The first official single from the John Legend x The Roots Wake Up! album just premiered over at People. The single is the only song on the LP with guest appearances, "Wake Up Everybody" featuring Common and Melanie Fiona. After the jump watch JL perform the Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes cover at the recent World Cup Kick-Off Concert in South Africa. Wake Up! will be in stores September 21st via Sony Music.

John Legend & The Roots "Wake Up Everybody" feat. Common & Melanie Fiona


John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up! [Tracklisting] + Now w/ Artwork


  • vrax

    this is damn fresh

  • Kalaika

    great verse from Com, the rest… a lil corny. But still diggin the other songs and lookin forward to the release!

  • Ugly_b

    The lyrics sound like an after school special song.

  • Koop

    RIP Mr Teddy Pendergrasss

  • Shaun P

    PPL Don’t know Malachi Z York penned this ballad.

  • KillaWatt

    this is really corny…No dissrespect but I am not feeling this. John Legend is not doing anything good for The Roots.

  • nay-kid

    This actually sounds amazing, great arrangement/production.The vocal shit is well corny……probably needs to be seen within the context of the project though and in terms of that, hats off to them!!

    Common’s verse sucks. He must be bored of using the same words/rhetoric for the last 15 yrs!!

  • Toro


  • RaAkhenaton

    Classic soul, baby. There’s nothing like it. Common and Ms. Fiona are a nice addition.

  • daximus

    that was beautiful thing to wake up to this ..sunday morning!!!!!

  • vs_joe@hotmail.com

    good ! good ! good !

  • Real deal live

    This is not corny incase you didnt know this is a remake of the song by Harold Melvin and the Blue notes with Teddy Pendergrass-get your facts right before critisizing…beautiful retake of this classic song.

  • s.g.

    I’ll be honest that is good news

  • Chi606

    Gotta love my man Com, but Black Thought is one of the greatest and gets better every day. Shoulda let him bring the wisdom on this one.

  • the_third_adam

    sorry but Comm’s verse is nice(period)

  • Back Pack Music

    Love the vibe. great way to start the day off for sure.


  • random guy

    the song seems to have been deleted.
    pls upload it again.

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    • All of these atlrices have saved me a lot of headaches.

  • BMO

    Common!!!! My favorite MC!

  • KLAP215

    This is SO REFRESHING!!!!!!!!! Common,… ahh yes…. The Roots ,John Legend and Melanie Fiona classic!!! But why NO verse from Tariq aka Riq Geez aka Black Thought aka Philly’s finest Emce!!!!!??????!!???

  • lol@tthelittlekids

    the lyrics are corny/sounds like an after school special song…

    wow the ignorance of this and other generations.

    try some education.

  • Tdubs

    to lol@thelittlekids—this is an old song redone from the 60’s, maybe you should get some education

  • Brotha2thaknight

    Im feeling the song…great remake. I really didnt see anything Boring or corny about commons verse at all.

  • spurge

    Don’t think it was tight in the past nor in the future.

    Com verse cool.

    Dip the song in dirt and it might have some texture.

  • gfjhghjh

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