9th Wonder has a new emcee signed to his label, Jamla Records, and she goes by the name of Rapsody. Today, we have her latest track entitled "Honda Accord Music," with 9th on the beat, of course. No Maybach talk, she rhymes about something a little more in her budget. What y'all think about Rapsody?

Rapsody "Honda Accord Music (prod. 9th Wonder)"



  • Ganjerry

    Thumbs up!

  • SuperDopetastic

    i had to play another song to make sure my speakers weren’t popped,lulz

  • Kooley High


    “The Little Rudy of Kooley”

  • Hey U

    She def got flow/lyrics, the hook is weak, Nice boom bap beat…

  • ConstructiveCriticizm

    …im not really diggin the effect they put on it. It DOES sound like my speakers are blown.

  • WorldSpectacular

    Pat my guy all night and day but this beat(or just the drums) sounds like a deluted “Swagger Jackson’s Revenge” by Jay Electronica. No diss though, best to Rapsody and i still love you nineFph

  • lagirl

    this song is dope! i’m not having the speaker problem..maybe dl again?

  • DincoT

    Check the levels on this one refresh the track

  • Saint15

    That’s a nice photo of a microphone.

  • Sugar Hill


  • MCJurnee

    Yo she IS dope. She was on 9th’s Dream Merchant 2. she’s the one rappin’ in between the songs…..like interludes. I bang those more than the songs!!! check it out!!!!

  • Big Malk

    Shit sounds good over here!!! Then again, i got a pair of BX8’s…

  • illtonez

    letzzzzzzzzzz go!!!! tha 910,919,252 r all coming up, i c u 9th

  • fooldawg


  • Korleon Da Semi-Celeb

    She is str8 SPITTIN
    keep it up Raps…

  • Dj St@tik

    Yes indeed, Rapdiddy doin it up

  • E336

    Its aight I want/need more from this artist and you know it’s 336 showin’ off lol 9th wonder know bout that 336

  • Enigma of Actual Proof

    JAMLA/ACADEMY STAND UP! This is one of my many favorites from 9th & Rap!
    Shout Outz to 9th, Rap and the rest of my NC FAM! Stay tuned for more heat from 9th’s New Labels JAMLA/ACADEMY!