In just 3 short weeks, The Roots will be dropping their highly anticipated LP, How I Got Over. Today, OKP brings you another song from the LP to keep your anticipation level as high as ours is. This is track 10 from the album, The John Legend featured jam, "Doin It Again" – A Rootsified version of Legend's song "Again." Enjoy this one… again and again, and look for the "Dear God 2.0" video coming soon. How I Got Over will be in stores June 22nd. UPDATE: We brought this one back up to the top because we now have the official artwork…. and because we love the song so much.

The Roots "Doin It Again" feat. John Legend



  • finalllly

    fresh joint. this album is really coming together.

  • Sketch tha cataclysm

    Where do I know Thought’s lyrics from? I knew the majority of both of these verses as soon as he spit them.

  • AGstl

    Those are BT’s rhymes from the Cypher with Mos and Eminem. COLD!!!

  • tha dude

    ehhh its kay, john legend needs to ditch the lounge singer shit

  • AGstl

    2nd verse is a little different though

  • R.I.C.H.

    From the BET Hip Hop Awards with Mos and Em.

  • Rich87

    BT is on point in this.

  • Gshyt

    This album is about to the SHIT

  • davec

    Thought spit those lines for the cypher video from the BET awards with mos and eminem.

  • J__3

    That cypher was so epic, thought should have let them diamonds stay there. He’s got to many lyrics to repeat a classic verse from a cypher. In the decade + that i’ve been rocking the roots this is the first time thought has disappointed me.

  • hakeem tokosi

    can’t wait.i pray i get the album!

  • itsgoodtobmikeb


  • Jahi

    It’s official. It’s okay to love music again.

  • killawatt

    dude what happened to ?uest’s dope drum sounds? That cat had some of the sickest drum sounds ever throughout their entire career…sometimes dude sounded like an MPC other times like a filthy Dilla break beat, and now with everything ive heard thus far its all dry, boring, and really standard sounding! For an engineer as brilliant as Questlove I am really dissapointed.

  • Jax

    Ahhhh yeah!!

    “john legend needs to ditch the lounge singer shit”

    Hell no! lol

  • A Griot

    Love the Roots

  • A Griot

    I love it.


    This is an interesting evolution of your sound. Thank you for not being static with your work! I appreciate it being that you guys are a huge part of my soundtrack of my radio/dj career.

  • Waiting for something like this


  • its cool

    I really miss the illadelph halflife roots sound. This is cool and black has never spit a wack verse in his life but I wish they would go back to that old sound…its cool though..

  • camlive

    sharp guys, was wondering where i heard those verses, was thinkin the jdilla tribute but u guys called it


    Nice… Very smooth and fresh soundin!


    @killawatt I feel you bout the drum sounds though.. I wouldn’t sat their BORING necessarily.
    But their definitely very “normal” drum sounds.

  • HarmonyBest

    This is SICK!!! Adore it!

  • Jawsh

    You guys know about the secret messages The Roots put all over their albums right? i reckon those letters/numbers on the bottom left of the album cover are a part of one! 😮


    @Jawsh Secret society shit?!?! LOL

  • Brother Bosphorous

    Can’t wait for HIGO, too bad I’ll be in Turkey on the 22nd and have to wait for the Europe release.

  • Yayy!!

    Love The Roots!!!

  • Uhurube

    WHOA!!!! The Legendary Roots Crew at the Tipping Point of the game and they aint coming down.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    damn, the theme song of my life!!!!! let the music play

  • troof speaka

    this album sounds great already. this is nice. real nice. great sounding chorus.

  • fblade39

    This joint is sick as hell

  • Maccabbis

    Killin em still. Can’t wait for the album.

  • musik Lova

    Really can’t understand the animosity about the drums… They’ve released 3 songs for the album thus far. None of which are conductive to having wild out of hand drum sounds. Let’s focus on quality, yes? Rather than random shit just for the sake of being random?

  • Jericho Drumm

    Dope, as usual!!!

    @ Jawsh

    Go somewhere else with that bullshit yo’. We don’t wanna hear your stupid ass conspiracy theories, you CLOWN!!!

  • gregory kruxx

    yo…this is dope…this is clean..its almost got that jazzy sound from back in the day that the did on do you want more…not as muddy, alot cleaner but dope!!!

  • makeda13

    me likes

  • cfr

    looks like this could be their best album in a while…enough with the dark/synthy sound they had going on with the last album this is sounding nice!

  • Freshly Snipes

    hot shit yo

  • Brotha2thaKnight

    This is my first time giving this track a spin and my mind is gone! Thats one of my fave J.Legend tracks and I never would have thought of this premium blend right here. Very excited for the release of the album…VERY XCITED. I’m reading through comments and seeing sooo much negativity and downplay from the fans, WHATS REALLY GOOD YALL???

    Mad about the album art
    Mad about the features
    Mad about the sound
    Wheres rahzel and Malik b? lol

    cmon guys….Have THE LEGENDARY ROOTS CREW…iLLadephs Finest…..no additives no preservatives…..EVER let you down? I mean really…ask yourself
    im still rokkin…the live album like it just came out!!!
    stays in rotation. Stop being critics and continue to be fans….whatever creative ingenuity THE ROOTS present is always going to be true to their talent and HIP HOP ** period**

    Support the boys..and lets keep it moving


  • funkymystic

    sounds dope, definitely psyched for the album… but how bout treating the drum sounds a bit? especially the snare drum..

    i gotta agree with you on that aspect..

    @musik Lova
    dont think a drum sound is something random, its a crucial element

  • Miss_New Zealand

    I can’t wait for this album!

  • JD emce

    @all you who are getting at him for using his BET cypher lyrics.
    Why wouldn you make a song using something that ill. Is that like against hip hop principal or something? I think not.
    He’s so talented, so live, so true.

  • JD emce

    and like j hova said. If you want they’re old stuff buy they’re old albums!!!

  • troubleman81

    i agree w/ brotha2thaknight….be fans, for all the criticism ya’ll givin i dont see why they not postin ur songs on here. the roots make quality music….and at the highest level. good artists are their own worst critics, w/ that being said black and quest are perfectionists. ya’ll keep buyin the albums, right?

  • CMS1

    Love this song.. Cant wait for “HOW I GOT OVER”

  • Jawsh

    The Roots are members of the Masons, and possibly the New World Order. every album has strategically placed words and numbers that give signals to other members. why do you think they’ve been around this long with no real success? Their bassist was a member of the Skull & Bones, while their side drummer was a member of the Jamaican Mob. how many times have you heard The Roots mention “The 5th Dynasty?” even Dice Raw said “we’re terrorists, don’t compare us to a gang.” the proof is in the pudding, as Bill Cosby once said. keep your eyes wide open bitches.

  • tdotsaidit

    Keep doin it! Looking forward to a quality(Songs and Fidelity wise) album to play… (good bottom end, mids and highs… not distorted from a want of just making the album loud).

    PS… WTF is up with “Revenge” by Little Brother, I love the joint but sounds like a large piece of crud!

  • Bluballz

    Diggin that piano yo

  • red poet

    not really feeling this one and im a big roots fan but love my niggas

  • red poet

    and o yeah Jawsh is a complete retard the roots are not part of the new world order if they where the music wouod be more about disrespecting black women you are a complete moron

  • DaUrbanNerd

    Respect Due to Philly! – Roots!

  • Brotha EE

    Jawsh..your a fuckn idiot

  • FromDayOne

    yo come on people if u cant feel this joint u aint breathin!

    funny if laid out every bt verse going way back, youd see he’s among the most prolific lyricists of all time, not just in hip hop but any genre. and some cats hating cos he remixed a coupla verses?? unbelievable.

    tell u what, why not try listening to it again – and this time turn off ur over-analysing brain, and imagine for a just a minute that u never heard of the roots, that haven’t had bt on repeat for the last decade (and prolly lurking on okayplayer all that time just fiendin for the next FREE giveway…) and ur only experience of hip hop was all the hyped up dirge u hear on the radio.

    uh-huh, right, NOW you feelin it.

    shits fire. full stop

  • Sounds like
  • Modoubleme
  • Funkatopia

    Can’t wait for the album. It is too late in coming. Thank God I ate all of those “sandwiches” earlier.

  • okayRyan

    $$$$ fuckin sick!

  • Sound Verite’

    freshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cover art!

  • HexaGonz

    What are the chances of us getting a video for this hotness?

  • KD06

    I couldn’t even finish listening too it….I’ll just wait till the joint drops…straight to the surround sound


    @Jawsh Your a douche bag. What’s wrong with The Freemasons?


    Still Bangin the HELL out of this track!!!
    HEAT, Straight UP and DOWN.

    “Funny how it break right down, but nevermind me.”

  • Whosaid?

    Dope track. I hope they make more songs that sound something like this.

  • KiNtaRo WeSt!!!!!!

    Very clever! I like it…..this gives me something to look forward to when I come home from being out to sea for a month!

  • young yak

    @ Jawsh-ur a dick head the roots arent skull and cross bones every also egyptian reference does not equal something evil… Egypt was a black civilization that maintained power over 4 thousand years… stop being so scary..and overly reading into everything already.. this track is dope BTW thought killed it as expected!!!

  • polaris

    thats his verse from the bet awards cypher, way to not actually freestyle it like a cypher should be

  • sis.courtney

    EVERYTHING about this track is hot; from the cover to the sample.

  • a fan

    Yeah, some of the lyrics are the same as the ones BT spit in the BET cypher with Em and Mos.

    Either way, though, this song is still legit. I couldn’t be more excited for HIGO to come out. This song and “Dear God 2.0” are flat-out sick.

    June 22nd couldn’t come soon enough. Huge thank you to the Legendary Roots Crew for bringin’ that good music. Steady rockin’

  • Twelve0one

    Roots 4Eva..

    Check out the homage track andre3000 mixed with Black thought


  • FromDayOne

    Damn, just Googled “doin it again roots”, 2,260,000 hits, the blog-o-sphere is on fire y’all.

    Quest, you gotta release this first. The tipping point is now.

  • richddgf

    dope!!stupid good drumming!

  • yack

    none of those poeple in the BET cypher was actually freestyling ….but black thought is still THAT dude … and i assure u he can freestyle off the top as well

  • Grrr

    Shits is stellar. Impressed. If the rest of the album is on par, 3 weeks can’t come soon enough. Thank you.

  • spook01

    GODDAMN IT!! quit posting shit online! I want to pop in the album when it comes out and enjoy it… I can’t help my self listening to this like a 1000 times before june 22. lol

  • jjj

    did you actually think ANY of them in the BET cypher were REALLY freestyling off dome? come on now.

    it’s fire. make a video.

  • KLAP215

    The Roots…. that classic music!!!!! Black Thought is so ILL!!!!!



  • Amazing!

    Every time, every song, every lyric, every beat, every breath, every click, every, note, every rhythm, every link, every member before, now and can’t wait. . . Thanks to all of you!

  • Drake Dilla

    Finally the best Roots Album since Things Fall Apart!!!!! Congrats Roots…Sounds so fantastic….gonna cop the LP!!!! Peace and shouts from LA….

  • Drake Dilla

    We need yall do due more shows in LA!!!! Ill Tha Fifth Dynamite!!!!

  • funkymystic

    I want to make an amendment to my earlier posting. After rocking the whole album, the drum sounds on this song fit perfectly with the rest of the album, and give a little contrast to the effected drum sounds of the other tracks. I love it, the whole album is bangin!!

  • dmoney7731

    Once again the Roots have done it!!! Much love and respect to Amir, Tariq, Tuba, Captn Kirk and all those that came together with the illest crew in hip-hop to make this album the best to date. Peace and blessings!!

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    BT Murdered the Shit like he always does, his flow is so hard and it feels so effortless.

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