This is a real breath of fresh air right here. We've all been patiently waiting for some forward progress on songstess Janelle Monae's highly anticipated full length debut album. Here we have her lead single "Tight Rope" featuring Big Boi. The ArchAndroid will be out May 18th via Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy/Atlantic. Janelle has displayed a number of styles since the beginning of her career, what do y'all think of this one?

Janelle Monae "Tight Rope" feat. Big Boi


Spotted at nah right


  • MVG

    song is very addicting in the best way possible
    love this beautiful women

  • gregory kruxx


  • Yummadoyou


    JM is BACK! I can’t stop dancing to this! Tip Tip oooon it!


    WOW….Can we push up the release date?

  • Lovely2

    it’s aight

  • Fijjy1

    I’m feeling it, love her energy!

  • intelligentRebelLion.org

    loving her energy!! make sure to check out TRUTHLiVE debut album PATIENCE produced by JAKE ONE—-

  • gunner 4 ever

    its fresh

  • gunner 4 ever

    where is big boi and andre 3000


    This is some dope shit…Funk!


    Lovin those horns

  • ignant_negro

    monae took to long to make music..

    and i’m upset at her…
    she’s being exploited by bad boy… so i’m kinda not as big as a fan.. there’s no reason why she should not be as big as lady gaga

  • Travlr Stone


  • avg blk


  • Booth

    K Naan – Bang Bang with adam levine???


    Nice … She aLways wiLL bE DOPE, Her Doing this LIVE … Im Sure is
    Off The Chain )(

  • Greg Daniels


  • Mr Boyd

    Thank you Janalle!!!!
    Feels Good like an old Jackie Wilson record

  • Saybrother

    this kills. Just plain sick with the horns. Why we go to wait until may before her full album drops

  • dnice1210

    man, funky!!! hope she is at sxsw again this yr.

  • Dirty D

    I love her sound dude!! But I’m a sci-fi techie dude. Can the masses feel her like we do. Maybe signing with Bad Boy will or hurt that, let’s just hope it helps, just doesn’t seem like Puffy’s focus is on music these days.



  • Dasm

    can’t get dis tune outta my dome! sis kills it! hope theres another version w/o big boi. when does her album drop?

  • DV Mothereffing S

    I dig the hell out of this.

  • eazy

    this was worth the wait.

    whatever happened with the other volumes of her Metropolis series?? i only have the 1st.. i think there was gonna be 4.

  • D.HOGG

    2 COPIES!

  • Rudiger

    Damn that’s some hot shit

  • parse tunes

    check out “cold war” as well. it and “tightrope” are on itunes now. listening on repeat until he performs again in atlanta. tip on the tightrope indeed!

  • ManiRIOT!

    i agree with ignant_negro that she should be as big as Lady Gaga…and what the hell did happen to the other suites of Metropolis????
    STILL LOVE HER….I will support all her albums with my CA$H

  • wildbilliegoatgirl

    I’ve loved this song since I heard her perform it last year at UCLA and have been looking for it since then. Big Boi, however, RARELY does it for me. If they added or replaced him with 3000, this would be musical GOLD.

  • eli an alien

    i love that tightrope and cold war sound nothing alike, yet they still jam.

    @ignant_negro don’t be mad…the archandroid will contain all of the songs from suites 2 and 3…which is 18 songs on ONE album…so she’s giving it to you all at once. and didn’t your mama ever tell you all good things are worth the wait?

    p.s. “i tip on alligators and little rattlesnakers and i fight for what i believe!” yes ms. monae…give it to them!

  • msangie225

    Dope track!!!!! I downloaded this song and “Cold War” off of itunes and I’m groovin’ to JM’s music right now! I am def a stan and can’t wait for her album “ArchAndroid” to drop May 18th! Get ready!

  • Chief_Second

    wooooooooooooooooooooooh! nice!!! so excited about this!

  • Smuel

    Much more music this time. Much less android. Me likey music over concept 🙂

  • D boogie


  • Kudos

    she’s not being exploited by Bad Boy. If anything, they’re letting her do her thing the way she wants to. i just read in an interview with her, she said she remembers combs breakin into tears after hearing some of the tracks, and how he’s been giving her full creative control. i think this song, esp as a single, proves he’s doin just that for her. big ups to bad boy, combs and monae.

  • Stormy Sunshine

    Track had me walking on a tightrope. I can’t wait for her album to drop. I’ve seen Janelle live and that woman has ridiculous energy. I can’t wait, can’t wait.

  • JV varsity


  • french touch

    crazy song, james brown lady

  • w.a

    the unicum artist! bravo. and thank you!

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