A few brand new Sade tracks just hit the net last night. We've already waited 10 years, so what's another week and a half to wait for the full product? Today I'll just give you what I think is the best of the recent leaks, "Skin." This jawn is beyond smooth. If you need a sexy way to break up with that special someone before February 14th hits you in the wallet, let this one bump. Sade's Soldier of Love will be out February 9th (pre-order it here).

Sade "Skin"




  • Nyle

    this shit is real rite

  • rack1

    quality ish…

  • Jahi

    she’s the absolute best and you internet geeks who are getting free downloads better go get the damn album and support…

  • Jericho Drumm

    Oh this is BUTTER!!! Vintage Sade.

    @ Jahi

    And these downloads are just teasers; I’m sprinting to the store to cop this, NO DOUBT!!!

  • gregory kruxx

    AHHH SADE,,, the only good thing to happen to me all day..

  • Skeptic NYC

    Support the queen. Cop the album and celebrate good music. Sade always delivers the real stuff that hits you in the right spot no matter what angle it comes in at. Sensuous ass voice and the band just flows with the arrangements.

  • B_Dun

    Need this ish tonight…Sade is always sick…

  • Something 2 say

    WOW! That is a classic song! I mean that could have come out in 85′ for all we know…Timeless! I will admit, we’ve all grown up with Sade but she’s always been you know ‘oh! Sade’ I’m excited for this. I guess I’m grown so I finally understand her music lol

  • Hard Knox Life

    Straight Boinking Music! I got to get this CD.

  • Tha Architect

    I’m glad she doesn’t try and change her sound to cater to kids! She goes away for 10 years at a time and comes back still on point! I love that about her! Make sure that you go support Sade!! We’ve gotten too use to free music. But that’s a whole other topic….

  • Ozzbizzy…

    See this is what im talkin’ bout! No “Do me baby up the butt on the dance floor”! No, this is music I can make hot butteries to …YES YES YALL’ SADE IS BACK

  • _be

    COT DAMN!!!

  • DRe’ (poaau78)

    Dre’ from Steel city USA, sorry fellas this drops on my B-day I hope u go out N show love 2 the Baby. N make love to someone to the Harmonious Melody or Melodious Harmony. (My unborn daughters names, so don’t bite) one love 2 the world.

  • Cuddaroy

    Yessirr, ya boy will most definitely be knocking some boots around to this one tonite lol…Sade go hard, real talk…definitely copping the album

  • Cuddaroy

    Im sorry i gotta hear this shit again, its hitting me like a mack truck lol…

  • Saybrother

    this is well worth a 10 year wait. A real artist making real music. Can’t wait to see her on tour.

  • soulaquarian

    Sade is the epitome of what a woman should be: sexy, mysterious, and classy. She is the type of woman who walks in the room and her presence alone calls for attention- just like her music.
    I read a blurb from her last week, which is very rare. She reportedly said that the reason she has not put out any music for the last 10 years is because she had nothing to say. “Sade is not a brand”. You can read a rare and recent interview here: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article7005060.ece

  • Le Magnifique

    The return of the Empress
    saw her in Brussels on the Love Deluxe tour…
    bare naked on stage looking like an angel,and she turned the place upside down.
    Probably my best concert ever (even if I saw almost all the soul sisters Jill Scott,Erykah,Angie Stone,Lizz Wright..)
    I think we all agree that we have to COP that love bomb!!!!

  • lotus blooms

    i wanna peel you away cause you are not right within…i love it!

  • Brecklen

    True artistry….just an icey cool sound!!! This is so Sade!!

  • Grrr

    I almost forgot what REAL music sounded like. Especially after watching the Grammys. Thank you, Sade, for saving us all. Less is more, kids.

  • Holla Black

    Where’s my gf???

  • mister_winter

    She goes just so much further than the others.
    Less is definitely more. I’m so tired of earing so called singers in the R’n’B industry that only spend their time screaming.
    I’m clearly waiting for this new album.

  • mino

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