The release date (6/22) for The Roots' new album, How I Got Over, is rapidly approaching. Today, we're blessed with track 11 off the LP, "The Fire," featuring John Legend. We first got a taste of this jawn back in March when footage emerged of The Roots crew performing the song during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Let "The Fire" burn up those speakers for now, and be on the lookout for the Rik Cordero directed video coming soon. Check after the jump for the FINAL How I Got Over tracklisting. HIGO will be in stores June 22nd.

The Roots "The Fire" feat. John Legend



Audio: The Roots "Doin It Again" featuring John Legend

01. A Peace Of Light (Featuring Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian & Haley Dekle)
02. Walk Alone (Featuring Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw)
03. Dear God 2.0 (Featuring Monsters Of Folk)
04. Radio Daze (Featuring Blu, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw)
05. Now Or Never (Featuring Phonte & Dice Raw)
06. How I Got Over (Featuring Dice Raw)
07. DillaTUDE: The Flight of Titus
08. The Day (Featuring Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash)
09. Right On (Featuring Joanna Newsom & STS)
10. Doin' It Again
11. The Fire (Featuring John Legend)
12. Tunnel Vision
13. Web 20/20 (Featuring Peedi Peedi & Truck North)
14. Hustla (Featuring STS) (Bonus Track)


  • MrDangDang

    Pshsh, you have NO IDEA how long I’ve been waiting for this song. I heard them play it at the Borgata, I was like “what’s THAT????” Then I heard it later on the Olympics promos when I was trying to find the title of the song… I dunno – Something about that piano beat, especially hearing live.

  • Emanon

    Damn son, this is officially the album of the summer…maybe the whole damn year! So hype!

  • Jax

    Good ish, real good!

  • crazy88

    shame..this album is slowly falling apart. wack shit.

  • Jericho Drumm

    Wow; a lot of “features” on this album.

  • kled

    Another Gem, thanks!

  • cla


  • Maestro

    Good track.

  • Burt_H

    All I have to say is this: Yawn.

  • Oneeepat….!

    Why does The Root need to Feature Anyone? Damn say it anit so…

  • Model Citizen

    Feelin’ it, how can anyone say this is whack? But yeah, what’s with all the guests? Not mad at two tracks featuring Phonte though, hopefully he’s spitting and not singing.

  • HIGO

    I thought Rick Friedrich was featured on ‘The Fire’

  • nostunketan

    What happened to the Zappa cover?

  • rickyrose

    is “Right On” Dilla’s flip of Cosby’s song?

  • rickyrose

    That’s Legend on vocals?

  • Dr. Derty


    Loved ‘How I Got Over’
    ‘Dear God’ was good
    Wasn’t feelin’ ‘Doin it Again’ though…

    Good work.

  • gunner4ever

    have to listen to the he whole album to comment . so far its alright

  • FLX

    Why y all hatin on them is beyond me, the albums gonna be the best of ‘010, no doubt in my mind about it. And i m not even that big of a Roots fan or wasn t in the past. I love every track i heard of the album so far and this one is no exception!

  • watitdone

    Sick drums, ill rhymes. Quit the bitchin’ and start listenin’.

  • gregory kruxx

    yaLL Niggahs HATE toooooooo much!!!!

    Shits dope show respect

  • lost_their_way

    Every album the Roots seem to get closer and closer to main stream. Well I hate to say it but they def succeeded so far with this one, even if its still better than main stream. Not really Organix anymore huh?

  • BrotherKev

    First of… thanks THE ROOTS for another bomb.

    This album shows growth, and it def growin on me.

    People need to stop comparing everytime…
    Damn, its hard to please some peeps heere.

    Go Roots… you got one less copy on stock, bought by me!

    PEACE from Angola *AFRICA*

  • KLAP215

    Track is nice!!! Im always mad hype for a Roots album and Black Thought 2 me is one of the best emces EVER!!! Alot of people askin why Malik B isn’t on “HIGO”…. Well the track “Water” on PHRENOLOGY will anwser that question I guess…. I saw Malik B at the Roots picnic this year…. All I can say is keep him in your prayers!!!! Anyway everyone make sure you go buy/cop that new album from The Roots “How I got over”!!

  • Miss_New Zealand

    Lord knows we need more good music to counteract all that wack sh*t out there.. I’ll always support The Roots; they deliver real music!

  • rascool

    Maaaan, this sh*t is amaaaazing. Peace from Zamosc.

  • Stizzy

    not mad at the features, i just think that porn and truck are pretty mediocre. this song BANGS though!

  • FromDayOne

    BTs verses are as on point as ever, but whats with the dreary chorus? plus i think they coulda made this grimier on the production…grade quality, but not up to Roots standards…

  • Adown

    Yo People need to stop talkin bout The Roots going Commercial…dudes put in work for the last 20+ years and they are getting some commercial success…U really think these dudes are gonna go soft or somthing? Track is dope as hell, loved this song the first time i heard it down in Atlantic City

  • SmushSmash

    Honestly? Sounds like some good old WU-Tang with a glittery-touch. I’ll bumb it. Tariq had to hold back with the venom and intensity cuz of the purpose of the joint. Be honest BT… this is NOT how to do service to this type of beat…lol… you reduced the fury by at least 60%. Well… had he gone in like canibus or cappadonna, the record wouldn’t appeal to the masses… can’t hate him for keeping the delivery accessible… but this beat should have been torn up more violently.

  • Feel me on this one

    This is bew bew deu deu.

  • Feel me on this one

    Lyrics are dope though. Not feeling the style.

  • TheAT9

    Very nice song! Waiting music video and album!
    In Kazakhstan wait this album!
    The Roots is da BEST!!!

  • HIGO

    John Legend or Rick Friedrich on the hook and bridge?

  • LosG’z

    You guys are a bunch of cry babies. Learn to apperciate real music. Salute to The Roots!

  • kidtruth

    Man, this track is sick. You guys are too hung up on a golden period in your history to recognize real genius. This shit is amazing, it’s like the best part of the last 10 years of thoughtful rock collided with the world’s greatest rapper.

  • CastroCA

    I’m feeling this song..dope!
    The Roots come hard all the time..no doubt.

  • gregory kruxx

    yo people really need to start making music themselves if they are so unsatisfied with others workkk….some clown said the production isnt grimy enuff…hahaa u fucking moron…thats obviously not what they were going for

    they are the artists!!!!! not YOU!!!!!!!

  • elo’

    Dope track!

  • funkymystic

    big up ROOTS! feelin it

  • Grrr

    Nice track.

    Christ. Can people have different opinions? Not everybody will like this track. Accept different opinions, kids, including the negative ones.

    We can all agree to disagree. Everybody does not have to like the same sh*t. Stop getting butt-hurt and claim everyone’s a hater.



  • Dr Funk

    ehh…not the best new track.

  • watitdone

    I can hear this song playing as the anthem for the NBA Finals/World Cup… Would be dope and The Roots could get some extra cash!

  • Awethentic

    Roots coming thru once again w/ the ARTFORM of rap music! I like the vibe on this one. “You know the Legendary Roots crew…” ha, suckas!!!

  • Maccabbis

    Keep doing the damn thing!!!! Shalom!

  • the tragedy turned triumph!

    ..this is it. what you got to keep man, the fire…can you feel it? if not, than better sit down and pass the popcorn and keep dreaming of past days glory… i am the tragedy turned triumph!

  • thefirsthead

    stop saying the roots r rock..they have nothing to do with rock

  • 21ronin.com

    Nice! I look forward to the new album! I wouldn’t pay any attention to the people that don’t get it. The production is as nice as the lyrics. Black Thought has a lazer beam tongue and Questlove makes it jump on and off the groove of the record w/ his kick drum. Sometimes people can’t let artists do their thing. With each album, The Roots do something new and/or different. Can’t wait to see what is coming up!

  • Big Voltron

    The Roots have gotten better w/ age. This song is dope. I was just rockin’ my Do You Want More??!!! tape in my 96 Volvo. But that Dice Dilla Pregunta is burning up my iPod. Black is simply: The Man.



  • allyfe

    i mean why cant you play this on the radio… the roots need to be heard spacifically black thought. this world aint shit if you cant play something inspirational….drake is not the only rapper…. black thought is like one of the illest ever to grab a mic, but under this white supremecy they dictate what is to be played, and we all left wondering what could have been.

  • rupta


  • jDOT

    Heat! Nice to see Dice back on board! Love from Toronto!

  • sugarbushmarc

    This is what we need right now. Creativity on hooks, and a little inspiration. Fire is fyeeeeeeeeee!

  • homemade christmas gift ideas

    Ok, what about learning English properly and for e.g. using with instead of “whit”…

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