You saw/heard the rendition on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, now here is the World Premiere of the album cut of the first single off the upcoming LP from The Roots, How I Got Over, available in it's entirety on September 29th, 2009 via Def Jam. Play this at your BBQs, people.

The Roots "How I Got Over"




  • Benny-Bo!

    Every new album there’s always something new The Roots bring to the table. Love the sound of this track, can’t wait for the album!

  • dae1

    Good music, but I want more rapping from Black Thought.

  • MamaSoul

    yeahy! they did it again…

  • The WolfeMan Jones

    The Legendary!!! They never fail, man…

  • MamaSoul

    … and Black Thought’s singing isn’t bad at all!!!

    just wondering how long i have to wait for another live show (-> Berlin, Germany), 1 year? 2 years? *help!*

  • blackmyth

    can’t wait for the album!!!

  • mr.mr.mr. guy

    I like it. I needed this track right now.

  • dosacero

    I was really excited to hear the studio version of this because the live version is so tight. Have to say I am pretty disappointed although its still enjoyable. The studio version just doesn’t have the same energy, much like Common’s “The Food” where he intelligently put the live version on his album.

  • Emilianohf

    I completely agree with dosacero…

    When I heard the live version, I couldn’t stop listening and was so pumped for the studio version. However this version lacks the excitement and life that the Jimmy Fallon version has. I hope the other tracks on the album don’t follow this pattern…

    Still psyched for the album of course!

  • Sound Vertie

    glook….bringin the soul man flavor on the mic.


  • jerome_baker

    live version has MUCH more energy. still a good song though. can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.

  • EscobarSantiago

    I dig it

  • Joe Dirt

    Dont put this version on the album the live version is way better. Im going to say again.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont put this version on the album the live version is way better. !!!!!!!!!!!



  • KhemAnkhKesTaab

    Loving the soul man.. vintage feel ,but that new black bottom motown scent. Real good music. I actually prefer this version to the live joint, for an album that is. Hip hop all growed up… Get ’em Thought!!

  • Lexington11

    where are the horns?!?!??! come on guys can’t hit us up with the energy of the live show and deliver this for the record..

  • KhemAnkhKesTaab

    Yo, plus the 29th is my B-DAY! Praise God, word…

    I’d like to see OKP feature Da Truth “The Big Picture”.

  • jls3185

    Please add the live version as a bonus track. Thank you

  • Commonlightx13

    Dammn,.. i love this song,,, i would of loved it even more if i didnt see the fallon show live performance,

    the MP3 is amazing, but…. the live show was insane… it worked for common please put the live show on the CD, bonus track.. hidden track or something the fans will go nuts if they dont get that james brown funk.

    i respect all the mighty quest does there must be a reason for the mellower version… but please please please put it on the CD 😀

  • stephen g

    i hope this doesn’t turn into to how i got over’s “birthday girl” song scenario

  • thisisdantana

    I prefer the album version, personally.

  • eternal_r

    been lovin yall since organix but man dice / black should not be singing on this track.

  • Music Lova

    I LOVE this song. I prefer the live version. Please include on the album.

  • JAHI

    On the second listening, I still dig it, but I think a better singer than Dice Raw would’ve been a better look. But the lyrics are on point.. Black Thought meets Bobby Womack

  • EL3G of OKIZOO.com

    The live version of The Roots – ‘How I Got Over’ (http://www.twitvid.com/62CAC) is 1000X >>>> than this lame ass studio version (http://www.zshare.net/audio/629337708a9c51ab/) I just hope they notice this and take a cue from Common & Kanye and use the live version on the record. Like how Common used the live version of ‘The Food’ on his record… c’mon Roots Crew you can do eeet!

  • ey

    shut up about the live version. i feel that this track has a very deliberate vibe that was well executed…but yeah, i would of loved to hear atleast one more verse from black thought

  • SNL

    Id Rather listen to Darondo’s How I got Over.

  • MRKing

    Glad suma Y’all liked it. Didn’t hear none of it but thought, Just Damn! EVERYBODIES A *&@!^ CRITIC! Let up!

    Wish U Fellas all the best of luck & continued success!

  • porkchop

    The problem is every Roots song sounds better live. I love the albums and studio versions until they get blown out the box with the suped up remixed live versions. Its tough to hear the live version and then hear the studio. I sure if it was reversed, the responses might be a little different up there. I like the studio version- but the live version sure is fire, especially seeing it at the Roots Jam session last week!!

  • oskar franks

    crazy YOOO

  • jp23

    love this joint

  • Young Blood Priest

    its hard to go from the live version to this one

  • KQL

    Where was the same energy I felt in the live version? That’s what I felt was missing from the studio version. Also the false endings were fun and had me guessing. Hopefully they’ll rework this track or at least release the live version as a B-side or bonus track


    PLEASE don’t “Birthday girl” this track!!!!


    This shit is Crazy!!

    Blacks voice is Strong As Hell!!!

    Mix that ISH down more.

  • J-Patt79

    Bates College…Lewiston, ME…2001…The Legendery killed it!!!

  • Gavsmom1999

    Yeeeeaaahhhh…..Can’t wait for the rest. THE ROOTS always raising that bar 🙂

  • JohnJay!!! Fayettenam, NC 910

    thank you, i’ll come again.(stereotypical Indian voice)lol.

  • SwankySwagger

    I really like the live version better =(

  • bksoulmomma

    I’ve been a fan for a long time and this proves why I continue to be a fan. I like the live version as well, but this rocks it too

  • spirit equality

    i haven’t posted on the site in months, but i came back to download this song directly from here instead of from the other blogs and to directly tell y’all I LOVE THIS SONG.

    y’all know how critical i am from my posts on the lesson…this is my favorite roots lead single since “you got me”. melody on the hook, concept/execution, black’s verse, lyrics, music (the keys! the drum pattern!)…you guys knocked this out of the park. thank you.


  • Sketch tha cataclysm.

    This shit is dope. . . I think the thing everyone is missing after the insane performance on Fallon is the horns.

    I think if this shit had the horns popping on it it would keep a lot of the feel from the performance.

    Heads thinking they shouldn’t sing are closed minded.

  • andy.


  • spirit equality

    and the emotiveness in the song…this might be one of thought’s most soulful vocal performances…the flashes of spirituality…the energy in thought’s voice when he sings “how i got over”….it almost feels like y’all approached this like you were new artists…you really wiped the slate clean and came with a fresh approach….a difficult feat for a group as seasoned as the legendary.

    again i SALUTE

  • milliondollamindzdotcom

    Repost mos legendary say no more

  • Frankie Octane

    Ever since I first heard black Thought sing I be fienen to hear him sing. he’s gota cool soulful voice. I think he’s a dope lyricist but I like hearing him sing too. I mean I thought the man only rapped… the singing seems to be more of a fit for his band.

  • Big Voltron

    Every one is asking for a live version…The Roots have spoiled us on live shows; the same way my mom spoils my daughter by giving her scrambled eggs and turkey bacon everyday she is at her house! Gotta love Grandmoms!
    But what about my daughter’s heart? =)

    Back to the song, what about our hearts?? Black’s voice is strong because it has to be for the song. The words are so important; straight to the heart with those lyrical harpoons. Dice’s hook is part of the “background,” with the music. I love it. It’s real out here on these cold streets. Recession is real and I got pulled over in Satellite Beach, FL @ 11:45PM – in town for a conference(two squad cars for a tail light??)

    Sounds like Black was channeling Gil Scott Heron or Curtis Mayfield.

    Keep jammin and come back to Orlando.

  • dillachangedmylif3

    How I Got Over, im buying for sure in 2 months

  • ActToo

    Whoo! I’m missing Tuba Gooding, Jr., but this studio version is addictive nonetheless.


    It’s aiiiiight, but man, if they could get Kevin Federline and Asher Roth (2 most underrated in the game)on the remix it’d be a CLASSIC.


    oh P.S., Tariq’s ass is short…looking like an oompah loompah in that picture.

  • Cdoter

    damn Black Thought got a sexy voice

  • logik360

    I needed this song this morning…

    Love and God bless to the Roots.

  • STZA

    okay, i feel the same way about the live version as nearly everyone else in here, but it’s still a dope song!

  • James Klynn

    Dope song!!! But what has The Roots done thats not? Thought is mad underrated as an EMcee

  • J 305

    shit is hot, B!

  • PhillyROOTed

    Nice song!!!!

  • GrammarPolice

    There’s no apostrophe in “its entirety”, unless you want to say “it is entirety” which you might, who knows. ♥the roots.

  • eazy

    adding some drumrolls and horns to the mix certainly couldnt hurt, but the studio mix sounds amazing, at least quality-wise compared to the live one, and Thought’s singing sounds more focused, etc.

  • Patrick O-27

    this is cool, but i do like the live version better.

  • engineea1

    Dope song…but COMPLETELY different feel than the live version. I thought o.k., might not be as hype, but it has a total diff groove. I was diggin the James Brown vibe on the live version…PLEASE PLEASE include a remix that sounds more like the live version.

  • yazer razer

    A Rap group making actual songs?

  • KD06

    Kill the singing. This jam is wack. I just don’t get it. Everybody can’t sing nor really put a melody together and deliver. I wouldn’t be on the site if I wasn’t a true Roots fan but this jam is wack. I guess the days of Illadelphalflife are over. I’m not cosigning off of anything wack, I don’t care who it is…

  • Uhmerican Reality

    Shit is the jam, cot damn. The Roots are bad muthas, shut your mouths! I like to hear his singing. Black’s voice is dope. So fuck off if you don’t like it. Bitchin’ whiny ass polesmokers.

  • Spacecake

    Thought is the man!!

  • R3K

    do your thing black.

  • JRSU1

    This is dope. Can’t wait for the album to drop

  • 4EvaLurkinDC

    Goes without saying…awesome track.

    Does it remind anyone else of Web or 75 Bars??

    Almost like Web was knockin at the door…75 Bars kicked the door in…and now HIGO is at last in the house; puttin up pictures of black jesus and Obama.

  • reality check

    What a beautiful track. Personally I think Thought’s voice sounds fantastic – it’s got sincerity. And although the live version is full of life this as got a different vibe to it. You gotta appreciate both for different reasons.

  • Lisica27

    Remensient of Mayfield and days of Afro cuban rythems wit a spalsh of jazz FUSION baaaaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaay real smooth. The Fallon TV show version is more of a James Brown groove I’ll take both, showin the world that Hip Hop/Rap is as multi faceted as Bethoveen. Brilliant!

  • EscobarSantiago

    Black sounds like a Boby Womack cut.

  • Quealy Jackson

    “First thing they teach you is not give a (expletive)” Are you serious? I love it.

  • Sudanese and lovin it

    أنا أحب/I love the Roots..In all Languages.

  • Kalo de 78

    dopest song they’ve put out in years!!!

  • KD06

    What is the world coming to? Yall cats are on some Indie Hip Hop B.S.. The Roots drop a dud for a single and it gets critical acclaim! Call me a purist but where is the boom bap at? I guess you aren’t a complete MC unless you sing? This is just not a solid enough jam to lead off an album with. I guess they are thinking about grammys instead of the essence of the music. I feel funny even saying this check the Young Chris jam out. That is some real hip hop not this watered down R & B (Rap & B.S.).

  • grizzy

    its not about thought being a real MC. the roots are simply expanding on the genre that is hip hop. Plus, the roots are clearly a hip hop band but they are also clearly a band that mixes both rap with jazz and funk (mellow my man, anti-circle). The roots are only staying true to their ground breaking style of fusing genres of music. plus, how can you hate on black thought after the verse he lays down in this track. its dope, everyone knows it.

    ps. put this version and the live version on the album

  • chyren_hayes

    To the Roots crew,…….. I’m feeling it.. I’m loving the style of the song. The content of the song. Black thought singing the blues w/rap is a plus. Instead of using cody chesnut or the like or how other unknown cats out here in the A be playing guitar sing folk style r&b/rock. You brothers are a more versed in musicianship plus def mc’s and producers. Its sorta like when Mos Def, phonte, andre3000, slim kid tre came out singing. It was different but some how fresh.. I feel the same way about this. To all those how might hate …remember what bob marley said about how not every musician can play his music. ‘ Dem know it… but dem can’t do it’.. classic.. you keep it moving is the motto and god bless


  • merlastron

    the roots are the buisness. appreciate what the roots are doing for you people! cant wait for the album. trying to put this on my profile but the roots have not logged on their myspace for awhile lol but still! the roots fo life!!

  • backpack music

    this song is great. people who are mad because it doesn’t sound like 1999 need to get over it. these guys are amazing musicians, it’s their natural instinct to evolve and push the envelope. some people need to grasp that, you don’t have to love it, just respect it.

  • KD06

    Damn that singing! Autotune is next then yall will say they are expanding the genre. I’m in the minority but I know good music and this aint it. If I want Blues, Soul, and etc I’m going to pump some blues, soul, and etc. This is a format that usually leads to the demise of most MC’s. I can accept melodies from those who can really do it ie. Mos Def and Cee Lo. But this off tune wackness is no different than 50 or Jah Rule. Hip Hop use to have a filter,the consumer. We are all so starved for music that we will accept B.S. and call it good because of who made it? Not here… Is it different yes. Is it dope no. “If I don’t like I don’t like it don’t mean that I’m hating”

    Secondly, Backpack Music stuck in 99′, maybe so as a matter of fact I’ll take 95′. When was backpack music in? The bar was high then. I’m all about progression depth of content, and INNOVATIVE style but doing what the rest do isn’t cool. Understand the the core values of hip hop. The Roots are the original no doubt but this is a step in the wrong direction. They haven’t been the same since Things Fall Apart. After that is was down hill for the Roots and each time they drop I’m looking for that next classic. The closest thing to me was Game Theory. Real heads know what I’m talking about…

  • Manton

    Well let’s leave the studio version on this album. Makes sense.

    …if we could a full live album, that’d be nice too.

    Damn I’m greedy!

  • KillaWatt

    I am SO dissapointed. This song is so static and boring. What happened to The Roots? This is so whack.

  • KillaWatt

    I feel like they lost their edge once Obama became president. All of their material was about social injustice and the crooked politics and now that Obama is in they lost all that flavor and attidude and this music is WAY too happy sounding. I am NOT buying this record.

  • LegendaryRepresentingUK

    @ KIlla Watt, how can you say that you won’t be buying an album based on one track? How can you say that they’ve lost ‘all flavour and attitude’ based on one track? Reading BT’s interview in Hip Hop Game, it does sound like it’s going to be a more upbeat record but haven’t they earned the right to put out material like that? Their stuff has always been a reflection of the times and now that Obama is in office, there’s an air of hope and optimism that they feel they need to get across. ‘How I Got Over’ in itself could mean getting past all the bullsh*t they’ve dealt with as a band, all the corruption etc you’ve mentioned or could be taken from an individual point of view. They’re output is not just about social injustice or corruption, it’s a social commentary and I’m sure if they can get it right so far, they can get it right again. Get over it and give the album a listen before you condemn it completely.

  • ScottDAnderson

    Everyone needs to shut the f*ck up.. i’m all for opinions but this is a great song. Live or not live it doesn’t matter because each version brings its own special qualities. For the people who have beef with it because its not real rap, it’s music. Excellent music at that. You need to be more open minded and appreciate the Roots art. I feel that BT took a big step singing on this tune and it worked well. The Roots are without a doubt the best rap band ever and possibly one of the best bands ever but as group of fans, most okayplayers always find ways to nitpick and create problems with their favourite bands work because it doesn’t sound like their 1990’s golden era. That doesn’t matter. Society evolves over years (meaning their songs are happier, which i think is a great move), style evolves with time and so should listeners perceptions of music.

    Well done to the Roots, I look forward to the new album greatly (How about an okayplayer pre-order for people in the UK without high shipping?!?)

    p.s i liked Birthday Girl, everyone needs to open their mind and their ears to Good music.

  • intalectual

    I can not even believe the bullshit I have read on some of these blog entries…..Open your eardrums and LISTEN….Are you afraid of innovation. First of all nobody was hating on Kanye this way when he made an autotune album…Nobody hates on Jay when he makes the death of autotune…purely average..then the Roots drop another gem on you and you don’t appreciate the fact that for the past how many years these cats have pushed this music forward. You have got to be kidding if you are not buying this album…you don’t know anything about hip hop …or your culture…how do you not respect the fact that they make a song that has elements of jazz, and blues music…that is African american culture really just american culture. These guys are true innovators comparable to what the Beetles did in Rock music these guys do for Rap music but don’t get the credit due ….even from their own people. They def. have not lost their edge, do you really believe black thought questo and the others think that because Obama is in the white house everything is all gravy…sounds like you are just searching for something or someone to criticize when maybe you should be looking at the eardrums in the mirror like Mike Jack said. No disrespect but some of you guys are way off base. I am not saying that the Roots are perfect or Mos Def or Common or Talib but they keep the music alive …they do it for the love of the artform…not for money or mainstream success like so many other performers in so many other mediums….I think it is so important to recognize what a group like the Legendary Roots have done for us as a people, as a culture….Every album has been a classic….dare you to challenge me on it!!!!

  • DJ BackBone

    Those links are broken… u got ova =)

  • wooz

    track gets hotter every single listen.

  • jack jawn

    yall backpack bloggers is so 4gotten, roots is a band n’ they gonna do whatev the f* they want, kanye made a whole album with the sillyass vocorder, its not like the 1st time u listen the new album its gonna make sense, u know they gonna have like 8 tracks on there that r gonna sound so fucked at 1st, its like the ecstatic or 4th ww…p.s.

  • Neon Don

    future classic, fuck the haters, love this shit!

  • Matt Koza

    At the end of the day..its JUST music people. If you don’t enjoy it, move on. You cats take things too serious. In my opinion, it’s a great track. Classy, clean, and everything else I’d expect from the crew.

  • KD06


    Your must be kidding? Every Roots album was not a classic! There comes a point when cats have to be honest with themselves. We are all fans of the Roots but their early material is what made us fans. Phrenology was a turning point for them. The cameos that made the Roots albums such an experience were gone; Dice Raw, Scratch, Malik B, and etc. The point is they are Legends no doubt but if they make something wack it’s still wack. No diss it’s truth. At some point or another our favorites are going to make garbage. I’m not saying it’s time for them to hang it up but sometimes sticking to the script yields the greatest result ie. the dedicated fans from Organix, Do you Want More, Illadelph, and Things Fall Apart. If you didn’t get down with them through those albums then why are you even on the site?

    The Roots are not Kanye nor Jay I have a different expectation of them. 808’s was a dark album but I’m certain Kanye will never attempt it again. It was hist turn to experiment but he knows autotune has saturated the market and his performances were too stressful trying to hit those notes. As far as Jay’s DOA the song is average but the rap game needs a gut punch (kanye included). Stop biting other cats style. This is my issue with the current Roots jam. Don’t sing cause everyone else is.

    I’m beginning to wonder what some of you all’s ipods and music collections look like. From the sound of things not too much music from the golden era’s of hip hop 89′ and 95’….

  • JME

    vvvv who cares?? I like it and thats all I care about…music is constantly changing so stop bitching about the “golden era of hiphop” and get over yourself…by the way The Roots can fuck with singing coz the main reason why I’m a fan is coz of the beats…questo…

  • Spacecake

    download link?

  • Achilles

    Luv that song man… Different sound but still a classic ’00s Hip-Hop song! Excited to hear more music!


    Welcome, to the 2000’s “REAL music”.

  • Soul Incredible

    you cats hatting on this Roots song need a reality check. you wanna shit on The Roots for a lil bit of singing and a upbeat jazzy beat. As if this has not been done before in hip hop with much success. KDO6 you are not a true Roots fan, sounds like you are fly by night fan. The Roots have put out consistent good MUSIC! That is what The Roots do, MUSIC. If you are an artist you know all artist grow & try different things. There will never be another Do You Want More, or Reflection Eternal, or Illmatic. this track is a classic Roots jam using all aspects of the band. this song is just another reason to love The Roots, they are not gonna stay in a box of what people think The Roots are, The Roots are gonna give you what they always have and that is THE ROOTS. If you dont like it then dont listen to it, plain & simple. How you gonna hate or say its wack cause it dont sound like the first 3 Roots album. That is the bumbest ish I heard all day.

  • Soul Incredible

    *turns it up louder*

  • Savvysense

    I think we have been subliminally trained to expect certain things from hip hop. Certain standards were set by the pioneers and legends. The problem is that there is no bias now the radio controls what is heard. People still listen to the radio. In NY they don’t play these songs I have to sit through drake(No offense to drake he “just wants to be suc-cess-ful”) in the car on my way to work. Ever try to watch Fox news if your a democrat? It’s kinda like that. Even the DJ’s(who used to be the ones who made shit “hot”) they have lost there control. I don’t go out much but I remmeber when an artist would debut a new song at a concert the DJs would recognize the hotness and bring it to the radio. Nowadays its force fed to us and we don’t have a chance to say its wack or not. If lil wayne had to debut a song live he would have a 50/50 chance of making the run that he did. I’m not mad, I just know that I have a choice. Now, this comes to my point. I know and understand The roots are a BAND with INSTRUMENTS. Consider the fact that they are an evolving entity. If you like the roots you gotta open up man. Boom Bip is there!! They’ve incorporated many different aspects of music. They are hip hop cause they change if they assimilated then you would hear them on the radio with the autotune. I respect your opinion but “Niggas are scared of change”

  • December 7th The Proof

    The Roots been singing. This ain’t pop dickhead, it’s soul music. Black was talking about this way before it got hot. He was talking about this around when “The Tipping Point” came out.

  • eddieA

    I love the live version (Jimmy Fallon) more. Why do you soften it up for the albums???


    Yall Haters KILL me!

    This music got SOOOUUULLL! (James Brown voice)

    Some copy-cat emcee spits some luke warm bull, to a wanna be PREMO beat (made with a computer, soundin straight 1996 and Yall Haters ride that dick HARD!

    But THE ROOTS release this soulful, ORIGINAL, song (one their website, that YOUR ON)
    and you talk shit..

    Hip-Hop aint DEAD, The Fans Just SUCK!

  • A.G.P.

    This song is fcuking brilliant…

  • Lucky33

    a full set of horns and a faster tempo are what are missing from the live version to the studio, plus the hook sounds muted, need to get rid of the filter. I still like this version but live (in person or the fallon version) this song kicks me in the ass and makes me happy all at once. Please think about having a live version on the album or re-recording this with a bit more oomph! on it. keep up the good work, can’t wait for the album.

  • B>S>

    Unbelievable but i have a feeling that this album is going to be like a tipping point

  • Callum

    Amazing song! I love it…

  • fomenter

    cosign tangent – live version is album worthy.

  • philla

    i’ve seen the roots live more than any artist out there. They are the definition of hip hop. simple and plain!

    when an artist switches it up, people like to write it off after the first listen but a true fan will give it multiple chances before they say it’s wack. the ecstatic didn’t completely sit well with me on first listen but on the 2nd and the 3rd it all started to make sense and mos is my fav solo artist.

    What kills me is how these hatin lame a$$es always think they know what will make the music better. YOU ARE A NOBODY HIDING BEHIND A SCREEN NAME ON A BLOG THREAD! YOU DON’T KNOW $HIT ABOUT MAKING MUSIC!!! let the people that know what they are doin handle that.

    this song is fire and i’m sure the album will be on par. nothin but respect for the roots crew, from old music to new!

    p.s. i never even comment on these threads but I felt it was necessary to put in my two cents.

  • Sab D

    They’ve done it again! Counting down to the album release …

  • song was decent

    Meh expected better from the best hip hop group.


    Man…. I’v commented like 5 times already! haha

    But, I give this track a listen once a day.. And its been growin on me!

    This song gets me thru them hard days..

    Im 24 now, and I’v been in Love with music since a kid..
    but the last 6 years I’v felt like theres somthing missing in all this new music,.

    But THIS ROOTS TRACK has got that MAGIC!!
    I think were coming to a music golden era pretty soon.

  • kidtruth

    I’m the only motherfucker that matters and this album is a brilliant followup to the darkness of Rising Down already. The lyrics are dope, the mood and production techniques are different and reflect that. Altogether this is aces and it’s a safe bet this album will reflect the quality of this single in a positive manner, given it is still a ways away. The Roots will deliver again.

    The Roots have clearly given up on radioplay and have succeeded in making their mark without traditional means. They’re on cable TV every night, you can’t say that for anyone else. Let them succeed in their own way, they are already a legend in hip hop and everyone prominent hip hop artist of the last two generations of them recognizes.

  • BarBar

    Great. I’m lookin’ forward to the release day.

  • micado81

    man, the roots are just growing constantly with every peace of music they do. they have been a part of my live for how long, 10 years by now? meanwhile i have kids, and my little son is dancing around to their songs like i do…true neosoul music for the heart…this is how hip hop has to grow not that selfish however shit that you hear on the radio..

  • Marion

    love the new song. live version on late night was amazing. you guys gave me a reason to stay up late. the song u guys did with paul simon was legendary.

  • andanotherone

    I can sleep at night knowing that The Roots are making quality music for our future listening pleasure! Thank you jesus!

  • p_hay

    i feel conflicted about this track. bt’s verses just grow and grow on you, but the track is almost ruined by the hook which is soooo boooring. and why get dice singing on here? his voice clearly needs a lot of work, even with the slick production it sounds ropey.

    look forward to the ablum tho.

  • lesiki

    What’s with the ‘Roots fans’ who are calling this track weak?! This song is the essence of what’s so brilliant about the roots in the ’00s, great great soulful sound. This is a bloody fantastic track, I can’t wait for the album.

  • p_hay


    yeah but thats why i feel conflicted about it! the verses are hot, they really capture the essence of the band’s sound…but then there’s this dull repetitive hook, whats up with that? it feels like it needs female vocal, to me. somethin real deep and soulful.

    ?uest, re-record this with Chrisette Michelle!

    and for god’s sake listen to the old heads down below: include the live version as a bonus track! u know it makes sense!

  • one hip hop junkie

    I love hip hop music! I don’t care what everyone else thinks about this track…This is the hottest $ish I have heard in a long time. The Roots are constantly evolving and consistently creating good music. If you don’t like it turn on your radio and listen to some Soulja Boy or something. If you do like it request it on the radio and tell your friends and strangers to buy the album…don’t copy it for your friends or add it to share sites. This band deserves to make money and keep making music like the rolling stones, so we can hear them 30-40 years from now with new and classic tracks.


    WE HAVE THE POWER to Make GOOD music popular!


  • p_hay

    ok well i’ve listened to this like, twenty times now and like all the best Roots tracks, it’s a grower. my only problem is, it’s the sort of joint that works great in the context of an album…but as the lead single? I still say they should have got a female vocal for that hook, especially as the rest of the track is pure soul. Dice just doesn’t have an emotive enough voice to carry this one. sorry.

    still, sterling effort from the Philly crew, can’t wait for the album, especially that Peaches en Regalia cover! nuts…

  • KeysofLife

    songs fresh.. could never forget the first time i heard the first verse. b.thought performed it with dd bridgewater. it was like a bonus verse to “compared to what”. as a music fan that was a definite miracle moment! it was one of those nights locked in for life. so that song before it came out was already felt! my kids love this music keep on!

  • Castello

    The Roots… One of the few holdin hip-hop up to the level of talent it deserves. Love this track, and the “real” band providing more energy and synchronicity than any one dj and lyricist could. Only wish the download link still worked, what’s with that eh?!?

  • blackthought

    yall mufuckas soooo disappoint me with how low you set the bar. take yall lame hating asses to some other site.

  • Kingston

    How on earth can you hate on this track? Are you serious?

  • Kermit (Yes, that’s my real name…)

    What happened to the download? I really, really need this jawn.

  • blackthought

    yall stop hating

  • dibs

    nice…a nice early 70 sound to it…

  • Kermit (Yes, that’s my real name…)

    Anybody? Anybody? Can I get help w/the download issue?

  • redeyed

    redeyed to this, ahhhh

  • daximus

    You guyz are in-F’n-creadible I LOVE YOU, really if it wasn’t for you guys i probally go Krazy. Real Hip-Hop-nothing but good music,I’ve driven from London,Ohio(columbus area)to new york,New York to hear you perform, you guyz should know in your heart and soul that you are what this generation needs positive thought provken good freak’n muzic,YOU GUYz MEAN THE WORLD TO ME, AND ALOT OF STRUGLING PEOPLE-ONE LOVE- & BE BLESSED AND KEEP BLESSING US WITH U-ONE

  • daximus

    OHH! and HOW I GOT OVER is HOT!

  • Stemen

    Who is this new bassist? Anyone know what happened to Hub?


    The Bassist name is Owen Biddle. (game theory producer)

    get to know Wikipedia.. Haha

    The REAL fans love this track roots.. Fuck the haterssssssss

  • JonJon

    Hub retired.. YOU BEEN IN A CAVE!!

  • Linky link
  • Tami T (cocoaso)

    Loves it! Sick and tired of being stuck in the same box when it comes to music. The Roots keep showing the world Hip Hop isn’t just what floods the radio and music video channels. Its different, unpredictable and always always evolving.


  • kg from the big d

    yo the roots are on it, seriously where ya’ll been? from “do you want more?” to “things fall apart” then back to business on def jams’ “game theory” and “rising down”, the roots have seriously been bangin the last 5 years HARD!!! Love it,…..

  • jDOT

    The. Roots. Enough said. Im sure the tracks are heavier than this sample. Roots make me H’d. Pause.

  • fab62

    you should stop calling The Roots simply hip hop, these guys evolved way more then any hip hop acts out there, they are full grown musicians/producers/songwriters and lyricists.
    Hip Hop is over the power of music not at all.

  • Freefalling

    143 comments – it’s better to be talked about than ignored right? Unfortunatley it’s no longer donwloadable so I can’t comment on the track.

    The Roots? Hip Hop heart and soul. Fully fledged muscians? Oh yes. I missed them at London’s Southbank so looking forward to when then next return.

  • p_hay

    i take it all back!!! i love it, i love it. it’s a grower, thas all.

    those Andy Bey n Cody covers are gonna be fire, i *need* this new Roots !!!

    bt damn u can sing 🙂

  • Cmilkva 00

    This song is sick!!! Word Up!! Nasty Like James and Mayfield (The Live Fallon version). Hope to see ya in VA for the ump-teenth time. Peace

  • who you think it is

    this shit is def. always expanding creatively and musically. always great to see

    now if you hate on this shit i sentence you to a life of listening to degrassi high metrosexual yes man shit surf rap rhyme every line with the same word and the full YBT and Jesse Jaymes albums on your ipod shuffle with the white headphones. all you soda drinking lemmings would probably invite that though. . . sad state of affairs

    super tight jeans cut off the blood to your nuts and brains.

  • spook

    does that mean they will be TOURING SOON???! nice!

    Dallas, TX

  • Helge

    Lovin’ it!!

  • eddie A

    Very simple:

    Live Version is so much better. C’mon Roots give us that Live sound on the CD. That is why all of us are huge fans.

    Roots fan since day 1.

  • JZA

    Upbeat track with edgy lyrics…definitely is reminiscent of Mayfield’s work, I like.

  • Nap

    I feel this one, can’t wait!

  • worddden

    DOPE but the roots are definitely on that POP tip now

  • blacqstah

    It sure did throw me off at first, but I really like this song. Is that Black Thought SINGING?????

    It reminds me of kinda like 60’s doo-wop era, i can see a temptations-like video going with this.

    its crazy, cause its way different, but if anybody, the roots can pull it off. why are people getting pissed off with this track? doesn’t make sense, the roots have been experimenting since phrenology, like 6 years or so ago, maybe longer.

  • becca simone

    diggin’ it.

  • IPeezy,,

    Gotta love that shit we all relate too !!


  • exmeth2

    I like the track. It’s good but I feel its missing something. I can’t put my finger on it yet, I will need a couple more listens. I do commend thought for exploring his singing abilities though. It is always good to keep everything fresh.

  • Thardiust

    Wow, I think this story set the record for the most comments posted on one topic. Hopefully the Roots continue to keep up the good work.

  • Can-I-Bus

    This shit is bananas.

  • Zar

    The Roots has always been “Da Bomb” baby!!!
    The Roots FOREVER!!!

  • Douglas Stewart

    This is fantastic. Thank you for posting it.

  • denny.crane

    The Roots are back with a bomb!!!! come to Portugal or the UK for the How I Got Over tour!

  • hiLARRYous78

    True talent when an Emcee can sing too! Great band! The major reason I watch Jimmy Fallon.

  • Tahiti – of WhackPiktures

    Soul Power!

  • Pikahsso and The Fabulous Verbadelycks

    Man This Is DOPe as hell love the tempo


  • blp

    in the words of Roy Ayers.

    Wow… That’s a nice track

  • vickie

    oh my damn! i love the roots!! OH!

  • 19104 Nostalgic

    so dope! BT and the legendary roots crew do it once again… Good Lord, can’t wait for the album. this is such a tease!

  • D-ROOF

    the roots are the shit… but i have heard better from them “rising down” is a classic in my book



  • KillaWatt

    I just wish they would stop trying to “prove that they are musicians” Everybody knows they are and what I liked about them better before was that u dont find any musicians anywhere just playing straight up hip hop. Like a drummer just doing some boom bap. That set them apart then but now they are just a band with somebody rapping over it. O wait there was barely any rapping in this song anyways.

  • nativeson-Inaajimah

    this is what Hip Hop needs ,all u fish niggas need to get wet
    The roots push it to your chest and all you wanna do is hate
    bigups 2 the roots., further more catchup and shutsup
    stand bye and get splashed with the real
    fukin cornballs.
    we R Hip Hop

  • P-souL

    OKAYr00ts! chyea chyea chyea! the uplifter.

  • Enndee

    Roots r fuckin sick

  • Ethan B

    everylink is down.

  • Graham

    Please put the download links back up!! I want to download this track.

  • toro

    sounds good cool to hear you sing hermano !!

  • www.ringleaderband.com

    Can’t stop listening to this song. Love you guys!

  • The Roots rock, baby!




    (also, it’s not that difficult to take a look at the website’s source code)

  • kennyken

    man this song shows the roots’ ability to send a message, appeal to the masses, and still sound hot as hell….that’s what it takes, just like nowadays you just can’t get a college degree, you gotta get a master’s or doctorate!!

    step ya game up chumps!!

  • daximus

    LUV IT LUV IT,it’z why there my fav!!!!!!!!!

  • scottie royal

    Ok, when is this album coming out? It is now February and I still can’t find a release date anywhere…it is still coming out in February, isn’t it?!?

  • KAB

    Lets hope and pray scottie

  • jamiboi

    I knew you brothers had the keys to the doors of knowledge and understaning when I first heard your lyrics. The Roots are deeply connected spritually and mentally! Keep doing what your doing and continue to pray for Malick!

  • ash~hotty

    yall r sooooo wack we beat yall shout out dhatt

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    always something new The Roots bring to the table. Love the sound of this track, can’t wait for the album!

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