Alright, Friday we got the first leak, but this song right here will serve as the first official single off of Distant Relatives. Listen as Nas and Damian Marley go back and forth on this track entitled, "As We Enter." I think I prefer this track to "Strong Will Continue." With two tracks out, what do y'all think of the direction this one is going in? Distant Relatives will be in stores April 20th.

Nas & Damian Marley "As We Enter"



  • eazy

    Mulatu Astatke sample. definitely feeling the energy of this one a hundred times more than that last one.

  • SuperDopetastic

    im loving the album so far..now..i dont want anymore singles..i want the album to surprise me

  • Ummm

    I don’t like this. Damn near terrible sorry. I do like the work of both artists prior to this stuff right here though.

  • KD06

    I feel this more than the last joint. The hook is lacking but ultimately this album has to be looked at in it’s entirety. Nas will always create soemthing thought provoking just wish he had a better ear for beats.

  • Kalaika

    @KD06: Agree. I’m not really diggin the beats either. I would like to have seen them take a more organic approach to the instrumentals. I mean it’s Damian Marley. This stuff is too throw away beat pop radio sounding. And it’s a shame cause they could’ve done something really artistic.

  • eazy

    yeah, as i said i feel the energy more on this one, but as an actual song, it’s pretty corny.
    not too sure they are gonna do anything as important together as they are capable of doing on their own, which is a shame because it really is a dream collaboration.

  • Pure…

    Lyrically it’s there…track is just weak…

  • OM

    Seriously, if you don’t like this, what the fuck is there to like?

  • Izak

    couldve done more with this. they needed another producer. production aint bad, just not my taste.

    but nah i like this lol

  • Mike Shousky

    WTF! who can hate this shit is fire.

  • gregory kruxx

    Like dude said if you guys dont like this what do you like

    Haters…This shits dope.

  • Steve!

    Bangin, this is what I would expect from this collabo.

  • Black John jay

    this joint is fire….y’all niggaz is crazy…shout outs to Nigeria.

    -John Jay from the loser krew

  • M.U.Rafiki {Bullhaus Entertainment} Accra-Gh

    well Nasir jones kill it with his bare hands,and my man Damian tatalize the whole shit like he wsn’t even there. This track’s dope don’t get it twisted!!

  • DanMcQ

    This is money. Wasn’t really feeling the previously leaked track.

  • peachuz

    Nas still rips it.

  • tlocksmith

    Haters leave the site..i think old okayplayer bloggers have left and now there are radio heads visiting the site..Please LEAVE!!!

  • tristo

    fiyaaaah! ah seeerusss biznisss dissss

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  • the god st.. ( spirit agent )

    yo !!!! dopeness , bless bless, eon

  • Holla Black

    Beautiful Collab

  • caliallday

    much love NASIR~~~~hotep DAMIAN
    ninkupenda ni “papa” Robert

  • Essy

    Love it reppin’ East Africa
    Wimbo huu mara moto
    I love it!

  • clarence 13X

    now this sounds great

  • D Boogie

    I love it! The live show was even better. More fiyaaaah!

  • yesabsolutely

    fresh!! definitely feeling it more than the first single…

  • intelligentRebelLion.org

    Cant wait for the album! also make sure to pick up TRUTHLiVE -PATIENCE coming out 4.20-

  • atx31

    brings back most the anticipation i lost with the first single released.

  • rome cee

    I am proud of the artist getting together for a good cause. I can only hope they will raise the bar. Props


  • Radar Communication Records

    Well this was a let down. These 2 could make fire but the track is disappointing the tempo not right and Nas….well not sure what happened to him his mind went from hip hop to political anger and he lost the fire for the love of hip hop and it shows now in his music..he stiull has it he just doesnt let it out anymore..Find the luv and bring some fun to the music this is a filler track for a bad cd sorry…

  • Berto34

    The Track was produced by Nas and Damian, this shit has got some ill bounce to it. I saw them perform this track live at Rothbury last year and it was one of the best in the set. The new material sounded great

  • Raw B

    This shit is stupid hot. All hip-hop needs to sound more like this. ILL, ILL, ILL.

  • kennyken

    man i was kinda skeptical about this project, but this shit really is nice!

  • Triniman

    It’s ok, but it will grow on us…
    Not what I was expecting or hoping for, but still sobolious all the same. I think they need to remember that hip-hop
    /reggae collabos ain’t exactly something new to the world, so its not so much what they do, but HOW they execute it.
    Still 2 of my favorite artistes in the world though… and we know that LIVE they will mash up any dance!
    Blessings Flow


    this iz my shit

  • AfricanBoy

    Nééx na loolu… Jaajef Damian ag Nas… Doomu Africa!!! Xééwel