Even Hovito the great isn't immune to the drip drops. Blueprint 3 seems to have been leaked a little under two weeks before its' release date. Given the response from the majority of the tracks thus far, it's only fitting that "Hate" featuring Kanye West is the latest joint to get spread around. This is the last song I'm putting out there, so cop the album on September 11th and make up your own minds about the direction Jay-Z has gone in. The boards have made their stance clear – join in on the discussion.

Jay-Z "Hate (prod. Kanye West)" feat. Kanye West



  • W20

    I just finished listening to the album in its entirety and its pretty great..so many ppl jumped the gun on the Timbo tracks which weren’t even as bad as some say to begin with but man the reast of this album is TOP NOTCH…Thank You, Already Home, etc.. great tracks and Jay really shows off but the icing on the cake has to be EMPIRE STATE OF MIND ft Alicia Keys ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT AN INSTANT CLASSIC TRACK



  • JRSU1

    not feelin this at all. I almost spit up my drink at that laser line. Wow.

  • Dig Dug

    The Booprint 3. All 3 songs I’ve heard so far suck.

  • Mike Shousky

    Horrible. Kanye is as gay as South Park says he is. I would have more respect for him if he just admits it. those lines were horrible.lol

  • Sketch tha cataclysm.

    wow. I don’t like this.


    hmmm…can’t say I am loving this.

  • I Manifest

    If this song was by Dilla or Black Thought…you guys would love it…lol

  • lebrick james

    dilla or thought would not make something this wack. terrible

  • WILD’torncity

    Sorry guys but kanye west is a dj not a producer–sampling can be done by anyone with the money to access the lawers… Jay-z is still the cockiest guy in the game, but he should really listen to Sorry by Peedi Crakk—it says its all


    odb had you all in check

  • cfr

    listening to the album now…very average…a few dope tracks as usual but i expected way better..this coming from a huge fan…i expected a classic album…empire state of mind is dope..the first 2 tracks are dope…doa is dope….the pharrell is pretty good….but WOW THE SWIZZ BEATS SONG HAS ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING BEATS IVE EVER HEARD

  • JAHI

    lyrically I like where Jay took it on this one but just surprised that he chose that track. Kanye was just along for the ride on this one… Again, they make us at least have to pay attention but its also a tell-tell sign that the lane is now open for new flows. And Im not hatin…

  • Model Citizen

    I actually like this track, the unorthodox flow is dope, the first 30 seconds or so I expected to hate it, but it’s not bad.

  • dnice1210

    Damn… this ish is weak! What are these cats thinking? Both so very talented and this is what they choose to put out? Very disappointing… The rest of the album has to be bangin for me to even cop now.

  • DJ Soulstice

    The one word that comes to mind hearing this track (the beast especially), is interesting. I can’t say I have any other feelings for it…not bad, just interesting. I’ll still pick up the album, and after a few spins of the retail disc, I might have a more concrete opinion.

  • Flowinski24

    I’m Done!!!!! I’ve heard enough to officially say I’m not coping Blue Print III. Enjoy. Kanye has infected Jay like Swine Flu.

  • LucidDreamer85

    You do realize that the regular flu kills more than the swine flu right?

    But yea this cd is not good…..It’s like all Class C tracks and not even good enough for b-sides…..

  • Rewd

    Kanye West is a DJ? What the hell are you smoking? probably the same thing ODB was(r.i.p.).

  • Flowinski24

    LucidDreamer85: …

    Yea I know about the regular flu. Swine Flu is what’s hot right now though. LOL. Just like this BS Jay and Kanye are on. This doesn’t even sound like a Jay album. It’s sounds like a Kanye album. Who has creative control over this damn project?!!!!!!

  • fblade38

    tight track,k-weezy back to making good beats again

  • Shahkeem

    Lasers wtf ? Kanye has killed hip hop after saving it damn Hova trying to keep up with these clowns what happened. it’s like watching Jordan playing for the wizards or Brett last year with the Jets in the last week of the season, Blaming it on the shoulder smdh….I’m done with Jay

  • irony

    This song covers all of the bitch assness from these blog posts

  • readyjujuwindmeupbaby!

    damn, this sucks! Yeah, I’ll say it, this isn’t the jay I’m used to listening to. He’s sounds like a fuckin’ pop artist now. I’m a fan of change but this is bull. Yall can go and say it’s hot but I can’t give respect when it’s not deserved

  • Dillagent

    jigaa needs to ditch kanye, dude is a like musical swine flu

  • AMV

    LOL…at the people who will hear the album and straight turn a 180 in about two weeks. This album is epic! He did it! Marketing plan was executed well. Hov!Leaks were planned etc. Catch up ni**as!

  • don kwon

    Jay-Z is finished. Has nothing new to rap about. Rapping about how you’re rich, better than everyone else still, and other miscellaneous garbage is TIIIIIIIRED. How is this guy gonna make another album and throw on a track about ‘haters’?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You’re a damn ultra veteran rap idol, can’t you think of anything better to rap about? I’m supposed to put up money for this crap???

  • dj iki

    yea this blog is some ironic shit for realz!! Let the man evolve its just music…hip hop aint dead but the fans are man damn

  • flowlord13

    OMG diz nigga is done.didn’t he rap abt D.O.A n nw he’s makin songs wt da makerz of doa….damm,wat annoys me da most is when ya compare jay z or better of gay z 2 nas,when he isn’t even compared 2 jada or em….

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  • Necklac

    so cop the album on September 11th and make up your own minds about the direction Jay-Z has gone in


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  • Beat KNOCKA

    This is another doo doo track! This sounds like a straight pop track, a garbage pop track at that. Im a Fan of Ye but Im really disappointed…

  • Loewe
  • burknasty

    ill go ahead and be one of the “haters”. this is the gayest shit i’ve heard in a while

  • Shaun P

    I wish HOV well, didn’t hear the BP3 in its entirety, but his direction is obvious. The elitist ish spewed on these joints by Jay and ‘Ye are mind boggling, I wouldn’t call it wack though.

  • Rodmatic

    did that brotha just say “we shoot lazers purne purne purne” hahahahahahahahahaha

    not diggin this song very much but im sure the album will still bump

  • slick rick21

    jay-z has officially fallen off..thats all im saying about this

  • nadnerb

    what the fuck is this? i was looking forward to BP3, but i dont know now

  • D.HOGG

    …..WTF…??? this sound like it should have been on the BP2. are those laser shots in the backround?? and naw, BP2 wasnt that good for yall that dont know. i hope thats a hidden bonus track and not released as a single. didnt think it could get worse than kanye’s mullet, but this did it.






  • Sheeet!

    This song is raw. This is one of Ye’s best beats in a while. The song really is about most comments on this board, but hey there is no this without that. Hate on haters.

  • beeez chi-city

    i refuse to comment…jay? what happened?

  • 937andheartbreak

    I cant believe this! I have listened to four songs from the Blueprint 3 and the all suck. The songs that he released last year in anticipation for the album was way better than this. Come on, even if you are Jay-z’s biggest fan, you have to admit that this sucks.

  • kweli1

    that’s bullshit for sure

    Should be called kingdom come 2

    kanye really getting on the world’s nerve

  • Flowinski24

    blueprint2 🙁
    kingdom come 🙁
    blueprint3 🙁 *still tbd*

    By this pattern and the looks of it, the album after Blueprint 3 should be dope! LOL.

  • reality check

    This beat is serious even if the jury’s out on the actual rhyming. But it’s different. If all you want is to hear Reasonable Doubt over and over just listen to that….or make yourself a new album sleeve, sleep RD in and pretend it’s his new album.

  • fluffums

    D.O.A was good.. but will have to skip this song they both whiffed it on this track..

  • soul_07rebel


    this song blows.

  • shima shima

    better than the timbo track!!!

  • daximus


  • djthreat1

    Worst song on the album. Doesnt represent what the albums like it all. On to the Next One w Swizzy is one of the dumbest beats Jays hopped on in a while, great album.

  • vh3

    lol, wow relax. this knocks.

    it’s definitely more bambaataa than pete rock but, that doesnt make it wack.

    and watch, a few months from now everyone will be quoting that laser line.

    is “pewn, pewn, pewn” worse than “la-di-da-di,” “rawwwr rawwwr like a dungeon dragon,” or any of the “iggedy” shit das efx used to mumble…?

  • Flowinski24

    djthreat1: …
    Worst song on the album. Doesnt represent what the albums like it all. On to the Next One w Swizzy is one of the dumbest beats Jays hopped on in a while, great album.
    Agreed!!!!! and “Forever Young” is just despicable! LOL

  • Lo Pro

    This shit sucks…

  • Mike Shousky

    La Di Da Di and Rawr like a dungeon dragon are perfected verses. What comes after them? Brilliant lines. You can have fun and still be a great lyricist. Kanye was just corny with this trash.lol horrible
    MF Doom has fun but is a wonderful writer might i add

  • vh3

    “…change your little draws cause your pants are saggin… smellin rank like some old stale urine…chickity chocko the chocolate chicken…”

    definitely one of my favorite verses of all time, but don’t over intellectualize it.

    i’ll withhold final judgement till i hear the entire album. i haven’t got my leak on yet.

  • Rud33 WoodZ

    I am tired of this FreeMasonry bullshit with all these subliminal messages it’s really sad to see what people do for money….y’all need to wake up and stop supporting this shit….LISTEN to professor griff from Public Enemy…

  • Fiascogate

    I’m feelin the beat but the verses aren’t too hot. J’s lines are def better than ye’s tho in my opinion.

  • Grrravy

    Not bad…not the greatest thing in the world either – nor do I expect it to be.

    The laser line actually cracks me up and I’m cool with it. I never considered Kanye to be a super emcee and I don’t think he’s trying to be either.

    I can see a bunch of kids reciting this joint in their car on their way to practice or a good night out. I don’t think Jay or Kanye were trying to make it anything more than that.

  • Grace Nsofor

    The song is Basura personified… unimaginative and trite i really hope the rest of the album rises above this

  • Faruk

    haha this They sound like a joke , beat is bananas though ,, i think busta would kill this beat not for jigga

  • KD06

    Jay is going with a different sound. I think his attempt is to make music that appeals to a more artistic crowd. ie. ‘Okayplayers’ but the music just isn’t him. The sound isn’t there. I’ve had numerous debates about Jay and where is his place in hip hop. At this point Jordan playing for the Wizards is a good one. Then again I’d say Pippen for the Blazers….. We can blame Kanye but ultimately he picks the tracks. This isn’t a good one though but it has to be taken in with the album as a whole. Thus far it sounds like burn material. I think Cuban Links 2 is going to blow this out of the water…

  • ActuallyBrown

    This is all I have to say…

    If you could do it yourself—because clearly, your gripe is that it’s not done ‘properly’—how would you do it? A better question: why aren’t you doing it better?

    This is music, people…like it or not, these people are working from WITHIN THEIR OWN MINDS. If you don’t like it, don’t cop it. There’s plenty of stuff out there that’s up your alley if you dig for it. Stop whining that Jay fell off, ppl say that EVERY ALBUM. Nobody here is the definitive source of criticism on Jay-Z’s career.

    Fair-weather-ass melanites.

  • dwoods

    ugh what is this.

  • austin cat.

    this is pretty funny.

  • ThoughtText



    My nuts make better music than this.

  • JAYZ

    Hahah exactly the songs called “Hate” so keep hating faggots.

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