“Give it up for ?uestlove holdin’ it down on the milli’s, y’all.  Playing the drums AND doing all those milli’s at the same time…” – Black Thought last night at the Fillmore in Miami.

Download >>> The Roots & Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Live)

Props to HighVoltage | OkayArtist reacts.

Video: Inside The Mind of Lil Wayne, after the jump.


  • -yay-

    that is SOOOOO HOT! ?uest was really doin’ those a millis? speechless.

  • SeanCK

    wayne has integrated OKP… wow lol

  • finally

    Dont dismiss wayne cus hes on the radio. Hes way better than a lot of some of these cats okp posts about

  • Ja Rule Baby


  • oneepat

    much love to the roots…..

  • Blak Broadway

    This simply proves that “The Roots” can make anybody sound better!!!

  • dantanimal planet

    sounds like weezy was sober

  • WTF

    i still dont understand what the man is saying.Overrated. Roots like always did there thing.

  • R3Q

    lmao this shit is ill, ?uest killed it

  • www.myspace.com/thashepard

    Dis him all you want but Lil Wayne flows- bottom line.

  • ILL St.

    Wayne is tight when he wanna be. Stop frontin, a focused Wayne is awesome. Performance with the legendary was dope. He and Thought need to do a joint, Quest is murderous on this here.

  • SupeRaz

    I was there last night and I have to say that I was shocked to see Wayne pop on stage. To me, The Roots and Wayne on the same stage, it just doesn’t look right in MY opinion… I have to admit that as someone else mentionned, that legendary band makes anybody sound better live (i.e. : Jay Z MTV unplugged) so I did caught myself bouncing to that song called ‘A Milli’ that I was actually hearing for the first time in full length.
    It was an amazing live performance though, my best of the roots so far and of any concerts Ive seen in the past few years 🙂


  • SSP Soundz

    I’m convinced that The Roots can replay anything …

    for a dope Lil Wayne remix check out: http://www.myspace.com/sspsoundz

  • CookieHead

    Lil Wayne is the MC you wanna hate, but you really can’t. As soon as you wanna say “Man, that nigga is WHACK!” He’ll do some cold isht, and you’ll be like “He is pretty dope though” LOL

    …I can’t front on him. He’s does his thing.

  • A.P.

    Shouts to ?uestLove for being a drummer and a human beatbox all rolled in one.


  • WritetimePoet

    Something I never thought I’d hear!! WOW Not bad at all!

  • Flabbergasted

    I don’t care who disagrees …I listened..Ok I tried but just the realization of this snot nosed punk working with the Roots almost made me throw up all over my keyboard.

    The song was original plasticky BS..And wow the lyrical content…way to keep the path positive people:

    A million here a million there
    Sicilian bitch with long hair
    Wit coke in the derriere
    Like smokin the thinest air
    I open the lamborgini hopin’ them crackers see me
    Like look at that bastard weezy
    He’s a beast he’s a dog he’s a mothafuckin problem
    OK your a goon but what’s a goon to a goblin
    Nothin, Nothin you ain’t scarin’ nothin
    On some faggy bullshit call him Denise Rodman
    Call me whatcha want bitch,call me on my sidekick
    Never answer when its private, DAMN i hate a shy bitch
    Don’t you hate a shy bitch?
    Yea I ate a shy bitch
    She ain’t shy nomore she changed her name to my bitch
    hahahaha yea nigga that’s my bitch
    So when she ask for the money when you through don’t be surprised bitch
    It ain’t trickin’ if you got it
    But you like a bitch wit no ass you ain’t got shit
    Mothafucker I’m ill, not sick
    And im ok but my watch sick, yea my drop sick, yea my glock sick and my knot thick
    IM Ill!
    Mothafucka IM Ill!

    ….Lil Wayne you are wack and your lyrics speak ignorance. Grow the fuck up..how about that.

    What next Black Thought and ?uest going to do a friggin deodorant commercial?



    PS – I can front on him because there are a MILLION ways to “do your thing”…being responsible about what you put out and the influence it has on the generations younger AND older….now, gentlemen, that’s called being a man.

  • Austin Cat

    lawd 1/2 mercy

  • Yosss

    Fuck Lil’ Wayne. Roots forever. Peace.

  • Random Black Guy

    damn yo….u know what?…..the Roots should have produced a milli first….the drums sound SICK…nice track…

  • Neon Don

    Questo -respect!
    but fuck weezy, that’s not music.

  • AkumaD.

    this should be about the collaboration and maybe, just maybe the little steps in “progressing” the art of hip-hop & spreading good music. and we all know The Roots are right there when you pull up the definition of hip-hop/quality music. Lil Wayne may be a popular radio artist but with this collabo people are now introduced to this great band called The Roots. – which is a GREAT THING.

    Hip-Hop is alive & well, you just have to dig deeper for it – AkumaD.

  • jus’ sleep

    Lil Wayne has been in the game to long to spitting this whackness.

  • -yay-

    SeanCK: integrated or polarized?






  • TD Ocho

    The Roots jump the shark

  • dek

    i actually don’t care… as long as the roots come back with the niceness next album around… their slipping a little… kinda too much over my head

  • yomama

    We need Chappelle Show!!!

  • Philip Arthur

    I don’t like Lil Wayne’s lyrics or how he sounds but I won’t hate on him. I will just say his style and approach doesn’t appeal to me but it works for others. So it will cost me nothing to pay him no mind.

    Questlove did some wicked drum work on this, kind of reminds me of Travis Barker on the Fix Your Face mixtape. So you can’t knock the drums even if you don’t like Lil Wayne.

  • Children of Toronto

    ILL! ?uest is Bonkers.

  • dj crossfader

    Wayne is straight GARBAGE what the hell is he doing working with the Legendary Roots????????

  • Yotes

    Lil Wayne might be commercial and everybody on this board is hating on him, but dude can rap. Its been a while, actually since Jay-Z was on TV and the radio all the time that a real MC was popular. I hate to break it to everyone but you are going to see a lot more independent acts working with mainstream artists for the simple reason they are too dope not to collab with. I used to hate on Weezy too.

  • wayne?

    questo, what are you thinking? I lost some respect when I Saw this. How did you let this happen??

  • skimmah

    waynes milli song is bangin mainstream material. accomplishes everything it was made to, and leans more towards an mc’s approach than most rap in his genre. he still has some work to do but hes getting there.

    as for ?uesto and the roots, ive always been a fan of what they do but i must say that this was kind of whack. nothing really to it. it doesnt showcase any of their talent but i guess its all in good fun. i would have done it too. just stop blowin this up like they were doin something spectacular.



  • You cannot define hip-hop

    Anyone who says that putting on a fly beat and just saying what comes to mind isn’t hip-hop is snob and doesn’t know their history. “Freestyling”, how ever you define it, over a simplified bass heavy beat is older and truer to the Roots of hip-hop than any kind of political and/or musical form of hip-hop. It’s okay if you don’t like what he did, but saying it’s not real music or real hip-hop exposes you as a hip-hop snob and really old. Your next statement will be “I don’t know what the hell these kids are listening to”. As a hip-hop fan, you should be disturbed if you don’t see that irony.

  • dipher

    the carter three is ill, my fave track is prob Dr Carter, the one with the Axelrod samples, fucken dope style, Im even diggin Paper Trail, open them minds people….

  • OMG

    for real. ! ? this world is on some crazy sh*t these days. nothing amazes me anymore. it’s all just a game called life. And music…thank goodness it brings people with a like mind together… to embrace it from all different angles. we need to realize this now… more than ever. Music is Life. And Change is what we want right…(Nov. 4th)…but The Roots always need to be there to hold us down…just cuz they change it up a bit, don’t hate. appreciate they still doin what they do best…giving us their talents and gifts of music. one love

  • Mr.Suzuki

    wow, you would think with the messages and vibe the roots kick on most of their shit, if would be far fetched for them to collab with a artist like lil wayne..who every lil 15 year old kid wants to be right now, its kinda the same priciples of the darkside of the force..the quick and easy way to fame thru lyrics and messages that keep the youths minds wrapped in ignorance and self destruction…you’d think the roots wouldnt want to be associated with someone who has tons of kids and dummy adults fantasizing about the most genocidal and detrimental shit..after the more positive shit they brought to the table..they didnt glamorize materializm and hustlin’ (they didnt act like it didnt exist or super criticize the people involdved, but they just didnt glamorize it lil wayne) and it seemed from what i would have thought they would see how big a emulator of ignorance lil wayne is..but money talks nowadaze i guess..
    look at 90% of lil waynes lyrics…name one dope line without some sort of material or just meaningless im better than you shit..no substance..is lil wayne even a real person..or just a robot made to influence kids to strive for all these bullshit things..i mean..im not the fuckin most positive cookie cutter rhyme, love thy brother artist but..actually im far from it..but i do bring intelligence into my shit..who wants a fanbase of dummies? everything on the radio is so dumbed down to attract a dumb fanbase..who else would like that shit..so its sad..well actually i dont realy give a fuck..but it is kinda fucked up to see the roots with lil wayne..

  • MuRafiki{accra-Ghana}

    yo i don’t see anythin strange about The roots sharing stage with weezy,though i don’t like that dude music it doesn’t mean didly swat i should hate him collabing with my favorite hiphop band of all time. So for those of y’all outhere i don’t know what u thinkin,whether you are startled or awe stricken,let’s give the dude some space. But on the real yo,dunno…

  • Mr.Suzuki Of Nanto

    the only reason i hate lil wayne is because how much influence he has over young niggas..and the shit he says is keepin the young youth minds on bullshit, more than they already are..

  • Mr.Suzuki Of Nanto Star/Hokuto Kids


    feel free to criticize my shit lol..

  • deadmic

    the best rappers is from Philly.
    ? missing: who cultivated your current rapstyle because people can obviously tell its different than on your previous albums?
    A: copy n paste “major figgas” or “deadmic.com”

  • Gery

    I don’t get all the hate. If The Roots think Wayne is worth collabing with, who are we to say otherwise?

  • Slick Ant

    The Roots did their thang!
    Lil Wayne is killin the flow right now.
    Last I checked, flow was a major part of MCeeing.
    Respect the flow haters.


  • k-essence

    eff wayne. go roots!

  • Pelican

    Not the biggest fan of Wayne, but Ive always felt A Millie for his flow.

    I think the next best hip hop artist will be able to draw all crowds without having to compromise his or her artistic integrity. So lets not forget Talib Kweli, Jaylib… and anyone heard of Flying Lotus’s Robo Tussin?

  • mams

    i’m not a big fan of Lil Wayne ( i miss Hot Boyz) but this milli thing iz huge …je finis en franglish le tittle iz super good and thank to the roots iz mo’better

  • mams

    i’m french so pardon my french!!!!

  • MR Mr.Suzuki Of Nanto YOURE SO RIGHT


  • jDOT

    God bless The Roots! I love them to death. This Lil Wayne antagonism makes a lot of sense. He is a manufactured rapper. His lyrics are being call ‘intelligent’ by kids who could definitely not count the numbers on their fingers. But where I live, you will hear Lil Wayne on the radio WAY MORE than The Roots – if The Roots at all. At the end of the day, they are both tapping in to very different genres (so to speak).

    Lil Wayne is doing his thing. With so much trouble in this life, its nice to see people coming up!

    Mr. Suzuki – your beats are actually crap.

  • Neci

    Lil Wayne influences the youth in a big way. Not only does he have alot of young followers but he also has alot of older followers as well. He categorized as the Best Rapper Alive or the Realiest. Youth see his style and copy what he does. For example: he wears skinny jeans and likes to tie scarfes around his neck, before he started doin that u wouldn’t see not one young African American male wearing skinny jeans. Now you see so many young males wearin skinny jeans and tying scarfes around their necks. Thats why i believe Lil Wayne has a big contribute to society and BET, MTV, and VH1 just promotes his ideas and expression of his self.

  • ij

    ?uest please don’t do anything else with this lil’ loser, I hate this guy

  • elvin pires

    lil wayne i like you and your music if i see you 1 day im cryn

  • elvin pires

    lil wayne if I ever have a chance to see you sing I do not know what I’ll do I think I’ll pass ta me so much joy every day I eacuto your songs I will sing with ticle I know I’m singing out Verdean but i live in america in pawtucket I always my dream and sing with but I do not know ticle continues to make to your songs that s the best I every day when I’m at school in computer class I or class presto care es in youtobe’m watching your clips still ok god bless you goodbye!