Here's another jawn spotted at FWMJ's spot – the Slum Village track "Lock It Down" produced by J Dilla. DJ House Shoes premiered this on Soundwaves KPFK yesterday, so enjoy the radio edit for now. This one goes hard, let it bang. UPDATE: Courtesy of OS, here's the CDQ. Villa Manifesto will be in stores July 27th.

Slum Village "Lock It Down (prod. J Dilla)" [CDQ]



  • redefineself

    Loving it… Baatin went hard on this. R.I.P Baatin and Dilla.

  • Jahi

    R.A W. Period

  • dapluva!

    slum is the shit in any form r.i.p dilla and Baatin

  • www.vinylscavengers.com

    Baatin killed em’!!!

  • Uhurube

    What eva happened to that Manifesto???????????????????

  • NateDFunkt

    TOUUUUUUUUGH!!! had no idea DiLLa still had joints on deck. Plenty of inspiration from Slum as a collective or DiLLa 4 dolo…TURN IT UP!! I see you bangin’ on the clouds DiLLa Dawg!!

  • jomac_


  • Aten

    Baatin killin’it.
    Dilla arrrgh!

  • Gshyt

    This shit go crazy hard.

  • redefineself

    BAATIN NEVER GOT HIS PROPS!!! THIS RIGHT HERE LET’S THOSE NON BELIEVERS KNOW!!! R.I.P. Baatin and Dilla!!! Few more weeks… Manifesto is out!!!

  • s.g.

    neck now hurts

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  • BentonDominique

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  • So I was originally told to never visit the D there wasn’t anything there… Then I ran into some folks that show and prooved why the “D” was the hair capital of the World. Then I caught wind of this producer named Yancey AKA DILLA and I feel head over heels wit those rhythms…….. and so the rest is what is is!!!! May God Bless Dilla, In All Ways he remains overstood. Yup