Skillz just hit us with this joint that apparently  fell out of his Million Dollar Backpack called "Y'all In The Way" produced by our man Khari Ferrari.  Skillz has some some good news for those of you who have been fiend out for The Wire (like me).  When the box set of all 5 seasons drops in December, included therein is a "Rap Up" style song (with accompanying video) where Skillz breaks down the entire series as only he can.  We'll have that for you when it drops.

Skillz "Y’all In The Way"




  • Logrithmic.com

    what happened to music?

  • Checzk the Publik

    The music is at DaylightOnDemand.org

  • buck1

    weak sause…same old ish, which is especially sad coming from such a talent…this cat never lived up to his potential, similar to other “super” MC’s Canibus, Keith Murray, etc…

  • jDOT

    Wack. No homo.

  • Ill Prophet

    no hate but this was just kind of boring…

    to me.

  • Tungle

    Sorry to be harsh but that was a waste of 3 minutes and 43 seconds. How could you sit back as an artist and say to yourself yeah this is dope get it out on the streets? It’s embarrasing

  • dj R-DEE

    Lyrically it’s good
    Not feelin’ the track though.
    I would love to have an acapella to this and put my own track behind it.


  • sommie

    Wack! No homo.

  • Tha Architect

    I’d love to have the vocals to this. I’d lace this up with a hot track. This is in need of remix badly.


  • guess I’m the only one

    diggin it… can see why he left it off the album, but still better than anything on the radio.

    don’t mind the simplistic backdrop either.