Disclaimer, you probably shouldn't play this song unless you have plans of conceiving a child in the immediate future. Robin Thicke makes his return with this new jam, "Sex Therapy," produced by Polow Da Don. This is his first single on his upcoming LP.

Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy (prod. Polow Da Don)"


Spotted at OnSmash


  • Nelle

    LOL@ the disclaimer……I’m at work so I won’t listen just yet then 🙂

  • rickysteves

    mercy me. thank you

  • big_jay

    I’m liking how he’s moving his sound around. Something Else was an awesome does of retrofresh soul and he comes back with some real good quality current sound music. Love the falsetto too

  • big_jay

    awesome dose*

  • don kwon

    Shows how much production can alter the sound of an artist these days. Doesn’t sound like him to me.

  • JayBreez

    Madly Maxwell influenced .. love it though

  • STZA

    a bit too soft and spheric for my taste

  • dolphinking23

    robin thicke is a cool dude, i met him 2 yrs ago and he took the extra time to spend time with all of the fans at the meet and greet. and hes consistant live. sounds just like if not better in his live shows as his albums sound

  • dqueenrein

    hotness! mmmmm! Sounds good, like Robin Thicke but, like some one said before sounds Maxwellish….

  • se.po

    the download link doesn’t work – robin, dat shit is tight!

  • decoder

    hot DAMN! baby-making music is back!