We gave you the Mick Boogie x Kanye blended version of The Noisettes album, and now here's a joint from the UK crew on their original beat. Here's their lead single "Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)" with Wale and Estelle along for the help-out. The Noisettes LP, Wild Young Hearts, is in stores now.

The Noisettes "Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)" feat. Wale & Estelle


Spotted at yk2daily


  • R3K

    the mick boogie track is hotter for sure..estelles feature was just random on this joint

  • El Rob

    Just bought it on ITUNES. Sold. Estelle…nuff said. This is what OKP is all about. Keep up the good work.

  • Sully

    This Record is Produced By Jim Jonsins Producers “Finatik n Zac” From Australia. They Came Through HARD On The Beat!

  • El Rob

    Really want this track. But I don’t trust the website.Bought on ITUNES last night but it is not feat. Wale and Estelle. Does anyone know a reputable download source for this hot version? Can the download source now be trusted? Thanks for the help!

  • Im on facebook

    Its on Mixtapetorrent.com for free… its a pretty decent cd.. i like it.

  • Captain Thirsty

    Wales verse…….Ultra Thirst.

  • Keisha Anne

    Not really feeling this. Love the original track, though.