Cali duo U-N-I's latest project, A Love Supreme 2.0 CD/DVD will be in stores on March 9th. Here's yet another leak form the project, "Desha Dayana."

U-N-I "Desha Dayana"




  • Jpatt79…L.E.S.

    I fox with dis…can’t wait for the album to drop

  • GameTheory4:20


  • AnonyMiss


  • murry

    yep dats the shit!

  • High Life

    Seriously? Yes, this is a dope track… except the rapping. These guys have gotten only more disappointing since “Beautiful Day” dropped. You know, that track where they actually put effort into the lyricism and flow.
    to the rest of you, stop spelling this “dis” and thats “dats”.

  • Kingdom

    lol can’t stop myself from doing it…

    High Life; if you’re gonna point out dumb-spelling then ‘dis’ should be this and ‘dats’ should be that’s… apostrophe’s are feeling left out like a mahfucka 😀

    (I definitely agree with your comment though, the flow is fail but theh track is serious.)

  • deaphinitive

    they wet my taste(ear)buds, I’m waiting for them to go in for a verse but they don’t…=(

  • deaphinitive

    with that said, good song to roll up to… not to bun to.

  • High Life

    haha, I’m no good for the grammar police position. I’ve felt that these guys had so much potential to re-engineer West Coast hip hop, and instead they have come with less and less on every release. We’re ripe for a new flow out here, and not getting it.