that he won’t be for us is crazy…that is like saying malcom and martin weren’t for us. But we need to be for ourselves too. As president you are supposed to be for everybody. What is the difference to their attitude on this song to some hick out in the sticks who only wants the president to be for white people???

  • “A”

    i don’t like were DP’s sound has headed, but the message/opinion is needed. im voting obama for various reason, but have been tellin people this change, this revolution goes far beyond the image and facial image obama poses for us as a “nation,” or as marginalized and opressed people of colour. dead prez deserves kudos for that alone, adding complexity to the debate not only the first possible black president, but where we are as people strugglin in this country.

  • K.T.

    Got to have much love for Dead Prez

  • dizzles

    i hope dp comes back strong this time around. ‘revolutionary but gangsta’ was good for 2 things:

    1. a coaster
    2. breaking up buds of the chronic

  • WorldSpectacular

    good look. Hope this is just a sign of what is to come from deadprez. I’m assuming Stic made this beat? He been putting in work. Boss UP.

  • big Boss

    gotta give credits to Confucious30:
    btw… It’s sad that some ppl forget how many people would still fight for the right to vote on earth!

  • Marcus Garvey

    My policies weren’t really all that, either. Sorry…

  • dope

    this shit is hot

  • Mistuh Mic-Checkit

    yo this shit is madd ill!!!! keep it up DP!! ’bout time someone said the truth in they rhymes..

  • Mz Nano

    Fa sho..I agree with whomever is bringing the message that we need to see this picture as being bigger than black/white. Of course whites folks have been apart of the problem, but won’t they also be part of the solution? Healing has to come for everyone..not just a select few.
    Understand me..I fawks wit Dead Prez just looking for them to expand that message..

  • The man with the….

    Who ever made that statement by acting as if they were Marcus Garvey is very disrespectful. Check yourself brotha. Read up on him, every one has flaws. But being disrespectful to the ancestors is uncalled for.

    Before we can get to that oneness with all people on the planet, europeans(whites) must understand the history of African people around the world. And what we continue to face today. Put yourselves on the battlefield with us, but talking about change from your end will not cut.
    Read up on David Icke. He puts his self out on the battlefront, and is a white man. Thats what we need. Revolution! Peace to the Comrades

  • White Flows

    If you like dead prez, than you would like this brotha.

    I go to school with this cat in Frisco.


  • Soundpilot

    This is a must see “Zeitgeist Adenddum”


  • Robert Trujillo/Tres

    Thank god someone has the courage to say it! Boots from The Coup also has some good analogy for this as well w/ Davey D on Breakdown FM.

    The election and its candidates are not the focus-they are the carefully planned out, scripted, rehearsed, promoted, hyped, and photographed “Show”. The US citizens are the audience. What we have to do is snatch off the costumes, figure out who are the writers, producers, enforcers, conspirators, and figure out how much more of this we can take.
    Trust Your Struggle Collective
    “Come Bien Books”

  • Confucious30

    If this is a planned out show then why are people trying to kill Obama …is that part of the show…I mean it is a show…disinformation…but the trick is that we can already clearly see the little man behind the curtain and what he has duped us into doing to ourselves, but we are too comfortable with the way things are to change it….we can’t keep talking about conspiracy theories all day…we need to come up with our own theories to negate that negative force. Obama represents that. John McCain and G W Bush want you to think that there is always going to be a conspiracy and that we as individuals are powerless to stop it. But they put on a show for a reason, because they need to keep us in a certain positon….if they need to put on the show for their agenda then it is clear that we have all of the power….but we are scared to use it…Like Morpheus said, you can’t be the one unless you truly believe it. Saying that Obama running for pres. is show is a cop out to allow us to not get involved and not take action. Now more than ever is the time to take action but we must do it in our own lives first…..that is the part that people aren’t willing to do, so they sit back and blame the government….its like the slave blaming the slave driver for whipping him…that is what the fuck slave drivers do!!!! Not going to change…the question is what is the slave going to do differently. We can change things and unless we start to believe it …it will never happen…David Icke isn’t the only white man to stand up by the way, what about John Kennedy and Bobby and Lyndon Johnson…..this oppression isn’t just in america it is world wide and some of the oppressors have been black…Idi Amin for example…G.W Bush is the worst president but he has ruled over the worst americans..we sat back and allowed this to happen…we accepted him stealing an election, we accepted the war in Iraq, we accepted the fake housing boom…as long as we were living well we didn’t give a fuck what the repercussions were….and now we have to face it and take responsibility all of us. This world …humanity has the potential for greatness…but we must first as MJ said “talk to the man in the mirror.”

  • MeJustBeingMe

    I like dead prez but they aren’t saying anything we haven’t heard before. This song is very simple. The flow is basic and the lyrics are just emotional opinion. Again, we have someone laying out what they don’t like about the government and country. They aren’t putting any facts to display the dislikes that they have. Also, they aren’t laying down any progressive strategies for the poor that they are fighting for. They aren’t getting on the poor about their part in all of this. They didn’t give any examples of the tricks that they see in politics.

    Dead prez is against this system but yet they tell you to participate in it. As far as Obama opening doors, he has already done that. He has given inspiration. He has displayed decency, endurance, tenacity, class, hardwork, education, helping those in your community, keeping your name out of the bad side of the legal system, helping those less fortunate, respecting your elders/ancestors, self-confidence, reading, never forgetting those that paved the way for you, dreaming big, and having high aspirations.

    All the elections are the most important elections of all time. If we would have done our jobs, we wouldn’t have let a fool come in and put us in the situation that we are in. The statements in the song are too general. They don’t have any weight. Before Obama ran for office, he wasn’t shitting on any people. He came to a new community(from hawaii to chicago) and worked with them to help them better themselves. He got in this game helping the poor. So, the statement doesn’t apply to him. I don’t know what they mean by sellout because you can take their statement in the song two different ways. Obama isn’t a sellout. With the tv, the radio, and the internet; we are hearing everybody’s voices. If you plot, plan, and stratergize with the po people, you aren’t doing a very good job. Po people are in some serious bad situations. There’s no direction for them in the song. Also, there’s no definite information saying that John Hanson was black. The Swedish story is false as well. The stories are born out of glorification, folklore, and misinformation. Also, on the back of a two dollar bill, the guy that’s suppose to be black is George Walton. The whole picture is a painting that John Trumbill did to depict the five-man drafting committee presenting their work to the Congress. In fact, John Hanson was never a member of the Continental Congress. He didn’t serve as a Delegate until 1781 after the Continental Congress was replaced by the United States in Congress Assembled by the Constitution of 1777. The 1776 Delegate member Innis circles as John Hanson the Black Moor on the $2 Bill is actually George Walton of Georgia. There was no photography in 1783 when President Hanson died so such a photograph is a physical impossibility. The picture of the “Moor,” John Hanson, shown in this video and in the Innis article is actually a Sixth-plate daguerreotype, ca. 1856 (http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/treasures/trr033.html) of John Hanson the 19th century Liberian Senator from Grand Bassa County who championed the relocation of slaves et al to Liberia. The green party is just green with envy. McKinney was in the congress and could have done a lot of stuff. She waits until she hits a cop then wants to act as if everyone is working against her. While I agree that this government needs reform, the political system needs reform, the media, and more political parties, the song is just flat and not doing what it could have done.

    I love black people and our history but I control my mind and I won’t let no one just say any old thing to me black, white, latino, etc. That’s how I fee.

    The same thing that they accuse Barack Obama of doing(rhetoric, empty statements, etc) is the same thing they are doing in this song.

    People, get your minds back, fight through the bullshit, build up the positive, and keep moving forward until the goal is achieved.

  • Confucious30

    Big up to mejustbeingme, you know your stuff I wish dead prez and others would follow suit

  • SKiP,,,

    that up turned flag is BULLSHIT, dps are able to do that because OUR GRAND parents black and white fought for and died under the flag of OUR country. I think it is beyond fucked up to desicrate the flag. The AMERICAN FLAG STANDS FOR US ALL NO MATTER OUR COLOR OR CREED. for dp to hide behind the fact that people have kept other people down, raped, lied, falsley accussed, lynched etc, etc. everyday when dp wakes up they breathe the air that keeps that flag flying. i think that dp should go to the wwII memorial here in dc and see what real is, not some little bitches that had on good beat and no talent that just whines about in-justice instead of being a do-er dp is just a suck-er! so suck on that you bitches, and turn that flag right side up, soft ass complainers. i bet dp supports obama, he flies the flag you fucking Hypocrites., SKiP skiprockwell@msn.com

  • SKiP,,,
  • SKiP,,,

    Is it okay to display the flag upside down to protest the war?
    The Flag Code states, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” It is an unreasonable stretch to argue that the political purposes constitute “dire distress.” We recommend that people who wish to express their political views find a way to do so that is respectful of the flag. Remember that to some the flag represents the government of the US and its policies; but it also represents the promise as yet unfulfilled of the Declaration, it represents our freedom of speech, our freedom to practice or not practice religion as we choose, it represents American values, it represents one nation in its glory, it represents hope for a better future, and importantly it represents the sacrifices made in all generations to protect our freedoms. SEEN, NOW WHAT?

  • Focused

    Stop all the cying and bitching like broads..The song is dope and that’s that..All that shit yall writing don’t mean a gotdamn thing cause shits nevr gonna change so your wating you time writing all that bullshit..SMH..

  • bakc

    Confucious30 and MEjustbeinme

    Its good to think, and I love you guys for that! But the reality is you need to open your mind? L B Johnson standing up for Black people? Wow You are MAD!
    You are sheep! Look up the Iluminati.

  • MeJustBeingMe

    Skip, you really shouldn’t invest that much energy into some painted cloth. This country is still this country no matter what is done to that flag. It’s not a symbol for anything. It’s just some colors, some stripes, and some stars. That’s it!!!!

  • MeJustBeingMe

    Focused, look at my post and then look at yours. You are the only one that’s emotional/crying. I posted a well thought out post. I’m having a discussion. If you can’t take criticism of DP, then you have some serious problems. If nothing is ever going to change then why the hell did DP make the song? If you are defeated now, then we should give in and play the role according to your thinking. Things do change in time. Most events are paced out and all the small moves forward eventually turn into one big change. You need to control yourself, get some insight, and be a plus in this world because right now you are looking real ignorant, emotional, and glum.

    My mind has been open since the age of 18. I’ve read the pro-black books, the conspiracy theory stuff, the illuminati, the spiritual stuff, religions, and I am still reading on all that stuff. There are all kinds of valid points and information in those subjects. We are talking about DP, though. Like I said, they have some good lines in the song. The song just isn’t done very well. The verses aren’t well thought out. They are all over the place. These artists are given too much credit, when a lot of the times their songs are very simple. This song is just an emotional opinion. It’s flat. They throw a good one liner in there and everyone is like, oooo this song is tight. It’s not.

    You know how preachers throw in key words to get the congregation krunk and they really haven’t said anything? DP has done the same thing in this song.

    The song is called Politrickkk’s but they didn’t talk about the tricks that are used in politics.

    I’m glad they are at least bringing the subject up, though.

  • SKiP,,,

    yeah, i was fucked up and it got under my skin, you make some valid points, but it still pisses me off!

  • Stan One OOO (The Ethiopian)


    see the new Stic Man article

  • Stan One OOO (The Ethiopian)

    They all are sheep .. asleep

  • bevil

    lyrics – A
    Beat – F

  • Hannibal nickels

    And that servant which knew his lords will and prepared not himself neither did according to his shall be beaten with many stripes.

  • veracydict


    You’ll be surprised. but this shit has been going on FOR EVER!

  • WOWwowWOW

    LOL. wow i want the 5 mins of my life back for readin some of these comment. u guys r ALL loosers. I heard 4 years ago when AP first started about okay player and it was rumored that op was full of looser and it looks as if that statement is STILL true! even 4 years later hahahhaha

  • d from mexico

    its so good to see that theyre are reppers outthere who still worry about using music to teach people, a not just to bragg about how fat they wallet is, how nice they women are or how shinning they rims are, thanks dead press for still saying something interesting a not talkin bout stupid shit like lollipops or shit that happens in the club. NUFF RESPECT!! BLACK AND BROWN POWER