Apparently giving us one of the best albums of '09 wasn't enough. On August 17th, Raekwon will be re-releasing Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 with 6 new songs (plus bonus music videos) in the form of the Gold Deluxe Edition. Here's one of the joints you'll find on the iTunes exclusive release, "Travel Places."

Raekwon "Travel Places"


Spotted at Rap Radar



  • rcd2

    chef keeps cooking it UP!

  • Jericho Drumm

    This is fire!!!

  • thearckitect


  • KD06

    This is an interesting marketing scheme. This song is decent. I’ll cop for sure…

  • Sparks

    I’m feelin the Rakim “I Ain’t No Joke” Sample

  • Hirosaki

    It’s hot but it might be to many songs on one album. I may have to take some songs off and replace them on my ipod.

  • Shaft Rock

    Chef keep the blade out