Talib Kweli tried to warn y'all, in recent interviews, that he and Hi-Tek would have some new Reflection Eternal ish to hit y'all over the head with. They are currently in the studio working on their sophomore album. This song, "Internet Connection," is their ode to new age technology (Twitter shoutouts and all that) and their way of letting the fans know they're back. To add that extra funk to it, the legendary Bootsy Collins is featured on this joint as well. As we mentioned yesterday, Reflection Eternal will be performing at the Blue Note in NYC March 10th and 11th, so check after the jump for the flyer.

Reflection Eternal "Internet Connection" feat. Bootsy Collins


Shout out to Tunji


  • happytrees

    that hook took a second to grow on me, but I’m feelin it. kweli comes killer with the lyrics like always. can’t wait for this shit to drop.

    is “why so serious” somebody’s screen name or something? thought for a minute kwe’s just a big batman fan…

  • flobe61inthe garden

    Not the Reflection I was looking for 🙁

  • Enigma of Actual Proof

    It does have a different feel from the Reflection Eternal “Train of Thought” jamz… yet it is still a dope song to me, it definitely has one of those “True School” , old school skate ranch grooves to it. And the hook is catchy (fun)! Dope…Reflection Eternal is Back!

  • Evillincoln!?

    I just think the “why so serious” part is just Kwe having a little fun…
    HipHop gets wayyyyyyy too serious sometimes… this track just feels fun & good to me honestly…
    Now to figure out this download link…

  • e_money

    this alright

  • Completethree

    This should be classic, Talib never comes short on lyrics. Kweli is one of the dopest emcee’s to do it period. Much respect to Reflection Eternal. Dope to incorporate the classic track and do modern day twist. Nice concept
    http://www.facebook (fortnox) Internet Connection, lol

  • Dill2

    Great track. Reminds me of Snoop in some way.

  • Big Miz

    Didn’t 88 Key’s already freak this sample?

  • dapper

    this fie that grown man hip hop bout damn time hi tek shit

  • Brother_MO

    Nice beat. Wrong MC.

  • www.myspace.com/redcapmedia

    Dats how we do it the nati!!!!!!!!

  • se.po

    THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEACE & 1 LUV!!!

  • Nicolas Orizaga “thebiach”

    man with all these wack songs, “Tired of This Technology”, “Camera Phone”, “Google Me, Baby”, “Kiss Me Through The Phone”, “Video Phone”…I didn’t think okayplayer would touch on this shit…aww well nice beat, cool rhymes…not feeling the Bootsy Collins vocals and chants…too much like “Sensual Seduction” for me…

    glad to hear more music from R:E though…

  • jessedavid

    not a bad track, but this should remind us not to expect the same reflection eternal of old.

  • flipdascript

    This record is Perfect. Please think real hard about what the homie manages to do with this song as a new millennium emcee. The internet is the new radio, I can’t remeber the last time I listened to a song on anything that didn’t also have WI-FI. Kweli was always a genius in using his social context to inform his lyrical content. His social context is now cyber space. He evolves with the times and cleverly pushes the lyrical envelope without alienating me. And if you can’t F with Bootsy Collins on a Hitek track, I don’t know whets gonna move you. Dope.

  • Mo Gees Please

    It’s cool…somethin for a laid back club vibe i think

  • gbuck

    kind of reminds me of outkast’s “synthesizer” off of aquemini

  • Lion 1980

    Very Good Sound






  • crakhed

    bad start 🙁 train of thought didn’t have any bad songs…

  • Hey U

    Hi-Tek been hangin with Dre too long…beat not bad…just not what I was looking for…not that he can’t grow…but this is on some retro with not current vibes..I don’t know?!

  • stretchers

    You got it wrong….Snoop sounds like Bootsy …..!


    this sounds like synthesizer from outkast’s aquemini and is all because Bootsy is on it and the song is influenced by him, btw the song is DOOOOPE, stop hatin, you guys are stuck in 98

  • JANE J.

    nothing special… i thought this is going to be FRESH!
    it seems i have already heard this few years ago 🙂
    come on, you can do way better!!!


  • eL Boogie

    This definitely sounds like some West Coast ish, but West Coast music was always musical, so I can’t get mad at this. Isn’t the greatest song in the world, but I like it a lot. Besides it’s got Bootsy Collins on it, this is the P-Funk vibe. People need to realize that Train of Thought was damn near a decade ago, people got to grow, stop expecting “Move Something” again…

  • DJ Mixwell

    Do I hear the “California Love” REMIX? Uh…yeah! It’s all good though. Love is love, and Reflection Eternal is back!

  • cla

    it’s the beat DiamonD used for “confused”- intimate connection by kleeer. Not a direct sample, but the production is derived from it. I don’t know why the hate from all yall. This shit is tight.

  • JohnJayDigital

    check this out: bahamadia and dwele


    this is the classic ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b22222

    Why are emcees spitting rhymes about the internet? C’mon now – that shit is like writing a song about the postal system or about a nintendo wii. “Get a avatar?” I LOVE reflection eternal, so I really really hate to say it. but this song is real weak.

  • CriticalBEATdown

    Promising. Need to hear more though.

  • inquilab

    shoot, i’m about a big a reflection eternal fan as there is — i’ve learned to accept the direction hi-tek has taken with his music… but this is disappointing. about as bad and cliche as Next’s “Cybersex” song…

  • T.i.E

    This one is banging! Anybody hating on this one gets a pass from me. Its not your fault that its ahead of your time. You’ll catch up one day…LOL!

  • Shayne Parrish

    Damn! I thought I was a nerd for always wanting to sing that Kleeer tune as “internet connection, baby.” Maybe I still am, but at least I’m not alone. 🙂

  • negativeben

    you people are idiots – its partly sampled, partly replayed track by kleer.

  • dwood

    wack. im sorry. W A C K.

  • Vison7910

    Tek your West Coast is showing real big on this one!!! It’s a good look on you.

    Yall other posters killing me. If they had came with the same old RE of the past. you would have been yapping about it being the same-ol-same.

    RE do yall think continue to grow. Maybe next time Kwe can flip a Twista flow !!!

    Tek, leak some that Detox, I know you working the boards on that joint!!!


  • Just Jane

    who’s going to this? is the spot cool as in if i show up solo it’s straight?

  • tbits90

    I wonder if Kwe and Hi-Tek said wassup to 88-keys when they did this. I’m talking about ‘Quit Playing’ off of Adam’s Case Files, whaddup Big Miz. Both are good, IMO I prefer ‘Quit Playing’ though.

    It’s funny how some samples turn up around same songs sometimes. Like the RZA/Mos/Nas/MF DOOOM ‘Message from a Black Man’ sample…

  • eazy

    this is the SHIT
    anyone hating on this is too young to know about FUNK.
    this could be the “Computer Love” of 2009!

  • BLACKQASOUL : )!!!

    A nice summer track… I like it peace!!!.

  • El Life

    yo what the hell is this…what is going on with hip hop….I’m very dissapointed…stop sampling sh*t we heard a million times…come on Tek and Kweli. Ya’ll can do better than this…stop messing around and come harder.

  • Geeven

    A classic tune but I can understand why some will think its lazy…..

  • Rob B 513

    Everyone that posted and said anything negative about the song must not speak English very well. Did you actually understand Kweli’s words? He’s actually talking to you. Your screen-name/avatar person is saying one thing but I guarantee you in person you wouldn’t dare talk your shit. Game recognize game… you are @ your computer and Tek & Kweli are about to play the Blue Note in NYC. Shit.

  • Rob Bates (Producer)

    shittt!!!!!!!!!! definitley what I’ve been waitin for…everyone else can hate…but on some real shit this definitely seems promising….no lie, I do want to hear more…but definitley a good look.

    Peace & Respect

    Rob Bates
    Insomniac Music Group
    Chicago, IL


  • ChainChainChain

    15 seconds in…*deep sigh*. And Bootsy Collins, really?

    @ JohnJayDigital, that Bahamadia and Dwele joint is DOPE! Maybe sir Eternal and Talib should use Dwele instead of Bootsy on a track. That would be a sick ass collab.

  • NYstateofmind

    I like this…heard it on utuberadio.net the other day. Its real catchy