Anticipation for this song had the net buzzing somethin' serious last week and last night, it finally debuted. Joe Budden's "Slaughterhouse" featuring Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I, and Royce Da 5'9" is a track off Joe's Halfway House mixtape (10/28), the prequel to his long delayed sophomore LP, Padded Room. As if I need to say it, the track goes hard and has enough punchlines to knock your speakers out cold. So who do y'all think ripped this one the hardest?

Joe Budden "Slaughterhouse (Prod. Scram Jones)" feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9"



  • eric from detroit

    nice track, cant wait for the album. It’s tied tho wit royce & joe… SHIIITTT!! lol Man I Miss the Wire

  • Saint15

    “I do what my pen state like a nittany lion.” – That dude won.

  • Acro

    crooked i.

  • GeeN Rok

    they all did there thing, altho crooked i flipped it , joell had some nice punches, royce always brings that crazy shit, Buddens came through, nino blessD that shit… god damn.. who woulda thought… dope track… instant classic

  • Sho Me The Money

    i was gonna say Crooked I…but he missed riding the beat twice….

    ROYCE why???? whyy??? …….murdering a track this bad aint fair

    Joell wins the punchlines aspect. Joey is always a BEAST!!!

  • baltimorehiphop

    joell ortiz killed it he had the best verse on the song hands down he came and lay it down joe killed it of course but the rest of the verses was cliche

  • leehoopin23

    Man that nigga Royce was wack as FUCK.The fuck that nigga talkin about..
    Them other 2 niggas was worst than that nigga Royce..But hands down it
    was Joey but that nigga Ortiz always come hard..No Homo

  • Jack Ovaltradz

    J ORTIZ….

    Hands the F DOWN

  • umm


  • BlazeStar

    Ortiz murked it!

  • The Boss


  • Ty83

    None them niggas fucking wit joe B Jersey holla

  • germany fat man

    crook i the west