Looks like another song drip dropped off the Nas & Damian Marley, Distant Relatives album. This is one of the songs I was most looking forward to hearing, after initially viewing the tracklisting. We've heard portions of this one in their EPK, here is "Africa Must Wake Up" featuring K'Naan. The first two singles were cool, but these last two have really taken this album up a notch for me. Distant Relatives will be in stores May 18th.

Nas & Damian Marley "Africa Must Wake Up" feat. K’Naan



  • ChikeJ

    Long live Pan-Africanism! T-Dot stand up! Africa unite!

  • Hans

    Africa must indeed wakeup.

  • Hans

    i love this SONG. kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teach the people

    Love this song!!!!!

  • Mike Shousky

    I wasn’t in the mood for a layed back song but it pulled me in. It tapped into my blackness

  • Mike Shousky

    Wait somebody tell me what Knaan is saying lol

  • ashaluuv

    i loved it…will def have to cop this one

  • Frankie Octane

    I was getting worried that with these two artists together negated each other and put out a bunch of bad songs. But this song is dope! The other singles in my humble opinion… sucked. It was mainly a production for me. Nas’ lyrics is always dope but if the production is weak then I can’t get into lyrics. This song is exceptional. I hope that the rest of the cd is as dope as this song. If it is I’ll buy it.

  • subcomH

    i don’t get nas ongoing references to the egyptian pyramids. while they have been long lasting their whole construction has been based on slavery.

  • Shafiq Salaam

    The pyramids being built by enslaved people has long long long been debunked. One basis was the preciseness of the Pyramids themselves. Enslaved people would not have had the desire to build such monuments with such preciseness that it is not able to be recreated properly today. This is just one reason. There is plenty evidence that these pyramids were built out of love rather than enslaved sweat and hate. Furthermore, even if it was made by enslaved Africans, that still makes it a huge ancestral accomplishment.

  • troubleman81

    nas keep spittin the truth man….luv this joint.

  • logik360

    strength and wisdom is what we need as a continent to get up and rise to preserve the future that is and to come.

    Peace to Nas and the Marley Fam for taking time in spreading the truth.

    Johannesburg. South Africa. Amandla! Awetu

  • Zizzy

    Africa must wake up! nuff said bless me briggin… this tune is deep!! Will def cop that CD…

  • Tarchie

    Africa aint sleeping,only americans or carribeans com e up with this crap.

  • Quealy Jackson

    I actually feel good about this collaboration. It doesn’t seem to be governed by a label executive or whatever “the masses” will accept. This is how music should be made… freely. Peace.


    once again Esco pushes tha envelope & leaves these wack ass crap-rappers N tha dust..Hip-Hop wake up & be at tha store 5/18

  • Mel Blunt


    It’s my understanding that slaves or serfs as they were called, were a class of society in Egypt’s power heirachy, eg, low income, middle class, Wealthy. Capitalism was not practiced of course, it was totalitarian in nature with the Pharoah as ultimate, sumpreme ruler. He had advisers of course. Thus, once a serf always a serf-yoy were born into that class. So you could say they were enslaved. Their existence wa s for hardwork/labor and serfs built everything Egypt!.

  • On slaves and the Pyramids…
  • Wizdom23

    Ready to love it and… hate it!
    Repetitive melody, guitar solo that appears from nowhere, lyrics that are just ok…
    What a disappointment.
    Thanks Nneka for your “Wake up Africa”, great song; intentions were the same (or was Nas and Marley just a PR coup?) but outcomes are so different.

  • knowledgeforurass

    wisdom 23, why are you hating..you are so ignorant..u do not deserve the name that claim to carry, u donkey’s ass

  • heich

    realise the impact of being called sons of jacob…….like garvey said black will never rise until his back is on the wall or until he reocnises himself for the royalty that he is…..

  • 5280to512

    what language is k’naan speaking in? THIS SHIT IS LEGIT, if you dont no

  • spook01

    this is soooo wack.. lol

  • global74

    dope track. But most folks dont wanna hear this. They wanna hear about money, clothes, cars, and loose women

  • Malik Hugo

    K’naan is speaking in Somali. I love this track, the whole album is very refreshing!

  • daydreamr

    I like the uplifting feelings this song gives off… however I can’t help to think about how false self images fail to make people and countries better. Africa is many nations, many religions, many different kinds of people, and not all where the kings kids.

    For as Pyramids and slavery if you can’t change your social standing then your pretty much a slave.

  • nubiashanti007

    Hello Africa today has separation between each individual country, when you talk to a nigerian he will not identify himself with a ghanian per se and vice versa, yes the black nation must fully recognize and understand who they are and what has seperated us all, this is why the masses of the people with power (material) felt the need to rape, kill, and seperate us because black united cannot be defeated, Peace and Love always( Rise up Black Nation)