Later on tonight, Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res, Graph Nobel) will be releasing their mixtape with Mick Boogie, Party Robot. We're going to get the party started a little early though, with this track from Res entitled, "The Metro." The song is a remake of 80s new wave band, Berlin's, song of the same name. "The Metro" will be featured on the Party Robot mixtape. Look out for Res' upcoming EP as well, Black Girls Rock.

Res "The Metro"


Spotted at YOTB


  • youknow!

    way too 80s for me with absolutely nothing fresh about it. It’s ok to pull from the 80s, but this is a complete rehash.

    The weak vocals don’t help.

  • Y4

    Its coo but she should do her soul joints instead

  • Mike Shousky

    I dont care what anybody on here says open your ears and minds this is hot! if corny ass kanye did this he would be getting awards! That is a shame because this song hot!!

  • wh

    New, fresh & dope.

  • merightnow

    whether “new” nor “fresh”, but dope it is :).

    Love the original and the System Of A Down cover as well.

  • Su Eternal

    Res is nice to bad they don;t get the light they derserve and i like the cover art. Does anyone know a good photographer in the philadelphia area who does album art?

  • Sketch tha cataclysm

    After the System Of A Down cover I can’t even listen to the original version of the song, never mind a fairly faithful cover.

    I don’t think Res made the song hers. I do love Res though, her debut album was great.

  • Steel

    This is not Dope. This is not Hot. This is not Fresh. This is Wack and I like Res, ALOT. If Kanye did it, it would be Wack. If the Roots did it, it would be Wack. There are two rules to remakes. You have to either be as good as the original or you have to make it all yours. Sorry but she didn’t do either one of those things with this.

  • ignorant negro

    whoa… yall need to chill.

    The vocals on this track are really good. It sounds like old res!

  • Haters…

    this is DOPE!Good Cover of the Berlin Joint… the Lyrics are off the hook!!!