I can't say I pay any kind of attention to any of that Twilight, New Moon ish, but a Lupe Fiasco song for the latter film's soundtrack was worth a listen. Here's Lupe's latest, "Solar Midnight." Says Lupe of the song: "Solar Midnight is my first commercial release that I actually produced as well as wrote. The New Moon team asked me if I could do a song specifically for the film. They invited me to an early screening of the unfinished film from which I pulled different elements that I thought would translate into a great song. I pulled in vocalist and bassist Graham Burris and acclaimed musician Matt Nelson to help fill it out my vision musically and "voila" Solar Midnite was born. The song basically deals with the chaotic love story that takes place between the characters. It's more on the rock side of my musical catalog and comes straight from my die hard fanhood of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthony Keidis, one of my FAVORITE RAPPERS." I'm not so sure I'm feeling this one.

Lupe Fiasco "Solar Midnite"


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  • atx31

    first off i just wanna start by saying that im a HUGE lupe fan and supporter of everything he does. This song left me a little bit confused after i first listened to it. First thing that came to my head was why the hell is lupe making a song for some twilight nonsense??? Ive never assosiated lupe with all the new kids on the block that seem to sell out once they get some hype, im just wondering if me made this song cause he really wanted to, or if he was just trying to make some easy money. the song is whack.

  • dRes

    i dont think its bad..its thematic..whatever..good for lupe


    much respect…not my thing…

  • Hey U

    Lupe is a high caliber artist, there’s a certain level of quality to what he does.
    This joint is a fresh song and feed’s my inner rocker. I prob won’t be knocking it in the whip but glad to see Lupe branch out, with “producer” hat on and all.
    Make no mistake I do expect some “in the pocket, good ole” hip hop from he’s upcoming album.
    Why not experiment on a wack movie soundtrack?

  • Brandi134

    I heard the soundtrack was hot. So what if Lupe does a song for the movie, how did he sell out?

  • Steel

    Props to Lupe for getting a spot on a MAJOR film soundtrack. What better way to get your music and vision out to the masses? Just because he can branch out in a new area and with a different sounds does not, let me repeat, DOES NOT equal selling out. Lupe iss one of the best young cats out there and this gives him a chance for large exposure. Not his best work but still a nice step for the kid.

  • music Lova

    Good song. I think the flow is a little weird…. but it’s not supposed to be a hot hip-hop track so *shrug*. Props to Lu.

  • Terrencepm

    this songs dope! great collaboration for lupe

  • don kwon

    Iono, its not as bad as I thought it would be. Not great by any standard but I can stand listening to it all the way through.

  • bullshit determination

    yeah just wack

  • dubbz

    im feelin it

  • ppuff711

    haha lupe’s takin a page out of anthony keidis’s book. this has blood sugar sex magic all over it.
    im diggin this shit

  • ppuff711

    shit i didnt even realize it said that in the review

  • kid truth

    since I read about this track first I wasn’t expecting a hip hop track. I really like this as a rock track. Lupe doesn’t sound like a clown on it which is hard for a rapper to do on a rock track.

  • Free Defy

    The guitar riff made this song a piece of music to me. Lupe’s rhymes coulda been more complex though.

  • monroe solomon

    I’m feeling this.

  • Dale Cooper

    This one is a bit of a let down. Not the best rapping considering he’s one of the best. But what do you expect when it’s influenced by Anthony Kiedis. I still hold a grudge cos Kiedes refused to play BDO if Mr Bungle were on the bill, so I never saw them live – what an asshole! I guess Mike Patton’s creative ability is a little intimidating.

  • Grrr

    Ai’ight. Lupe should do a rock album to hone his writing chops.

  • Each1Teach1

    hahahahhahahahaaaa….1st the horrible attempt at Jimi’s “FIRE”…And now this….come the hell on….

  • dapluva!

    this is Grand Doo-Doo mumbo jumbo i expect more from lupe





  • LupeIsAwesomeDon’tBeJealous!

    He is so awesome, I’m sorry, I love (not loved) this song. it’s crazy! My thoughts were “Wait, he can rap and rock?” I want to get one of his CDs with this song so I can put it on repeat and dance with my friends crazy to it.