Tanya Morgan is gearing up for the release of their sophomore LP, Brooklynati, scheduled to drop this spring. Experience the grind of some independent artists coming up from the city of Brooklynati with their first single "So Damn Down." If you were wise enough to cop Tanya's EP, The Bridge, you already know you should be checkin' for this project when it drops.

Tanya Morgan "So Damn Down (Prod. Von Pea)"



  • dj crossfader


  • K Carve

    Win. Copping

  • D-Fade

    Yo, this beat is solid. Real refreshing track.

  • CMD009

    I’ve been waiting for a leak of something from BKNati. This is the norm for TM: unadulterated goodness.

  • Delgodo

    Congrats Fellas. Pure quality as always.


  • Danny!

    Them boys done did it again…fiiiyah every time

  • cla

    that’s crazy, I just listened to the tribal music’s Do The Math compilation” (classic slept on seatle underground) vitamin D’s old crew (I think Jake one affiliates)that’s got this same sample (just chopped slightly different)

  • finale


  • cdoakes

    They stepped their spit game up! The beats were pretty much always on point. Good job TM.

  • rashad20


  • eazy

    definitely stepped the spit game up. they sound more awake than they ever had..
    this is the hottest TM track ive heard yet.

  • SashaBe.

    AAAAYYYYY!!!! I’m lovin the freshness*

  • Cammelleri

    Fresh as F___.

  • fooldogg

    i fux with this

  • Ant Holmes of Actual Proof

    This sounds fun as f@&k!!!

  • Muadib=22

    get em TM!

  • Frankie Octane

    They are the new sound of hope in true hip-hop music.

  • CAROLE30Baldwin

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