The end of the year is just days away, so that could only mean one thing… it's time for Skillz' "'09 Rap Up." As always he doesn't miss a beat on just about every issue that was relevant in the year that was. Here are some words from the Va emcee: "Yeah, it's that time. 09 RAp up has fell upon us. To my surprise I still enjoy doing these. Maybe it was because I had more then enough to talk about. People have been on my twitter asking about this song since September!! Maaan, I have no clue why yall be thinking about the rap up that early in the year! Alotta people felt as though the song would be long because of all the happened and all of the losses. I had wrote a list of people that passed away and I had 26. I knew I couldn't put all those people in the song. That was the hardest part, the ones I did put in were personal to me. I went easy on some peeps and some peeps I didn't. But all of it was true, I didn't make none of this sh-t up! Glad yall enjoyed it. And shout out to the people who support me all year long not just now. I appreciate it. Oh and ?love gets the gas face! Later..Infamous Quotes vol. 1 coming soon."

Skillz "’09 Rap Up"




  • The Shwamy

    Dope as can be. As always. Nice work Skillz! And thanks OKP!

  • CreoleInDC

    Hot, hot, hot! Thank you!

  • KD06

    good work….

  • Steve!

    Look forward to these every year…the Skillz are still Mad! Can’t wait to the next album. Need to release all the Rap Up’s as an EP, “Decade Rap Up”.

  • Mecca Soul

    Well Spoken Skills…looking forward to next year!!!

  • Brad Piff

    damn time flyin by!

    hot joint! as usual. what year did he start?

  • TX Swag

    Man, I have been following these since the first one’s back in ’00 – ’01. He continues to prove why he is one of the best and most over looked MC’s in the game.

  • Mont212

    Another hot wrap up, true hip hop. Look forward to the next one.

  • oneepat

    thanks you, thank you…!


    Way to represent VA to the fullest!!! one love Skillz

  • kidtruth

    nice one. always good to hear some skills

  • regod

    lol been waiting for dis one.. like i said last year, it aint a new year til’ skillz wraps shit up

  • www.myspace.com/redcapmedia

    Damn he hit it on the nose with Monique!!!Suga!!!!!

  • Rome Cee

    Skillz, we love you!

  • jeff writes

    My favorite rappers favorite rapper, preciate that big hommie, Happy
    New Year, Peace & God Bless…

  • Peachuz

    JERKIN’AIN’T NOTHING NEW thank you Skillz for saying that…waiting for someone to make that point.

  • phillyHANDstyles…

    ….the rap up… on point as usual

  • tva

    can we get a decade rap up compilation album?

  • maze247

    real hip hop can’t say enough!!! thank you skillz look forward toit every year!!!

  • jpfeiffer

    Look forward to Skillz rap up every year. Another classic.

  • famoso

    Shit’s dope!FAMOSO “EXHIBIT HIP HOP” http://lnk.ms/5Vs1x

  • McCoy

    I see Skillz ain’t mad no more except with the lyrics..yeah the entire superfriends crew from Lonnie Battle to Shequan has succeeded in bridging the gap that was the mid-atlantic south with the help of The Roots. I asked over and over with the messeges in the bottle like “I dream of a Black Genie” just so he can take over after “The Battle for World Supremecy”in NYC; I asked again after the “World War Games” in DC right off Georgia Avenue when RZA’ s people represented back in the late 90s. After I won the Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide “bad boy On-Campus battle” I figured it was time for Keith McPhee CEO of Okayplayer & Keith Rogers of Black On Black Rhyme to know about the maryland, virginia, West Virginia, and DC area in general.

    Salute Skillz! He’s the one that started everthing with K On That Next Shit Kid!

  • nike air jordan jumpman pro

    ope as can be. As always. Nice work Skillz! And thanks OK

  • one very important day

  • look forward to it.

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