While Lupe Fiasco sits back and waits for his album to get a release date, he keeps busy going in over' Rick Ross' "B.M.F." Lupe put out his version, "B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster)," where he adds some positivity, no Meech's and Hoover's, just Malcolm and Martin talk on this one.

Lupe Fiasco "B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster)"


Spotted at TSS


  • Chechi

    I love Lupe, but Rick Ross sounds better on this track

  • KingOnMars

    This is how you fight the bullshit!!! Lupe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gshyt

    Lupe MURDERED that shit!

  • watitdone

    not feelin’ this at all. don’t know if it’s the beat or if it’s lupe.

  • NuSouthMusic.com

    Lyrically, the track is pretty sick. That flow made me wanna kill myself after about 4 lines. Lupe is startin to be like Jay Electronica just droppin random tracks with no album release in sight.

    Nothin amazing. Drop a classic album and THAT will prove Prolyfic wrong.


    @Chechi Rick Ross “sounds” better, the way eating Now Laters and Chico Sticks “sounds” better than eating parsnips, quinoa and broccoli. This gets bump next to that Dead Prez Mixtape DJ Drama did.

  • Uhurube

    Cheechi Lupe killed this track skip Rick Ross and that drug rap!!!

  • ohsweetthesoundofabassdrum

    His album was shelved because the label felt it had no solid singles… There is a petition floating around to get the label to release it as is?

  • MCCORMICKAurora20

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  • Alex

    can you please redo the link to download? thanks