Jazzanova's new album, Of All The Things, hit the stores this past Tuesday. I'll admit I haven't heard the whole album yet, but it's getting nothing but good reviews. If the first single we posted and this one right here,"So Far From Home," feat. Phonte are any indication, then I'ma have to agree with the reviews. Shout to OKP SmalleyeriZ for this one.

Jazzanova "So Far From Home" feat. Phonte


  • tical

    too bad no best buys have it, had to order it online

  • Nice!!!

    Berlin rocking you eternally!

  • Dime_Piece

    His album is smooth as silk. I’m hooked.

  • Onno

    never heard that fresh new voice, bombastic

  • RRR

    I ‘m feelin the lyric so much cause I’m currently live in Japan..
    so far from home…

  • Mustbetheass

    Their album is SO addictive; I could get drunk!

  • Chuck+Minus

    Again Te delivers lyrical and vocal agility again____

    everyone does know your face when you know your place
    ~~~Superior material~~~

  • East Coast

    New artist Wize Crack video The Perfect Weekend. A funny video about interracial dating.http://www.vimeo.com/1907146

  • Dee Dizzle From The LA Fizzle

    Soundin ill, I love jazzanova, In Between Lp, is my shit! Lovin this new track, will keep a look out for this album as well..lovin it..Peace.

  • Neon Don

    can’t wait to get the new album – big fan of both.
    and on VERVE!!!!