Skillz hops on the remix of Jazmine Sullivan‘s “Bust Your Windows” and does his best to represent for the guys. For the record, the “that’s my assistant” excuse never has, and never will work. I am feeling the idea of putting fire to all of her shoes in retaliation though, haha.

Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows (remix)” feat. Skillz


Video: Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows”


  • Tha Architect

    It’s cool, but I thought a remix was when they used to change the music up. Guess they don’t consider that a remix anymore.

  • gricel

    great song lol

  • M!M

    Luv this song like how they did this an a way its funny.

  • b’lush

    skills is always funny and real…his sarcasm is greatly appreciated while with the underlined truth to the actual.

  • Anomallyn

    *double daps* to skillz.. lol

  • Lisei

    I feel Jazmine on this one…..lmao…….skillz, he sexy funny and real…….loving it

  • britt baby

    love it i feel that wat about plies

  • britt baby

    Oh 4 all the hataz out there yeah that my x ! Plies is a cool dude =][and most of his songs are about me !

  • britt baby

    I got a question would any chick really do that ?

  • britt baby

    Who think she sounds like Lauren hill ?

  • britt baby

    Any body from da burgh on here !

  • llorel

    i love this song your sister huh i love the drop at the beginging imfrom uk big up coice fmnfor playing this remix

  • Loveboi

    the remix is the tight

  • erika the truth

    This should be every woman’s theme song

  • nike air jordan jumpman pro

    Who think she sounds like Lauren hill