So we mentioned earlier that OKP will be presenting The Noisettes vs. Kanye project, Wild Young Heartbreaks, along with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. The mixtape is almost done, and will be dropping next Tuesday. Here is another leak to hold y'all down 'til the full release date with The Noisettes "Never Bad" featuring Esso with nVMe on the production. The blend on this one is crazy.

The Noisettes "Never Bad (prod. nVMe)" feat. Esso



  • ahm basement

    fxckin autotune. dope song but for that fxckin autotune.

  • kidtruth

    This sounds dope. Don’t hate on autotune, it’s just a tool. if it isn’t used all gimicky in a song then it can be good. Or shitty. Just like those sped-up soul samples that got so cliche.

  • Captain Simian

    its aight that niggas bars were ok but something about doesnt make me bust a nut

  • G in NOTstayinheremuchlongerCHESTER,NY

    This track is hot. It almost perfectly depicts my, now deaded, relationship. Like forreal forreal. So sad, definitely the BEST I EVER HAAAAD. Five days I been 25, still slackin. I gotta get outta here. Shitty story for the city boy.

  • Priscilla pearl

    This song caught me forever…. makes me wanna leave this town…
    with him…

  • El Rob

    I am the Noisettes newest fan. They are dope, on youtube. Check em’ out. THis is fresh tho.